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Workers Online Issue index

  • Issue 356 - 21 December 2006
    Workers Online says goodbye for the final time, looking back on eight years of news, analysis and agitprop.
  • Issue 355 - 01 December 2006
    As the nationa takes the street, Workers Online consigns itself to the dustbin of history.
  • Issue 334 - 24 November 2006
    Workers Online prepares for November 30 with a grab bag of stories to get the feet on the street.
  • Issue 333 - 17 November 2006
    Australian workers are on the front foot - mobilising in their communities, challenging global warming and building links with decent employers
  • Issue 332 - 10 November 2006
    Qantas flies a very tall kite while we uncover another 457 reasons to throw the bastards out
  • Issue 331 - 03 November 2006
    Workers Online encrypts the devil's number, heats up on climate change and throws stones in a glass house.
  • Issue 330 - 27 October 2006
    457 Go Camping - what next in the sordid tale of Australia's treatment of "guests"?
  • Issue 329 - 20 October 2006
    Workers Online warms up for the ACTU Congress with more tales of fear and loathing on the WorkChoices trail
  • Issue 328 - 13 October 2006
    Given our inability to attract any advertising from major banks, Workers Online fearlessly keeps up the attack on the offhsoring of Australian jobs.
  • Issue 327 - 06 October 2006
    MLC Ian West goes nude in a Workers Online first. Go to the Westie Wing. MA.
  • Issue 326 - 29 September 2006
    Workers Online delivers another Beast of an issue.
  • Issue 325 - 22 September 2006
    Everything is being sold to the lowest bidder - jobs, industrial strength, even oour values. Workers Online covers the fire sale.
  • Issue 324 - 15 September 2006
    More WorkChoices wreckage as the resistance heats up.
  • Issue 323 - 08 September 2006
    Workers Online puts the Office of Workplace Services to work by yelling 'fire!'
  • Issue 322 - 01 September 2006
    Workers Online walks the line in its September bumber issue.
  • Issue 321 - 25 August 2006
    More tall tales but true from the world of work
  • Issue 320 - 18 August 2006
    Heave away, haul away, steal away ... they do the lot in the South Australia
  • Issue 319 - 11 August 2006
    Who needs a conspiracy theory when we have the Howard Government
  • Issue 318 - 03 August 2006
    Ring Ring ... Workers Online gets the right number but the wrong answer
  • Issue 317 - 28 July 2006
    Sorry for spamming you to death last week. Try looking at the internet version where our pictures editor, Nathan Brown, has excelled himself with a loving look at popular culture
  • Issue 316 - 21 July 2006
    Border wars - Workers Online discovers the loonies are in charge of the asylum
  • Issue 315 - 14 July 2006
    Leaderships tensions spill over at Workers Online. A lucky 13 stories to sink your teeth into.
  • Issue 314 - 07 July 2006
    this week Johnny takes his own citizens to court, as his offsider, the Rev Kev tries to flog a lemon
  • Issue 313 - 30 June 2006
    Workers Online was there when the NRL kicked the first own goal in Rugby League history
  • Issue 312 - 23 June 2006
    Laughing Libs take the piss. Well someone had to, they're not paying brewery drivers enough.
  • Issue 311 - 16 June 2006
    Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. Workers Online stings like a brick
  • Issue 310 - 09 June 2006
    Little Johnny's favourite spear chucker gives a whole new meaning to the term, Gerry Can
  • Issue 309 - 02 June 2006
    Guess what? Workchoices is bad for us. How do we know? Because Canberra tells us so.
  • Issue 308 - 26 May 2006
    Our part-time leader goes ballistic as bosses climb over dead bodies in search of the loot
  • Issue 307 - 19 May 2006
    Workers Online drops a bomb on the big winners behind Howard's guest labour scam
  • Issue 306 - 12 May 2006
    Workers Online survives anti-worker computers and a self-imposed stint in the Tool Shed to bring you a budget, Beaconsfield and a bevvy of bad bosses.
  • Issue 305 - 05 May 2006
    Workers Online looks at the next assault on workers rights, remembers a lockout from yesteryear and talks to a pastor with a broader view of God.
  • Issue 304 - 28 April 2006
    Workers Online remembers those we have lost, and looks to a better future .
  • Issue 303 - 21 April 2006
    The eight hour day turns 150 as WorkChoices turns Libs against Howard.
  • Issue 302 - 07 April 2006
    Workers Online takes the cleaver to WorkChoices in our bumper April fools' edition.
  • Issue 301 - 31 March 2006
    As WorkChoices becomes law, we find ourselves with an awful lots of stories of workers being doinw over - and not an office whinger in sight!
  • Issue 300 - 24 March 2006
    Workers Online celebrates 300 issues by laying its cards on the table, just as the HBoward Government attempts to split the deck.
  • Issue 299 - 17 March 2006
    Australia's great workplace debate? Sorry, John Howard says it's top secret
  • Issue 298 - 10 March 2006
    You're Nicked - Workers Online poses a simple question. The federal finance minister or Michael Jackson, who's whackiest of them all?
  • Issue 297 - 03 March 2006
    It's a week of celebrations! Workers Online brings both sides of the story.
  • Issue 296 - 24 February 2006
    This week Workers Online exposes the violent underbelly of Howard's WorkChoices, visits a national icon and celebrates a win on American television.
  • Issue 295 - 17 February 2006
    Workers Online jumps on the guest workers pony; cracks the whip on low pay and stables Dana Vale in the Tool Shed.
  • Issue 294 - 10 February 2006
    Workers Online returns for a year sure to be full of thrills and spills - the test being who gets which.
  • Issue 293 - 20 December 2005
    Here's a present for all the workers who have been good. We'll be back, bigger, brighter and bolder than ever in 2006.
  • Issue 292 - 02 December 2005
    Workers Online marks the beginning of a new era of 'choice' by choosing to talk to Don Edgar, choosing to look at the cirsis in the Reserve Bank and choosing to expose Barnaby as the tool he always was.
  • Issue 291 - 25 November 2005
    Workers Online unveils a guest photographer. Unfortunately, for all of us, the best professional advice is that he sticks to his day job.
  • Issue 290 - 18 November 2005
    Rallies, rallies everywhere. Workers Online gets amongst the brothers and sisters
  • Issue 289 - 11 November 2005
    Delusions of grandeur. Nigel Hadgkiss is making up for being dumped as the country's top workplace cop by, wait for it, making out like a judge.
  • Issue 288 - 04 November 2005
    The legislation has lobbed and Workers Online tries to make some sense out of 1,000 plus pages of violence dressed up as legalese.
  • Issue 287 - 28 October 2005
    As we wait for the Howar d Government's IR legislation, a leading international scientist warns what's coming could be fatal.
  • Issue 286 - 21 October 2005
    Late breaking news; WorkChoices ends up being neither!
  • Issue 285 - 14 October 2005
    Workers Online clebrates out new era of choice by choosing to give WorkChoices the sort of scrutiny you won't find in four pages of newspaper advertisements.
  • Issue 284 - 07 October 2005
    Newcomer Rachael steals a march on her colleagues by coming up with our first Boss Steals Chrismas story in the first week of October
  • Issue 283 - 30 September 2005
    Workers Online gets short-changed, but not fooled by the PM's latest bribe, discovers some Brazilian workers fitting in just fine and begins a long ride to Canberra.
  • Issue 282 - 23 September 2005
    Workers Online gets off the bus and back to business, with another week of blues and reds.
  • Issue 281 - 16 September 2005
    Workers Online sifts through the Latham Diaries to see if we rate a mention.
  • Issue 280 - 09 September 2005
    Mamma Mia - Workers Online meets the women speaking up for their families, and yours
  • Issue 279 - 02 September 2005
    Workers Online dusts off the figures, scans its enemies and sticks to what it does best - uncovering bastard bosses wherever they lurk.
  • Issue 278 - 26 August 2005
    Workers Online lifts the lid on Howard's 14 per cent gag; uncovers intimidation of a High Priest and joins the Rights at Work bus on the road.
  • Issue 277 - 19 August 2005
    Workers Online muses on the use words and throw a few of our own around - like rip-off, rort and ratbag.
  • Issue 276 - 12 August 2005
    Workers Online hears judgement pronounced on AWAs, while J Edgar Hadgkiss throws a pink fit over blue flu
  • Issue 275 - 05 August 2005
    Workers Online welcomes a new Premier, as the battle for workers rights is to get a hole lot more toxic.
  • Issue 274 - 29 July 2005
    Workers Online says goodbye to Bob Carr, and hello to a new breakfast radio show for Sydney's workers.
  • Issue 273 - 22 July 2005
    On the first day of the Ashes, the Brits catch John Howard out of his ground.
  • Issue 272 - 15 July 2005
    It's ixcillunt! Honest John's attumpts to play the Kiwi card fail to tuk flight
  • Issue 271 - 08 July 2005
    An interrogation session with his mates from the Building Industry Commission would render Kevin Andrews even more of a gibber - he just can't get his stories straight.
  • Issue 270 - 01 July 2005
    As workers around the nation stood up for thier rights this week, Workers Online was there - in this bumper July 1 issue.
  • Issue 269 - 24 June 2005
    The fightback is on track as our Workplace Relations Monster loses the plot.
  • Issue 268 - 17 June 2005
    It's round, it's sugar coated and it's got a hole in it - it's the Howard government's workplace laws, and it's exposed this week on Workers Online.
  • Issue 267 - 10 June 2005
    Workers Online wonders where's the money going, waves the minimum wage goodbye and reveals more of the Howard Government's dastardly workplace plans.
  • Issue 266 - 03 June 2005
    An epidemic of AWAs sweeps the nation as John Howard teaches us that his idea of choice is sign, or be sacked.
  • Issue 265 - 27 May 2005
    Having seen the whites of John Howard's industrial eyes, Workers Online joins the dots and explains what the changes will mean to working people.
  • Issue 264 - 20 May 2005
    Workers Online shows how, in modern Australia, choice means doing exactly what the Howard Government wants.
  • Issue 263 - 13 May 2005
    Workers Online rakes over the coals of the federal budget, uncovers some new defitions of 'workplace relations' and roots for a former coolleague in the Big Brother house.
  • Issue 262 - 06 May 2005
    In our bumper monthly issue, we chat with Della, visit fashion week and celebrate May Day.
  • Issue 261 - 29 April 2005
    Away from the flickering flashbulbs of Australian fashion week your favourite workplace news service reveals numerous wardrobe malfunctions and tells of the revenge of Blackadder
  • Issue 260 - 22 April 2005
    Workers Online sorts out the truth from the lies and finds out that you don't have to be treated like a mushroom, even if you pick them.
  • Issue 259 - 15 April 2005
    This week Workers Online keeps its fingers on the pulse of a government that doesn't have a heart
  • Issue 258 - 08 April 2005
    this week Workers Online discovers wonderful new ways they have in store to rip us all off!
  • Issue 257 - 01 April 2005
    You don't need to be an April Fool to join us on a trip through sweatshops, corporate welfare cheats and a restaurant where the reality of modern working life is plain to see.
  • Issue 256 - 18 March 2005
    Workers Online exercises its right to choose to hold the federal government to account for a nother week of bloodymindedness and bastardry.
  • Issue 255 - 11 March 2005
    Workers Online looks at the skills shortage, discovers how sweat shops will be the big winners under the Howard Govcernment's IR reforms and inducts Hugh Morgan into the Tool Shed.
  • Issue 254 - 04 March 2005
    In Workers Online's bumber March issue we meet the dot-com king who wants to lift the debate around economics, lift the lid on the BCA's real IR agenda and struggle to survive on a minum wage.
  • Issue 253 - 25 February 2005
    Workers Online gears up for the battle for the workplace, lifts up its skirts and settles in for Bernie on the big screen.
  • Issue 252 - 18 February 2005
    In a peculiarly physical issue of Workers Online we hit the netball courts and cricket pitches and salute hairsute rail workers.
  • Issue 251 - 11 February 2005
    Workers Online returns to 2005 braced for more blues, battles and barnies.
  • Issue 250 - 21 December 2004
    Workers Online bids farewell to 2004 with our annual retrospective on a year where the industrial wing flew and the political wing flapped.
  • Issue 249 - 03 December 2004
    In our bumper December issue we meet one of the world's best thinkers on the future of work and speak to Stephen Smith.
  • Issue 248 - 26 November 2004
    Meredith Helicar, Clover Moore, David Murray, Richard Pratt, Kirby Adams - an awful bunch but we've got em covered.
  • Issue 247 - 19 November 2004
    Workers Online goes to the barricades for rail commuters, upadtes the latest on James Hardie negotiations and speaks up in defence of Jeff Shaw.
  • Issue 246 - 12 November 2004
    Welcome to our special western edition ... WA features but so too do stories from Castle Hill and Ingleburn in Sydney's western suburbs
  • Issue 245 - 05 November 2004
    In deference to events beyond our control we go Bush, rounding-up giant sheep and bringing you the low down on what Kev the Rev's been up to in the West.
  • Issue 244 - 29 October 2004
    Workers Online wonders if the world's gone mad as we wait for an other mad decision from the US.
  • Issue 243 - 22 October 2004
    Workers Online marvels at the antics of James Hardie, Qantas, Telstra and our other corporate leaders.
  • Issue 242 - 15 October 2004
    Workers Online picks itself up, dusts itself off and looks forward to a brand new world
  • Issue 241 - 08 October 2004
    Workers Online dusts off the election and gets back to delivering on our core promise of frank and fearless reporting of the world of work.
  • Issue 240 - 01 October 2004
    With the election fast approaching, Workers Online sniffs the breeze and pciks up a whiff of optimism. Either that, or an aging carcass.
  • Issue 239 - 24 September 2004
    Workers Online uncovers a labour hire scam of epic proportions, charts the unfolding James Hardie scandal and wonders what's in John Howard's Tool Box
  • Issue 238 - 17 September 2004
    Workers Online does the sums on the local economy, learns how to pass a psychometric test and welcomes the head of Kings into the Tool Shed.
  • Issue 237 - 10 September 2004
    Workers Online lifts the lid on workplace bullies, find a few new ones and goes looking for Greens under the Bed.
  • Issue 236 - 03 September 2004
    Workers Online begins its election campaign by sifting the fear and loathing of a desperate regime.
  • Issue 235 - 27 August 2004
    James Hardie can't stay out of Workers Online. This week it is forced to withdraw a letter that reminds everyone of how it got in this position in the first place.
  • Issue 234 - 20 August 2004
    Virgins, Lotharios, Shonks and Boffins join the usual suspects in a weekly wrap of the wide world of work.
  • Issue 233 - 13 August 2004
    Wokers Online sniffs out Scottish underwear and casts a beadie at the latest line in corporate crooks
  • Issue 232 - 06 August 2004
    Workers Online takes planes, trains and automobile tunnels to tell you, our faithful subscriber, how it really is out there in the land of work
  • Issue 231 - 30 July 2004
    Workers Online introduces you to scabs in the desert and finds that under the FTA water in the city won't be worth drinking
  • Issue 230 - 23 July 2004
    From Marrickville standover merchants to dead set loons who reckon you can judge heavy machinery operators by they way they protect eggs, Workers Online has em all.
  • Issue 229 - 16 July 2004
    Workers Online watches on ruefully as James Hardie cops the grief it deserves.
  • Issue 228 - 09 July 2004
    Workers Online celebrates a rare victory over Macquarie Street with its weekly spray of news, views and dirt.
  • Issue 227 - 02 July 2004
    Dear Subscribers, Apologies for the slightly later than usual this issue Workers Online rounds up the usual suspects like Hadgkiss and Hamberger to promote our own first home buyers scheme.
  • Issue 226 - 25 June 2004
    This week, Workers Online survived a bomb threat to bring you this blast of proletarian prose.
  • Issue 225 - 18 June 2004
    Workers Online is everywhere - from Roseberry to Perth and Adelaide, not to mention the circuses of Uttar Pradesh. Hop on board.
  • Issue 224 - 11 June 2004
    The PM's man in the building industry drops the pretence to tell us what he really thinks about unions, while a former colleague recall his days on the "tap".
  • Issue 223 - 04 June 2004
    Workers Onlines bumpy monthly issue looks at the costs of houses, the price of happiness and democracy Brazilian style.
  • Issue 221 - 21 May 2004
    Bob Carr, John Della Bosca and NSW Treasury join BHP Billiton on the nose this week. Workers Online explains why.
  • Issue 220 - 14 May 2004
    Workers Online rakes the Budget coals, discovers a basketball team that is funded by child care workers and finds out what happens when scabs get their hands on the mail.
  • Issue 219 - 07 May 2004
    Workers Online's bumper May issue includes rundown on hot new online campaigns, the latest on drug and alcohol testing at work and a heart to heart with the new king of Sussex Street.
  • Issue 218 - 30 April 2004
    This week Workers Online pays tribute to the workplace dead, joins the fight for ADI and previews next week's Secure Employemnt Test Case.
  • Issue 217 - 23 April 2004
    Immigration rorts are back on the agenda, with workers walking off jobs across WA in protest. Meanwhile, in the east, the march towards secure employment quickens.
  • Issue 216 - 16 April 2004
    Workers Online rips the khakis off the Howard Government's intelligence fix-it man and finds a dented hard hat in its place.
  • Issue 215 - 02 April 2004
    In our April bumper issue, Workers Online probes the business dealings of one of the Cole Commission's key witnesses, meets an AWU official with a colourful past and reveals how a row over T-shirts has earnt Kevin Andrews another stint in the Tool Shed.
  • Issue 214 - 26 March 2004
    Workers Online unpacks the latest anti-terror measures, uncovers unsavoury exploitation on a Victorian rail project and brings the Tool Shed a little too close for comfort.
  • Issue 213 - 19 March 2004
    Workers Online covers the labour movement in all its differences. This week independent subbies organise around Foxtel's digital rollout, while building workers take a pig to a restaurant.
  • Issue 212 - 12 March 2004
    As the guns are turned on NSW rail workers, Workers Online wonders who should really be breath-tested and celebrates the demise of the peeking dicks.
  • Issue 211 - 05 March 2004
    In its bumper March issue, Workers Online uncovers another round of Cole rorts, finds some Working Students who are being dudded and remembers the battle to save Kelly's Bush.
  • Issue 210 - 27 February 2004
    Workers Online reports on job initiatives for Redfern's youth and the unheralded attack on 2.7 million Australians contained in Peter Costello's super blueprint.
  • Issue 209 - 20 February 2004
    Workers Online exposes Hanke Panky in Canberra and asks whether Macquarrie St is eliminating public transport by stealth.
  • Issue 208 - 13 February 2004
    Workers Online asks after the true impact of the Free Trade Agreement with the US, rakes through the treacle of the ALP National Conference love-in, and looks ahead with Doug Cameron.
  • Issue 207 - 22 December 2003
    With nary a tear, Workers Online farewells a year when unions fought back with renewed focus on a world gone mad.
  • Issue 206 - 05 December 2003
    Workers Online welcomes Mark Latham to the helm, chats with Craig Emerson about what's in store and learns to duck and cover in the face of the flying wedge.
  • Issue 205 - 28 November 2003
    As the ALP looks for a new federal leader, Workers Online illustrates why Australian workers need a champion in Canberra.
  • Issue 204 - 21 November 2003
    Workers Online finds Joy in various places - an attack on workers by a multinational and a board tilt by a rank and filer.
  • Issue 203 - 14 November 2003
    Workers Online catches out the Employment Advocate, unveils a new vision for public transport and celebrates a pact between two old combatants.
  • Issue 202 - 10 November 2003
    In our belated November issue, Workers Online meets the bank manager taking on the ANZ, unpacks the debate on industrial manslaughter and celbrates 20 years for the Welfare Rights Centre.
  • Issue 201 - 31 October 2003
    As pressure builds for industrial manslaughter laws in NSW, Workers Online exposes more rorts, gets in a tangle with Chris Corrigans cranes and confines George Brandis to the Tool Shed.
  • Issue 200 - 24 October 2003
    As Workers Online celebrates its 200th issue, thousands prepare to march on State Parliament as the state's senior criminal barrister admits the couorts treat bosses with kid gloves over safety.
  • Issue 199 - 10 October 2003
    Workers Online warms up for its 200 celebrations by welcoming George Dubya, celebrating Arnie's victory and bringing the latest in Australian union news.
  • Issue 198 - 03 October 2003
    Workers Online farewells Tony Abbott, celebrates Medicare's 20th Birthday and meets Tony Butterfield, the man taking up the ball for rugby league players.
  • Issue 197 - 26 September 2003
    Unions are warming to their dual role - unofficial federal opposition and conscience for the Carr Government.
  • Issue 196 - 19 September 2003
    As Tony Abbott trips up on his own dirty secrets, Workers Online reviews a week when teachers around the nation took a stand.
  • Issue 195 - 12 September 2003
    Workers Online reports from Cancun, discovers how unionists fare better and previews next week national teachers strike.
  • Issue 194 - 05 September 2003
    In Workers Online's bumper September issue we rtalk to Lindsay Tanner about his new book, bid a fond farewell to some of Trade Hall's departing tenants and see Bob Hawke at the movies.
  • Issue 193 - 29 August 2003
    After years casting stones at the spectre of union misbehaviour, the Member for Warringah is hoist by own petard while, elsewhere, its pretty much business as usual.
  • Issue 192 - 22 August 2003
    Workers Online returns from the ACTU Congress with an air of expectancy as storm clouds build around Qantas.
  • Issue - 15 August 2003
    Workers Online gears up for the ACTU Congress with our weekly roster of news from across the movement.
  • Issue 191 - 15 August 2003
    Workers Online gears up for the ACTU Congress with its weekly rundown of news froma corss the movement.
  • Issue 190 - 08 August 2003
    Workers Online celebrates this week's CSL High Court decision, looks behind the US-Australia free trade agreement and expands on John Howard's family values.
  • Issue 189 - 01 August 2003
    Workers Online's bumper August issue looks at a strike in support the boss, prepares for a ground breaking secure employment test case and asks young workers what they think of the union.
  • Issue 188 - 25 July 2003
    Workers Online catches up on the latest struggles on the ground and cheers as Craig Emerson fires up.
  • Issue 187 - 18 July 2003
    Workers Online looks at how bosses are taking control of their workorce, from perfomance monitoring to random testing.
  • Issue 186 - 11 July 2003
    Workers Online discovers some workers being shelved, cathces up with Max the Axe's latest capers and learns a few lessons from our friends in Silicon Valley.
  • Issue 185 - 04 July 2003
    Workers Online goes beyond the video nasties to ask: who is really driving the climate of industrial confrontation?
  • Issue 184 - 27 June 2003
    While the US ushers union busters through the back door to Kabul, Canberra's invitation to engage in a spot of domestic locking out proves too hard for some to resist.
  • Issue 183 - 20 June 2003
    On the eve of the NSW Budget, Workers Online tallies up its own figures of workplace accidents, shut-downs and suprising pickets.
  • Issue 182 - 13 June 2003
    Workers Online begins the task of putting back together our increasingly fragmented working lives.
  • Issue 181 - 06 June 2003
    Workers Online remembers one labour stalwart, talks to another one and looks on with bemusement as two more slug it out.
  • Issue 180 - 30 May 2003
    Tony Abbott and Satan battle for top billing in this week's issue with the man from Warringah just edging out the other bloke.
  • Issue 179 - 23 May 2003
    Workers Online blows the whistle on executive pay with some ground-breaking research.
  • Issue 178 - 16 May 2003
    This week Workers Online rakes over the federal budget, is left at sea by government's attitude to maritime workers, and is disciplined for its dress sense - again.
  • Issue 177 - 09 May 2003
    Workers Online emerges from the ACTU Organising Conference with a new set of values, a new political orientation and a desire to knock on doors.
  • Issue 176 - 02 May 2003
    Workers Online celebrates May Day with a call for solidarity, a new message to workers and lots of healthy debate about where to go now.
  • Issue 175 - 24 April 2003
    Workers Online emerges from the Easter festivities to find a triumphant John Howard preparing to kill public health and access to higher education.
  • Issue 174 - 11 April 2003
    As the media blows full-time on the War on Iraq, Workers Online argues that there is still a peace to be won.
  • Issue 173 - 04 April 2003
    Workers Online sets out on a vexed search for truth through war, Cole and global trade talks.
  • Issue 172 - 28 March 2003
    Workers Online rakes over the coals of the Royal Commission, dodges the bullets from war protests arise and welcomes the new union troops to Macquarie Street.
  • Issue 171 - 21 March 2003
    As the War Without Mandate begins, Workers Online rallies with those who fear its wider implications.
  • Issue 170 - 14 March 2003
    In the run-up to the NSW State Election, Workers Online looks at the relative 'merits' of carr and Brogden, continues our campaign for peace and calls on our cricketers to pull their sponsors into line.
  • Issue 169 - 07 March 2003
    Workers Online's bumper March issue looks at the Accord 20 years on, talks to the head of the international union movement and goes inside Trades Hall's banner room.
  • Issue 168 - 28 February 2003
    As unions prepare to be battered about the melon by 7000 pages of Commissioner Cole's findings, a leading Sydney broadcaster delivers an unexpected message comfort.
  • Issue 167 - 21 February 2003
    Workers Online celbrates the release of First the Verdict with more tales of excess at the Cole Commission, while wondering about the PM's drastic mood swings in the face of public anger.
  • Issue 166 - 14 February 2003
    As thousands take to the streets to call for an international solution to Iraq, Workers Online returns with the lines you won't read in the Murdoch Press.
  • Issue 165 - 20 December 2002
    We say farewell to 2002 witha full review of a year that was jam-full of fear and loathing.
  • Issue 164 - 06 December 2002
    Workers Online digs deeper into the African immigration scam, finds more funny business in the Employment Advocate and ruminates on the Politics of Security
  • Issue 163 - 29 November 2002
    Workers Online's History Special looks back to find some clues on how the union movement can grow into the 21st century.
  • Issue 162 - 22 November 2002
    Workers Online wishes the ACTU a happy 75th Anniversary, looks at a new approach to protecting entitlements and hear's first hand of the terror Colombian trade unionists.
  • Issue 161 - 15 November 2002
    Workers Online unveils a new partnership with local government, finds an employer playing dirty pool and gauges reaction to the ACTU's Living Wage claim.
  • Issue 160 - 08 November 2002
    Workers Online looks at the impact of drought on rural workers, welcomes a new award for the telecommunications industry and unveils an immigration scam involving South African workers.
  • Issue 159 - 01 November 2002
    In a week where IR was all about drugs, scabs and sordid sex actsw, Workers Online's bumber November issue restores some sanity, talking to Kevin Rudd, catching up with the Pilbara workers and profile Brazil's new leftist leader.
  • Issue 158 - 25 October 2002
    Workers Online looks at the hidden cost of workplace email, warns of Melbourne Cup strike action and welcomes Peter Reith back to the Tool Shed.
  • Issue 157 - 18 October 2002
    Workers Online attempts to come to terms with the events in Bali, looks at a new approach to workers as they approach retirement and unveils a new CD of union tunes.
  • Issue 156 - 11 October 2002
    Workers Online looks behind the Muslim prayer controversy to wonder whether workplace flexibility is really just a one-way street.
  • Issue 155 - 04 October 2002
    In our first monhtly update we meet the NSW Libs, look at the war brewing in the motor industry and nominate Virgin Mobile for the Tonys
  • Issue 154 - 27 September 2002
    Workers Online bangs the drum of war to examine its effect on the United Nations and the abject performance of our own Prime Miniature.
  • Issue 153 - 20 September 2002
    In our new slim-line weekly issue we look at the latest push to wipe out sweat shops, place a fromer Labor legend in the Tool Shed and ask whether the Cole Commission is a health hazard
  • Issue 152 - 13 September 2002
    As the world remembers September 11, Workers Online turns a critical eye over the events of past 12 months
  • Issue 151 - 06 September 2002
    Workers Online talks to fromer Hawke Minister Gary Punch, goes behind the sacking of 467 Hilton Hotel workers and unveils a new workplace safety campaign.
  • Issue 150 - 30 August 2002
    Workers Online meets Bill Shorten, joins the Dayson workers on thier picket line and trawls over another week of Royal Commission muck.
  • Issue 149 - 23 August 2002
    Workers Online gets inside the Royal Commission, examines the smears in Australia Post and wonders what's under David Murray's comb-over.
  • Issue 148 - 16 August 2002
    Workers Online uncovers more building industry scams, talks to Attorney General Bob Debus and looks at the history of drug-testing in the workplace.
  • Issue 147 - 09 August 2002
    Workers Online reviews the Hawke-Wran review, ongoing lunacy in Australia Post and the sorry state of IR reporting.
  • Issue 146 - 26 July 2002
    Workers Online provides the definitive overview of the Cole Commission, talks to the head of the NZCTU on election leave and offers readers the chance to see a new moive about real workers.
  • Issue 145 - 19 July 2002
    Workers Online talks party reform, looks at the decline of media reporting of IR and continues our search for Australia's worst boss.
  • Issue 144 - 12 July 2002
    Workers Online looks at the cirsis facing capitalism, finds sweatshops in our own backyard and wonders on the PM's bizarre relationship with Berlosconi
  • Issue 143 - 05 July 2002
    Workers Online lifts the lid on the evidence the Cole Commission won't touch, talks Telstra with Linsay Tanner and launches the search for Australia's worst boss.
  • Issue 142 - 28 June 2002
    On the eve of the NSW Safety Summit, Workers Online looks at the state of OH&S and how unions are working with the issue.
  • Issue 141 - 21 June 2002
    Workers Online sahres war stories with ACCC Chair Alan Fels, surveys the latest report on the treatement of unionists worldwide and keeps tabs on the Cole Royal Commission.
  • Issue 140 - 14 June 2002
    Workers Online celebrates the centenary of women's sufferage, lifts the lid on the Cole Commission and offers greg Combet a face lift
  • Issue 139 - 07 June 2002
    in this issue: The Cole Royal Commission into the building industry, Howard's AWA scam, insurance crisis for jockeys and much more...

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