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Issue No. 139 07 June 2002  

Interview: Class Action
NSW Teachers Federation general secretary Barry Johnson on Bob Carr's election budget and what he needs to do to win back the profession.

Safety: A Mother's Tale
Robin McGoldrick relives the tragedy that prompted her to confront Royal Commissioner Terence Cole over workplace story.

Unions: The Hottest Seat in Town
Nostalgia buffs should make a point of catching at least one session of Tony Abbott’s controversial, Royal Commission, playing to increasingly thin houses in Sydney. Jim Marr sat through the opening scenes.

International: Defensive Enterprise
How can men and women working in the unprotected "informal economy" be helped to better defend their rights? The ICTU grapples with the issue in The Congo.

Economics: A Super Deal?
Neale Towart looks at the debate raging within Labor circles around savings and investment.

History: A Radical Life
Stephen Holt gives an insight into one of the Australian Labor Party’s original true believers through his examination of papers held in the Manuscript Collection

Media: Cross Purposes
Stuart Mackenzie looks at the lines spun at the recent Senate committee hearing into media ownership laws.

Review: When the Force Is Unconscious
Cultural Theoritician Mark Morey reports on how a trip to the Sydney Writers Festival became a battle for intergalactic supremacy.

Poetry: Wouldn't It Be Loverly
For seven decades, Queensland aboriginal workers working under government control were 'paid' below-award wages which were placed into 'trust' accounts which were pilfered, levied, diverted and bled dry.

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Grieving Mum Turns Cole Around
A Tamworth mother grieving the death of her son this week forced the issue of workplace safety onto the Cole Royal Commission' s public agenda.

Commissioner Terence Cole reversed an earlier ruling that he would not hear evidence of safety issues during public hearings after Robin McGoldrick appealed publicly for him to hear her story. [full story]

Hamberger Grilled Over AWA Scam
The Howard Government’s union-busting Office of the Employment Advocate is mired in allegations of illegally processing AWAs, pattern bargaining and writing up sweetheart deals for favourites, including one-time employees.

The office, established by the Howard Government to promote and process Australian Workplace Agreements, was the catalyst for the establishment of the Cole Commission into the Building and Contruction Industry currently sitting in Sydney. [full story]

Government Shrugs Off Death Sentence Charge
Federal Government is being urged to investigate claims that Australian Protective Service officers smuggled an asylum seeker out of the country on an Iranian-flagged ship to face certain death.

International Transport Federation representatives unsuccessfully used a Victorian Supreme Court subpoena to try and have Sayadi Estahbanati, 32, removed from the vessel in Esperance. [full story]

Action To Pay Foreign Crew Aussie Wages
Maritime unions have begun a new legal push to combat Flag of Convenience shipping, applying to have foreign crews covered by Australian awards.

They commenced action this week to rope in the Ukrainian crew of the CSL Pacific, the sister ship of the CSL Yarra at the centre of the recent stand-off over foreign crews. [full story]

Jockeys Face Insurance Crisis
The racing industry could come to a standstill with 95 percent of the state's jockeys set to stop riding because of a huge hike in insurance premiums.

The Australian Workers Union says jockeys, who are forced to insure themselves against claims by racehorse owners and other jockeys, are facing a 200 per cent increase in premiums. [full story]

Birds Get More Protection Than Workers
The NSW Government is being urged to offer the state’s human population the same protections afforded to birds.

Labor Council secretary John Robertson questioned the priorities of “bureaucrats” ushering in a licensing regime for persons who care for native birds while continuing to procrastinate over calls to regulate the labour hire industry. [full story]


 Budget Delivers - But Not For DOCS

 Statewide Ban On Grain Loading

 Howard Soft On Organised Crime?

 UN Honours Building Union Drugs Program

 Award-Winning Poet Wins Right To Write

 Workers Out For Gay Games

 Mahathir Told to Release Labour Activisits

 Horta Backs Western Sahara Independence

 Activists Notebook

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?I suppose we have something in common with building workers. A lot of them know what we are going through. They have lost friends and workmates and can relate to our situation.? - Robin McGoldrick

Make no mistake, what is going on here is the manufacturing of a 'crisis', every bit as cynical as the Children Overboard affair.

Crossed Wires


The Soapbox
It’s The Members, Stupid.
Those officials obsessed with union voting power in the ALP are missing the point, writes Luke Foley.

The Locker Room
Too Good To Be True
Phil Doyle castes his withering gaze over a week in sport that featured origin square-ups, the World Game in all its glory and a few drunken jockeys.

In The Cauldron
It was another week of pull-outs, profits de-mergers and takeovers in the corporate world; but some bright news with a plan to make executive pay more accountable.

Week in Review
The Black Letter
Legal mechanisms, national and international, are throwing up challenges to all sectors of our community but the law is a beast of many shapes and sizes as Jim Marr discovers.

LETTERS to the Editor
 Romeo and Juliet?
 Robbo's Rave
 Latham Ad Nauseum
 Our Home Is Girt By Wire
 Hands Off Hooligans!

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