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Issue No. 151 06 September 2002  

Interview: Packing a Punch
Former Hawke and Keating Minister Gary Punch injects some sanity into the debate over unions and the ALP

Bad Boss: Basher Takes Back Passage
A new contender for our Bad Boss has emerged as 140 Stegbar workers confront a boofhead with bad attitude, writes Jim Marr

Unions: Five Star Shafting
What is twenty three years of unbroken, fulltime service worth? Eight weeks, according to Tony Abbott, the Federal Government and the cheapskates who run Sydney’s posh Hilton Hotel.

Economics: TINA – Rest In Peace
Sydney University’s Frank Stilwell argues that the ‘There is No Alternative’ school of economics should be consigned to the dustbin of history

International: Against Bush's "War on Terrorism"
Washington has become the first State Labor Council in the U.S. to call on the AFL-CIO to seek repeal of the USA Patriot Act and oppose the Bush Administration, reports Fred Hyde.

Environment: Saving the World
After a ten-day talkfest, are we any closer to saving the world, asks Nick Lucchinelli

History: A Radical Scribe
John Shields loks at the life of Lloyd Ross' brother, Edgar, and his work as a journalist and activist in Broken Hill

Poetry: With A Little Help From My Friend
Even oil giant BP Australasia came out and supported the Kyoto Protocol - but that was not enough for our beloved Prime Minister.

Satire: Colonel Gaddafi Promotes Himself to General
After years of ribbing by his Axis of Evil peers, General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan, Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran and General Than Shwe of Burma, Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi has finally promoted himself to General.

Review: Workplace Dictatorship
Award-winning journalist Barbara Ehrenreich went undercover in low-wage America to see how people live on six bucks an hour. And what did she find? They can’t.

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Cole Comfort: I’m Not Biased
Building Industry Royal Commissioner Terence Cole’s detailed defence of his integrity will not prevent the CFMEU seeking a bias ruling in the Federal Court.

Cole has rejected an application from 35 NSW-based union officers that he stand aside on the ground of apprehended bias. [full story]

Grassroots Drives Safety Campaign
NSW unions will use new regulations requiring employers to consult with their workforce on OHS to spearhead into a statewide campaign for safer workplaces.

Labor Council is preparing to roll out the ‘UnionSafe’ campaign – with it’s catchy ‘Know Union, Know Safety, Know Living’ tagline thought up by rank and file delegate Matthew Druce. [full story]

Deloittes Curry Favour on Sub-Continent
Could Australia’s largest company be outsourcing work to Indian call centres in a bid to beat increasing unionisation of the IT sector?

CPSU officials are tight-lipped about the prospect as they continue to seek security for threatened Deloittes staff, whose employer contracts principally to Telstra. [full story]

Ansett Workers Short-Changed
John Howard’s Government is rorting millions out of air travelers whilst denying Ansett workers $400 million in owed entitlements.

The ACTU has revealed the Federal Government’s eight week cap on redundancy payments has seen ex-Ansett staff short-changed by an average $25,000 a head.  [full story]

Rail Workers Buck Individual Contract Wage Bribe
Rail workers within Pacific National are resisting a push to induce them to cash in their legal entitlements for a 14 per cent wage rise.

The push to induce the workers onto common law staff arrangements has raised concerns that elements within Pacific National are ignoring owner Chris Corrigan s commitment that he would not be running an anti-union agenda. [full story]

Carr to Drive Hilton Deal?
The NSW Government has been asked to ban the renovated Hilton’s swank new convention centre in support of 467 hotel workers set to be cut adrift when the establishment closes for renovations in November.

The strategy emerged after a dozen Hilton workers who will be left with just eight weeks' redundancy pay lobbied Macquarie Street residents this week. [full story]


 Bush Regenerators Weed Out Dodgy Deal

 Insurers in Redfern Rort

 Hairdresser Wins Fight For Wage Justice

 Cabin Crews Argue for ‘Safety in Numbers’

 ‘Slave Labour’ In Insurance Industry

 Westie Fires Up Over Durries

 Beattie Plods into Risky Territory

 Sydney to Host Social Forum

 Activists Notebook

email workers to a friend latest breaking news from labornet
John Robertson and MEU delegate Matthew Druce with the 'Union Safe' campaign theme he created for Labor Council's workplace safety campaign.

The point about Labor’s Light on the Hill was not that it was a campfire that could be used, then packed up and lit somewhere else more convenient; it was a beacon to give labour politics a direction and sense of integrity.

Master of Business


The Soapbox
Ian West on Suncorp Metway
NSW MLC Ian West lifts the lid on moves to impose 'start before you start' clauses in the insurance industry

The Locker Room
Terrible Terry and the Nice Guy from Fitzroy
As the debate over the new coach hots up, Phil Doyle believes that all is not as it seems on the good ship Swan.

Week in Review
War on Terror
Next Wednesday, September 11, marks the anniversary of one of the most brutal acts of terrorism in modern history. Jim Marr’s picking it will pass by virtually un-noticed

Broken Trust
The corporate world is holding back the waves of accountability with a crackdown on trusts rubbished and resistance to a new plan to increase corporate disclosure.

All In the Family?
Labor Council’s Alison Peters went looking for a family friendly workplace and got caught in a cheesy smokescreen.

LETTERS to the Editor
 Collex Decision is Terrible
 Charity Begins At Home

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