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Issue No. 171 21 March 2003  

Poetry: If I Were a Rich Man
Through a distortion in the time-space continuum, we have found a recording showing how people a few years into the future will deal with health care.

Interview: League of Nations
ICFTU general secretary Guy Ryder on the war, core labour standards and why Australia is an international pariah.

Industrial: 20/20 Hindsight
A retrospective analysis of the Accord is needed to help develop future strategies. Is it worth trying again? And if so, what would need to be different?

Organising: On The Buses
A new rank and file leadership team is standing up for the harried bus driver in the run-up to the NSW State Election

Unions: National Focus
A gaze around the country reveals some inspiring and innovative organising initiatives, a fruitful connection with young workers in South Australia and some typically robust industrial campaigns reports Noel Hester.

History: The Banner Room
On the eve of it’s refurbishment, Jim Marr ventures into one of Trades Hall’s best kept secrets; the room that houses relics of labour’s halcyon days.

International: The Slaughter Continues
Chilling new statistics from Colombia's main trade union confederation CUT: nine trade unionists assassinated in the first two months of this year.

Legal: A Legal Case For War?
Aaron Magner looks at the legal implications of the crusade of the Coalition of the Willing

Culture: Singing For The People
When there’s a struggle for social justice, when a war is brewing or rights are being eroded, the first ones to pen, paper and protest are often the folkwriters.

Review: The Hours
On the eve of International Women’s Day Tara de Boehmler follows the tale of three women who would rather choose death than a life devoid of personal choice.

Poetry: I Wanna Bomb Saddam
Scarier than Star Wars, the latest weapon to be deployed in the battle for Iraq is the Singing Dubya.

Satire: Diuretic Makes Warne's Excuses Look Thin
Australian cricketer Shane Warne today admitted that he was still feeling the after effects of the diuretic he tested positive to.

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Peace Marchers Warn Off Provocateurs
Organisers of Sydney’s weekend peace march have warned that isolated acts of violence would play into the hands of supporters of the War on Iraq.

As the peace movement gathers momentum, Walk Against the War Colation spokesman Bruce Childs says that the staging of violent incidents in marches had long been a tactic to undermine the peace movement. [full story]

Monk Ignores Job Losses
Tony Abbott’s latest prescription for the construction industry would cost thousands of jobs according to his own consultants.

Abbott, however, neglected to mention that fact when he cited productivity comparisons as another reason for “reforming” the industry, just days before the public release of findings from his $60 million Royal Commission. [full story]

Trade Warriors Turn to Water
The Federal Government is being urged to use World Water Day, March 22, to come clean on the services it is opening up to foreign business under GATS.

Water is the focal point of worldwide protests about the General Agreement on Trade in Services, being thrashed out in complete secrecy and expected to open a range of areas, including film, news media, gas, public transport, electricity and childcare to foreign businesses. [full story]

Gap, Target Pay Sweatshop Dues
Twenty six leading US clothing retailers, including giants Target and Gap, will cough up more than $30 million in a historic agreement designed to stop the Asian island of Saipan being used as a gigantic sweatshop.

Of the original defendants, 23 manufacturers and 27 US-based retailers, only Levis stands outside the settlement to a three-year class action lawsuit due to be signed into effect by a Federal Court judge this week. Levis ceased purchasing garments from Saipan after the lawsuit was filed. [full story]

Firies Douse Insurance Blaze
NSW fire fighters have emerged from a six-year battle to secure adequate protection should they be killed or injured in the line of duty.

After a sometimes bitter dispute with the Carr Government, the Fire Brigade Employees Union has secured 24-hour Death and Disability Insurance for their members. [full story]

Kennett Delivers $2m Gas Bill
Thirty Victorian gas workers are being asked to underwrite Jeff Kennett’s latest privatisation bungle by an average of $66,000 each.

When Australian Gas Technology Services went into liquidation last month it was discovered that no provision had been made to cover the entitlements of specialist gas workers transferred over when the company was privatised in 2000.  [full story]


 Vials Sparks Security Scare

 Buggers Hit Six

 Rail Towns Win Jobs Reprieve

 Telstra Dotty Over Witching Hour

 Crow Eaters Choke on Waste

 CSL Boss in Political Pickle

 Lawyers Push Super Class Action

 Fair Clothing Activists Take Stock

 Activists Notebook

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"We recognise that Saddam Hussein's regime is a brutal dictatorship, but this war is unlikely to bring real freedom to the Iraqi and Kurdish peoples" - Peter Jennings, APHEDA-Union Aid Abroad.

Our presence on the streets sends this message: our government does not speak for us, it does not listen to us and it is barely prepared to talk to us.

Virtual Bigot


The Soapbox
Workers Friend
Shock jock Alan Jones snubbed his Liberal mates to bucket the Cole Royal Commission and launch Jim Marr's book

The Locker Room
Boer Bore Boring
In the face of oppression Phil Doyle falls asleep in front of the TV

Guest Report
Dead Labor
The Hawke and Keating legacy is John Howard, Leonie Bronstein argues.

Hands Off, Tony
John Della Bosca argues the NSW Industrial Relations System gives his State a competitive advantage.

Groundhog Day
Another year, another round of corporate excess. Bosswatch returns from its summer slumber to find the same old dogs up to the same tricks.

LETTERS to the Editor
 I Miss Unions
 Viva Le Imperialists!
 The First Casualty
 Righteous indignation
 Dead Right
 Calling All Libs
 If George W Bush was an Australian Citizen...

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