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Issue No. 143 05 July 2002  

Interview: Media Magnet
Labor's communications spokesman Lindsay Tanner on Telstra, pay TV, Murdoch and Packer and other media dilemmas.

Bad Boss: Abbott's Heroes
The first nominee in our Bad Boss quest is a man who runs his call centre as though it were a primary school classroom.

Technology: All in the Family
LaborNET's tentacles continue to spread with this week's launch of the New Zealand Council of Trade Union's site.

International: New Labour's Cracks
The British labour movement has plunged itself into another round of tit-for-tat insults flying between the Blair Government and the trade unions, reports Andrew Casey.

Economics: Virtuality Check
Is the Internet Bill Gates' guide to wealth and power or the key to liberation from alienation and corporate power? A new book weighs the arguments.

History: Necessary Utopias
Neale Towart looks at the impact of the Robens Report to argue that worker control of industry is where OHS should be heading.

Poetry: Let Me Bring Love
The Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, the Honourable Tony Abbott, has made an offer that the Australian worker will find hard to resist: 'where there is hatred, let me bring love'.

Review: How Not To Get It Together
Together is a belated reminder that it takes more than high ideals and the right intentions to turn a commune into a community.

Satire: NZ, UK Added to Australia’s Migration Zone
In an effort to increase support for its plan to remove 30,000 islands from the Australian migration exclusion zone, the federal government has added New Zealand and England to the list of excluded islands.

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Revealed: The Evidence Cole Won’t Touch
The Cole Commission has brushed evidence of insurance fraud, stand-over tactics, bogus inspection reports and major health and safety breaches because they don’t implicate the CFMEU in wrong-doing, according to a Maryborough employer.

John Chandler, manager of JR Rigging, says he has proof of structural flaws in the recently-completely Cairns Convention Centre that pose an ongoing risk to the public but the commission doesn’t want to know. [full story]

Search for Bad Bosses Begins
The NSW Labor Council has launched a search for Australia's Worst Employer, with the creation of the prestigious 'Tony' award.

Inspired by Workplace Relations Minister Toby Abbott's comments that a bad boss is better than no boss at all, the Council is inviting unions to put the theory to the test. [full story]

WorkCover to Set Up Crimes Unit
The Carr Government will establish a specialist unit to investigate workplace accidents to justify thier contention that specific industrial manslaughter laws are not justified.

Adressing the NSW Safety Summit this week, NSW Industrial Relations Minister John Della Bosca announced WorkCover would establish a unit to consider criminal prosecutions under existing criminal law. [full story]

Electricians Oppose Family-Busting Conditions
Major industrial action in the construction industry is brewing with employers seeking to strip back conditions, including the right to take rostered days off and use a personal mobile phone while at work.

Electrical Trade Union delegates today voted to approve strike action, authorising the union to call stoppages in the coming week. [full story]

Blue-Collar Blokes Back Mat Leave
Building workers have thrown their substantial weight behind the push for universal paid maternity leave, arguing it should not be viewed as a narrow women's issue.

The CFMEU says building workers with young families are being forced to work longer hours because they have to make up the shortfall when their partners are out of the workforce after the birth of a child. [full story]

Murdoch Telegraphs Contracts Push
Rupert Murdoch is moving against the wages and conditions of vulnerable clerical workers employed by the Australian arm of his global media empire.

News Ltd has singled out clerical workers for AWAs while continuing to negotiate collective agreements with industrially stronger elements of its workforce. [full story]


 Abbot Changes Rules for “Employer Advocate”

 Gucci's Label Tarnished

 Funding Cuts Drives Academics Mad

 Star City Casino Strike On The Cards

 Chifley Planners Lose Benefits

 Qantas Staff Sick of Shivering

 Regional Councils Call Jobs Summit

 Kiwi Ex-Pats Targeted for Poll Push

 Shangri-La Workers Still Fighting

 Korean Unionist Freed

 Activists Notebook

email workers to a friend latest breaking news from labornet
"Inside this store handbags, jewellery and clothing is sold for thousands of dollars yet they pay the people who produce these items as little as fifty cents a piece," Labor Council secretary John Robertson at the Gucci protest

There is a point where bosses go too far; there has always been a point. It is the point where workers get organised and act collectively.

Family Values


The Soapbox
The Bush Telegraph
Telstra’s poor performance in the bush is not just about reception, argues the CEPU's Ian McCarthy

The Locker Room
The Tennis Racket
You would think that child labour would have gone the way of bus conductors and public telephones that work, but this is not necessarily the case, writes Phil Doyle.

Capitalism in Crisis
The collapse of a US telco has sent shockwaves around the globe and undermined trust in a system that rewards hype and dishonesty.

Week in Review
Between the Sheets
This column is heartily sick of being called solid, reliable and old-fashioned so Jim Marr gets with the program and discovers this is, in fact, an up-and-down, in-and-out sort of world…

LETTERS to the Editor
 Lessons from Air Disaster
 Buggering the Bush
 The Great Giveaway
 Down and Out
 Why I hate Telstra

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