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Issue No. 148 16 August 2002  

Interview: Labor Law
NSW Attorney General Bob Debus expands on how he's bought a Labor agenda to the justice system

Unions: Critical Conditions
Jim Marr looks at one man's story to expose the workers compensdation rorts that are rife in the building industry

Bad Boss: Shifting The Load
Barminco, the biggest mine operator in Tasmania, has put its name forward for a Tony after being labeled the “boss from hell”.

History: Peeking Out
As unions push for workplace privacy, Neale Towart argues that its not just employers who might be peeking.

Safety: Flying High
Blaming the individual worker has always been at the heart of calls for random drug and alcohol testing, Neal Towart reports.

Corporate: Salaries High, Performance Low
As part of Labor Council's inquiry into executive pay, Bosswatch's Chris Owen has compiled this overview.

International: War on the US Wharves
Thousands of US dockworkers held rallies this week up and down America’s West Coast as well as in Hawaii, as the Bush Administration threatened to break one of America’s most powerful unions by using troopers as strike breakers.

Review: And the Signs Said...
Philip Farruggio argues the new horror flick 'The Signs' has a subtext that should resonate with working families.

Poetry: Tony Don't Preach
Melbourne car park attendant and LHMU delegate Tony Duras rewrote the Madonna and Kelly Osbourne hit Papa Don’t Preach.

Satire: Latham Dumps Rodney Rude as Speech Writer
ALP front-bencher, Mark Latham has fired speech writer Rodney Rude after calling the Prime Minister an 'arse-licker'.

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Qantas Dressed Down Over Uniform Backflip
Qantas has reneged on a FairWear commitment, using last year’s September 11 terrorist attacks to justify a decision to import workers’ uniforms from overseas.

Awarding its uniforms supply tender to Victoria’s Dowd Group, it is understood the company won the tender on the basis that clothing products would be imported from overseas. [full story]

Virgin Threatens Delegate Over Net Use
A Virgin Mobile contact customer worker believes he has been threatened with dismissal for using the internet to access a Union website.

Australian Services Union delegate Paul Morris was hauled before management for 'misguided behaviour’ including accusations he provided inaccurate information to his staff about their Australian Workplace Agreement. [full story]

Email Protection Hits Firewall
Hopes that NSW workers would be protected from bosses snooping on their emails have hit a constitutional firewall with advice that state laws would not be valid.

Attorney General Bob Debus has told Workers Online he's received advice from the Crown Solicitor that the Constitution precludes the states making legislation with respect to email. [full story]

Yarra Gets Rowdy Welcome Home
Australian seafarers replaced by foreign labour by the CSL shipping company protested the return of the reflagged Yarra to Australian shores.

Now known as the Stadacona, the vessel was at the centre of a dispute with maritime unions in May when the ship’s Australian registration was transferred to the Bahamas and its Australian crew replaced by Ukrainian seafarers.  [full story]

Cole Snubs Injured Worker
Experienced steel fixer Chris Gillespie is the latest to join the “stitch-up” refrain being directed at the Cole Royal Commission into the Building and Construction Industry.

Furious, at being invalided out of an industry he had served for 20 years without any compensation, Gillespie decided to spill the beans on “systematic and widespread corruption” amongst steel fixing companies. [full story]

Victorian System Needs Reform: AIRC
Victorian workers have had a win with an $18 a week pay rise and an admission from the AIRC that correcting wage injustice in Victoria requires legislative change.

In an unprecedented move, the AIRC this week called on the Federal and State Parliaments to correct the discrimination of the Howard Governments industrial laws as they applied to Victorian workers.  [full story]


 First NEST Payout to Workers

 Qld Public Sector Battle Heats Up

 Community Workers Eye Canberra Show Down

 Lift Techs Face Redundancy Lock Out

 Council Workers Win Picnic Day Fight

 School Support Staff Demand Recongition

 Black Chicks Talk At Refuge Fundraiser

 Colombian Left MP Applying For Asylum

 Activist Notebook

email workers to a friend latest breaking news from labornet
"Qantas is to spend six million dollars on advertising that they ‘Still Call Australia Home’ – but cannot find the money to support Australian clothing workers," Barry Tubner

As unions switch their focus from servicing individual members to organizing workplaces, the question is how do peak bodies change their activities to match this change in focus?

Lex Loser


Colour By Numbers
Labor council secretary John Robertson argues that the 60-40 debate ignores the real changes necessary in the ALP.

The Soapbox
Peas in a Pod
ACTU President Sharan Burrow gives her take on the new fetish for Public-Private Partnerships

The Locker Room
Go Dogs Go
As a student of form, Phil Doyle discovers that the Greyhounds are coming up in class and are all the better for recent racing.

Rayland And Other Adventures
More evidence emerges in the HIH Royal Commission of the joys of life at the Top End of Town.

Human Rights
Tampa Day
Monday 26th August is no celebration, but the first anniversary of a National Shame should be recognised, writes Amanda Tattersall.

LETTERS to the Editor
 Miranda's Not Fair on Outworkers
 Another Capitalist Party?
 Justice For All?
 Kill the Photos!
 Right Wing Lackies

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