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Issue No. 135 10 May 2002  

Interview: Squaring Off
NSW Industrial Relations Minister John Della Bosca looks beyond last year's WorkCover dispute to rebuild relations between the wings of the labour movement.

Industrial: Heroes Betrayed
Seafaring veterans joining the protest against the CSL Yarra sell-out this week were fighting for their heritage, reports Jim Marr

History: At The Coalface
An oral history of working life on the NSW coalfields has been brought to life by ABC Radio.

International: Wobblies With Chinese Characters?
Workers in China's industrial heartland have started killing their bosses as a form of labour protest., writes Andrew Casey

Politics: Dancing with Trotsky
John Passant re-reads an old political favourite and argues that as fascism in Europe grows the Left must learn the lessons of history.

Economics: You Are What You Eat
Something's eating at Neale Towart, all those Aussie food brands in foreign hands.

Poetry: Alexander's Bragtime Band
When the foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, announced this week that “Australia, internationally, has never been better regarded,” the leaders of the world sagely nodded their heads.

Satire: Stott Despoja Celebrates Engagement With Minor Party
Australian Democrats leader Natasha Stott Despoja says she will celebrate her engagement to public relations consultant Ian Smith in typical Democrat style, with a minor party.

Review: Painting Paradise
NSW Upper House MLC Ian West meets Currawong's artist in residence Sophie Haythornthwaite.

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Gun-Runners Threaten Aussie Coast
The Maritime Union's campaign against Flag of Convenience shipping has been bolstered by the arrest of a Panamanian-flagged vessel in an arms trafficking scandal.

As the stand-off on the CSL Yarra entered its second week, pressure built on the Howard Government to secure the future of Australian shipping. [full story]

Kings Cross Date For Commissioner Cole
Royal Commissioner Terrence Cole has been challenged to visit backpackers picketing in Kings Cross if he is serious about uncovering building industry rorts.

Once again, it is the CFMEU rather than the Commission or any Government agency, that has uncovered large-scale rorting of safety requirements, wages, tax, super and workers comp provisions. [full story]

Sunbeam Irons Out Sydney Grand Mother
It won’t be much of a Mother’s Day for Lakemba grandma Rina Karagiorga this Sunday, thanks to appliance manufacturer Sunbeam.

After 30 years service at the company’s Campsie plant she was fired because of an injury sustained on the job and denied $70,000 in redundancy entitlements. [full story]

Low-Paid Gridlock Melbourne
Melbourne’s ‘invisible workers’ gridlocked the CBD this morning for nearly two hours to protest the Living Wage case decision handed down by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

While the union movement has generally accepted the $18 a week increase - the largest ever handed down by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission - it has riled LHMU members around the country. [full story]

NSW Libs Open to Abbott Takeover
The state industrial relations system could fall into Tony Abbott's clutches if the Liberal Party gains power in NSW, with Opposition IR spokesman Michael Gallacher this week refusing to rule out a Kennett-style handover.

The suggestion, which will send shivers through both trade union and employer ranks, was part of the wash-up from Abbott's latest bid to hijack state industrial relations into the federal sphere. [full story]

Ten Points for IT Workers
IT workers fed up with unpaid overtime and poor protection of their rights have drafted a 10-point plan for a better deal.

A 38-hour week with overtime or time in lieu arrangements for working extra hours might not seem much to ask but for many workers in the IT industry realising the dream seems about as unlikely as achieving job security in the unstable sector. [full story]


 Low Paid Target Rose Bay Toff

 Terror Bill Needs More Work, ACTU

 Wage Clerks Duck For Cover

 Burma Release Fails to Blunt Campaign

 East Timorese MPs oppose Timor Sea Arrangement

 Airport Screeners Face Men in Jocks

 Black Label Roots For Hessian

 Back Chat for Child Laws

 Barking The Wrong Way In NSW

 Unions Push into Regional Queensland

 Activists Notebook

email workers to a friend latest breaking news from labornet
“Any Government that won’t adequately fund the community sector is a bunch of thieving, immoral barbarians” - Luke Foley, ASU

With border protection, the Pacific Solution and the War on Terror to fund, it will be those most vulnerable in society who are asked to pay the price.


The Soapbox
Live a Little!
MEAA state secretary Michel Hryce tells Young Labor the party needs to get funky.

The Locker Room
Something To Chew On...
Peter Filandia gave sports commentators something to chew on with the recent revelations regarding his activities with the old choppers, writes Phil Doyle.

Slow Train Coming
Union Aid Abroad's Phil Hazelton sends another missive from South-East Asia where union money is helping the people of Lao.

A Share of the Action
Big half-yearly results for the banks, a kick-along for a bomb-maker and a debate about executive options at the 'Woodstock for Capitalists'.

Week in Review
Too Much Telly
That little box in the corner takes top billing as the cypher through which the comings and goings of an eventful week are best relayed, as Jim Marr finds out …

Tool Shed
The Speculator
Labor frontbencher Mark Latham has taken out a controlling stake in this week's Tool Shed with his whacky idea that Labor should be underwriting speculation on the stock exchange.

LETTERS to the Editor
 Heaps and Heaps of Hate Mail
 No Choice
 Who Rules Australia?
 No Wrap for Song Comp
 Abbott's Contempt

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