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Issue No. 132 19 April 2002  

Interview: Generation Next
The Australian Services Union's Luke Foley is one of a group of thirty-somethings taking the reins of the union movement.

Legal: We’re All Terrorists Now
The Government’s hastily cobbled security laws are so all-encompassing that jamming the boss’s fax could see you eating porridge in Long Bay for the rest of your life, reports Noel Hester.

Unions: Holding the Baby
The concept of Carers’ Responsibilities doesn’t appear to have penetrated the ageing walls of the Australian Retailers Federation, reports Jim Marr.

International: Taking It To The Streets
In the past few days 22 million workers have taken to the streets in two countries over the global push to cut workers rights, as Andrew Casey reports.

History: Off the Wall
Creative campaign posters provide a colourful archive of worker struggles from the past, writes Neale Towart.

Economics: Financing International Development
John Langmore details the significance of the first International Conference on Financing Development held in Mexico in March.

Satire: Queen Mum's Life Tragically Cut Short
The world has been numbed by grief and shock, after Her Royal Highness the Queen Mother unexpectedly died last night at the tender age of 101.

Review: Return of The People’s Parliament
The last two weeks has seen the return of the most democratic program on the television, Big Brother. Cultural theoritian Mark Morey reports.

Poetry: Silent Night
Our resident bard, David Peetz, turns his hand to the Senate Inquiry into a Certain Maritime Incident.

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Tobacco Giant's New Smoking Gun
A worker who complained about smoking in her workplace has been sacked from a call centre operated for cigarette giant British American Tobacco.

Less than a week after being lacerated by a High Court judge for its corporate behaviour, the NSW Labor Council is demanding WorkCover action against the cigarette manufacturer. [full story]

Evidence Proves McJobs A Reality
New research has backed the 'McJobs' theory, with high-skill workers enjoying family friendly conditions while low-skill workers struggle under inflexible hours.

The NSW Labor Council says the research, commissioned by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, underlines why the federal government needs to develop a universal approach to paid maternity leave. [full story]

Workers Die Waiting For Justice
Rio Tinto blocked justice for so long that three coalminers, awarded their jobs back by the judicial system, have died waiting.

CFMEU Mining Division president Tony Maher revealed the deaths during an emotional plea for Government to stop “grandstanding” over unfair dismissals and address injustices “threatening families and tearing apart whole communities”.  [full story]

Abbot Sparks Nuclear Reaction
Workplace Relations Minister Tony Abbott is being asked to come clean on his decision to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get work on Sydney’s Lucas Heights nuclear reactor.

NSW unions are stunned at the Office of the Employment Advocate’s move to reject the Lucas Heights project award, agreed between the Labor Council and construction contractor John Holland. [full story]

Sick As A Dog Or Pissed As A Parrot?
NSW employers can expect to be hit up for flu vaccinations as specialists suggest working with the flu is as dangerous as labouring under the influence of alcohol.

Labor Council secretary John Robertson is throwing his organisation’s weight behind a national campaign to vaccinate as many people as possible, healthy adults included, before this year’s virus strikes. [full story]

Workers’ Anthem – Hip Hop or Grunge?
The finalists in the first ever Wobbly Radio Worker's Song Competition have been announced with a mix of hip-hop, grunge, pop and traditional folk making the cut.

The six artists will play-off at a special May Day gig at the South Sydney Leagues Club on Wednesday May 1, with the winner walking away with $5000 to go towards a recording of the song. [full story]


 DOCS Crisis – At Risk Kids Slipping Through Net

 Call Centre Workers Stiffed - Survey

 Broadcast Blues at SBS

 South Coast Medical Centre in Della’s Sights

 Sydney Take-Off For Security Campaign

 Israel On Dangerous Ground

 Technicians Take Aim At Canon

 Intel Faces Email Censure Challenge

 Megawati Reopens Marsinah Case

 Activists Notebook

email workers to a friend latest breaking news from labornet
Logos battle each other in the marketplace in a perpetual race for world domination – eating up competitors to become the dominant label in their market.

The revolutions of the 21st Century may not be fought on the streets, but in the supermarkets and malls of the world.

Frank Makes History


The Soapbox
The Politics of Unfair Dismissal
Shadow Minister for Workplace Relations Robert McClelland finally nails down the Labor line on the Abbott sackings laws.

The Locker Room
Tipping the Scales
Jim Marr argues that policing of the ten-metre rule is creating havoc for footy tipsters.

Stand and Deliver
It might be tough for some - but for shareholders and executives, life is just dandy.

Week in Review
Stretching the Truth
The political porkie still reigns supreme on the big stage but, good news in the form of a warning, some tall tales from the past are unravelling with embarrassing consequences…

LETTERS to the Editor
 Free Trade??
 Where's the Silver Tail?

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