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Issue No. 162 22 November 2002  

Interview: Life After Keating
Labor's foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd looks at the world and wonders what might have been ...

Industrial: That Friday Feeling
Anthony Stavropoulos has been working six days a week for the last eight years and now he wants his weekends back. “Remember that Friday feeling?” he asks. “You just don’t get that anymore.”

Bad Boss: Begging to Work
They may put themselves about as the Saints of the Fourth Estate, but bosses at the Big Issue Magazine have been nominated by their own vendors for this month’s Tony award.

Organising: Project Pilbara
Sydney University’s Bradon Ellem reports on how unions are bouncing back in Rio territory

Unions: Off the Rails
The Federal Government is attempting to turn NSW Railways into a political football with a proposal that threatens the safety of freight and passenger trains in NSW and life in our rail Towns, writes Phil Doyle.

International: Brazil Turns Left
Union stalwarts throughout the American hemisphere are cheering the election of Lula – the peanut seller and shoeshine boy, turned union leader - who has been elected as the first working-class President of Brazil.

Environment: Brown Wash
Stuart Rosewarn argues the Johannesburg Sunmmit was a gripping showcase of Australia’s lack of a strategic vision.

History Special: Learning from the Past
Ray Markey looks at union membership growth in the 1880s & 1900s to argue that today’s unions must engage to grow.

Corporate: Will the Bullying Backfire?
Job insecurity, unemployment, a growing gap between rich and poor, massive global poverty and environmental danger are the big issues for the protests at the World Trade Organisation meeting in Sydney.

Technology: Danger Lurks For The Passive
If unions fail to exploit opportunities on the web to gain members, other organisations are likely to fill the void and provide services to workers on the internet.

History: In Labour’s Image
Neale Towart looks at a long-overdue initiative to around NSW through the eyes of the workers.

Politics: Without Power Or Glory
South Coast contributor Rowan Cahill gives his take on the Cunningham by-election result.

History Special: A 'Cosy Relationship'
Barbara Webster looks at Rockhampton between 1916 – 1957 to debunk the ‘dependence’ theory of trade union growth.

Culture: Blood Stains the Wattle
Former Queensland Treasurer Keith De Lacey has turned up in print with a rollicking tale of life during the famous Mt Isa strike of the 60s.

Satire: Iraq Pre-empts Pre-emptive Strike
Saddam Hussein has launched a pre-emptive strike on the United States to prevent it from pre-emptively striking Iraq first.

Poetry: The Executive Pay Cut
Executives accepting pay freezes, or even pay cuts? This outrageous proposal has been put on the table by some capitalists themselves, and taken up by our bard.

Review: Time Out
When a family man invents a new life after losing his steady job, Tara de Boehmler watches his charade escalate until there is no turning back.

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Scourers Face Q-Fever Risk
Wool scourers are facing an outbreak of Q-fever in a Wagga woolshed, with more than 60 per cent of the workers in one unit testing positive for the potentially fatal disease.

The outbreak has sparked calls for a reform for safety laws, with the disease currently recognised as a hazard for meatworkers but not for workers in the textile industry. [full story]

New Vehicle for Entitlements
NSW transport workers are taking a new tack to protect their entitlements by seeking an award provision that would cover every worker in the industry.

The Transport workers Union is running a special award test case in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission to win 100 percent protection of entitlements across their industry. [full story]

It’s War on Bullies!
The NSW union movement has declared war on workplace bullies, as it launches its new website to help workplace safety representatives get active.

The site was launched at a meeting of more than 500 safety delegates at Penrith this week, where the CFMEU’s Brian Miller was honoured for his lifetime commitment to workplace safety. [full story]

Drivers Pack Down For World Cup
Transport workers are seeking an Olympics-style pay bonus to deal with the expected influx of tourists and heightened security risk at next year’s Rugby World Cup.

Bus drivers, members of the Transport Workers Union, have flagged the claim of between $2 and $4 per hour during the period of the international showcase event. [full story]

Howard Shrugs off Spanish Shame
A Flag of Convenience Ship of Shame spewing oil along the Spanish Coast has placed the dangers of the Howard Government’s maritime policy under the spotlight.

The Maritime Union of Australia, fighting Coalition encouragement for Ships of Shame, warns Australia is susceptible to the sort of ecological disaster threatening Spanish wildlife and fishing communities. [full story]

Hunted Teacher Tells of Colombian Terror
A female teacher, forced to live apart from her family and travel by armoured car in a bid to cheat death, has brought Sydney trade unionists face to face with the reality of life for their Colombian counterparts.

Gloria Ramirez, president of the Colombian Teachers Union, set out the statistical reality of life in her country for delegates at this week’s Labor Council meeting. [full story]


 Cole Bias Appeal Still On Cards

 Extra Care To Beat Terrorist Threat

 Strains Increase for Aged Care

 Trades Hall Welcomes Bracks IR

 Rail Campaign Gathers Steam

 Workers Win Computer Games

 Wine Workers Front Bosses

 Regional Job Loss Fear At Unis

 Canberra Get In On Outworkers ACT

 Hounding of East Timorese “Shameful”

 WTO Staff Begin Pay Revolt

 Activists Notebook

email workers to a friend latest breaking news from labornet
Can you spot a bully? The Workers Health Centre is raising awareness of bullying on the back of new health and safety regulations.

We call on the ACTU to mark its 75th Anniversary by relocating to Canberra, recognising that it is the lobbying of our national politicians that should be its key function.

Nile-ism and Other Lifestyle Choices


Month In Review
War and Pieces of Work
The Bali Tragedy dominated the news this month, leaving many questioning the motive and wondering if this is fallout from Australia’s unquestioning support of George Dubya’s ‘War On Terror’.

The Soapbox
Beware of Greeks Bearing Historical Allusions
Roland Stephens argues that the current popular line that the USA is a modern day version of the Roman Empire is flawed.

The Locker Room
Over The Fence Is Out
Phil Doyle warms up for another season of hard hitting and fast bowling in the park, making the rules up as he goes along.

The Sea of Hands
Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation are five years old. Spokeswoman Dameeli Coates addressed labor Council to mark the event.

Tokyo Youth Call
Tokyo unions are relying on young organisers to infiltrate workplaces as part of a major organising campaign, which focuses on non-unionised companies, reports Mary Yaager.

Still Crazy After All These Years
With new research suggests CEO carry similar personality traits to psycho-paths, the AGM season is proving that there’s little room for logic in our nation’s board rooms.

LETTERS to the Editor
 Big Issue - Begging To Differ
 WTO Fallout
 Internet Surveillance Research
 Offensive Clowns

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