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Issue No. 153 20 September 2002  

Interview: Still Flying
Flight Attendant’s Association international secretary Johanna Brem looks at life in the air since last September’s terrorist attacks.

International: President Gas
NSW Firefighter’s president Darryl Snow sent this missive to his members on the anniversary of a day when 343 of their colleagues died in the line of duty.

Politics: Australia: A Rogue State?
ARM director Greg Barnes argues that September 11 has summoned a new era of isolationism and international lawlessness.

Unions: Welfare Max
Maximus Inc is big, American and controversial. Right now its knocking on the door of Australian welfare delivery and there is every chance the Howard Government will usher it inside, reports Jim Marr.

Bad Boss: Welcome to Telstra!
A Telstra call centre has joined the race for Bad Boss after sacking a pregant woman who had the audacity to need to use the toilet.

Health: Fat Albert: The Grim Reaper
Workers Online's cultural dietician Mark Morey chews the fat over this week's conference on child obesity

Satire: Iraq Pre-empts Pre-emptive Strike
Saddam Hussein has launched a pre-emptive strike on the United States to prevent it from pre-emptively striking Iraq first.

Poetry: A Man From the East And A Man From The West
Resident Bard David Peetz has penned this ode to the sacked Hilton hotel workers

Review: The Sum Of All Fears
Tara de Boehmler checks in to see that America’s cultural cringe is alive, well and sponsored by Marlboro cigarettes

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Retailers Lift Veil on Outworkers
Retail chains would cancel the contracts of clothing suppliers who paid sweatshop wages under a new assault on clothing industry exploitation.

In an international first, the Australian Retailers Association has signed a Deed with the Textile Union committing its members to meeting legal wages and identifying where all production is carried out. [full story]

Is Cole Bad For Your Health?
The NSW Government is being urged to investigate claims that serious accidents in the building industry have jumped since the Cole Commission arrived in Sydney.

CFMEU assistant secretary, Brian Parker, will make the request of Industrial Relations Minster John Della Bosca when the parties meet later this month. [full story]

Super Fund Leads Options Assault
A leading industry superannuation fund will use its financial muscle to pressure 200 leading Australian companies to scrap executive options packages.

CBUS, the Construction and Building Industry Super Fund which holds $1.5 billion in Australian equities, has announced it will vote against the packages in the coming round of company Annual General Meetings. [full story]

Libs Flag Forced Job Cuts
The NSW Opposition has foreshadowed a return to forced redundancies in the public sector after attacking the Carr Government for keeping displaced workers on the payroll.

The Coalition agenda was exposed by Shadow Treasurer George Souris who this week attacked the government’ displaced person list, saying he would sack the 162 public servants awaiting deployment.  [full story]

Pressure Grows for Refugee Debate
A coalition of trade unions are rank and file members is shaping up to force debate on border protection policy onto the agenda of the ALP National Conference.

While the conference has been called to debate Rule Changes recommended in the Hawke-Wran Review, backers of a refugee debate say it too is a key part of the federal election review. [full story]

Vale: Jack Ferguson
Jack Ferguson, NSW deputy premier 1976-1984, turned down a state funeral because he argued it would be “a complete waste of taxpayer’s money”.

Labor Council secretary, John Robertson, said that one statement summed up a “highly principled” man who this week lost his long battle with mesothelioma, contracted as a young building worker. [full story]


 Cyber Campaigns Byte Bosses

 Abbott’s Mates Apply the Hilton Slipper

 Sydney Airport Wins On Casuals

 Bushfire Recovery Rights Recognised

 Millionaire Pleads Poverty

 Combet Talks Up Global Ties

 Premier Oil Pulls Out of Burma

 Harry Bridges Comes to Town

 Pub Trivia With YUM

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“It seems dodgey employers are taking comfort from the Commission’s anti-union stance and trying to resist efforts to have them comply with health and safety requirements.” CFMEU's Brian Parker

There is a point where the continuous reporting of issues becomes the sole purpose of the exercise – and it is at that point that a re-evaluation of our mission is required.

Old Silver


Gough's Plaza
Labor's living legend challenged NSW Labor to lift its game as he attended a renaming of 2KY House to Gough Whitlam Plaza.

The Locker Room
Support The System That Supports You
This system is a certainty, a moral, a good thing and a knocktaker; well, at least according to Phil Doyle

RIP Chainsaw Al
One of the heroes of corporate downsizing has been cut down but his memory lives on with golden handshakes for leaders of failed businesses still thick on the ground.

The Importance of Being Ernie
It was the tenth annual “Ernie” Awards for sexist behaviour and Labor Council’s Alison Peters was amongst the noisy punters

Week in review
Lest We Forget
You can’t help a sneaking suspicion, Jim Marr writes, that George Bush is conscripting the dead of September 11, 2001, to lead his push for another war in the Gulf…

Workers Out!
Gay and Lesbian trade unionists are organising an international conference to develop a global response to homophobia in the workplace, writes Ryan Heath

LETTERS to the Editor
 War Talk
 Why We Are a Terrorism Target
 Radio Doco on 1973 Ford Strike
 An Atmospheric Piece

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