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Issue No. 306 12 May 2006  

Interview: Out of the Bedroom
Reverend Jim Wallis is leading a crusade to take the moral debate into the public arena.

Industrial: Cloak and Dagger
The Howard Government has begun a series of workshops to sell its WorkChoice vsision. Sean Ambrose sneaked through the doors for Workers Online.

Unions: Lockout!
Jim Comerford’s eyewitness account of the 15-month Lockout of 10,000 New South Wales miners in1929-1930 records the inside story of Australia’s most bloody and bitter industrial conflict

Legal: The Fantasy of Choice
Professor Ron McCallum argues the WorkChoices laws are built on a fundamental fiction.

Politics: Labor Pains
Labor has dealt itself out of the crucial workplace relations debate by failing to articulate a credible policy alternative to Howard’s new WorkChoices legislation, argues Mark Heearn and Grant Michelson

Economics: Economics and the Public Purpose
Evan Jones pays tribute to John Kenneth Galbraith, a big man who never stopped arguing that economics should serve the public good, not create public squalor.

Corporate: House of Horrors
Anthony Keenan takes a tour of Sydney’s notorious, Asbestos House, courtesy of Gideon Haig.

History: Clash Of Cultures
Neale Towart with a new take on Mayday through the words of a punk icon

International: Childs Play
An ILO report into Child Labour shows some progress is being made to curb this gobal scurge .

Culture: Folk You Mate!
Phil Doyle dodges Morris Dancers to find signs of Working Life at the National Folk Festival in Canberra over the Easter Weekend.

Review: Last Holeproof Hero
Finally, a superhero who has worked out how to wear his underpants. Nathan Brown ogles V for Vendetta

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Howard Hunts Heroes
The Howard Government is out to destroy the crack mine rescue team that saved the lives of Brant Webb and Todd Russell.

The NSW Mines Rescue Service, a specialist operation half-owned by the CFMEU, worked hand-in-glove with the AWU to rescue the gold miners buried 1000m below Beaconsfield in Tasmania.  [full story]

Workplace Cop Shrugs Shoulders
The Office of Workplace Services has washed its hands of Victorians docked pay after raising funds for Larry Knight’s bereaved family.

Three Bendigo construction workers, employed by contractor McFee Propriety Limited, had their pay docked after delivering proceeds from a whip-around to a union office in town. [full story]

Gerry Built Apartments Fall Behind
A Perth builder is trying to import another 53 Filipino construction workers, despite plummeting productivity across his low-wage empire.

Gerry Hanssen already uses “guest labour”, AWAs and body hire to undercut going industry rates by hundreds of dollars a week. [full story]

NFF Axe Over Childcare
National Farmers Federation headkicker, Paul Houlihan, is coming after Sydney childcare workers in an effort to strip them of pay equity gains.

Houlihan’s company, IR Australia, has drafted AWAs that seek to dud employees at more than 50 Childs Family Kingergartens of every cent they won in a recent pay equity case that found they had been victims of the “undervaluing of women’s work”. [full story]

Ballarat Suffers Maxi-Rort
A company boasting record profits has tossed 35 regional Victorians out of work to retain 25 Chinese welders, imported under John Howard’s cut-price labour scheme.

Ballarat-based manufacturer, Maxi-TRANS, punted 13 locals a fortnight ago, and another 22 last week. [full story]

Hunter Collects on Jobs
Seven months of AMWU campaigning has secured 3500 Hunter Valley jobs as part of a $2.2 billion manufacturing windfall.

The figures were confirmed when the NSW Government announced major rolling stock contracts would be awarded to either Goninans or EDI Rail, in an about-face that removed the prospect of off-shoring the giant rail deals. [full story]


 Company Doctors Terminal

 Killer Bosses Swoop on Croweaters

 US: Thousands Fired For Joining Unions

 Cozzies Skills Skid

 Howard’s Unpaid Photo Op

 Activist's What's On!

email workers to a friend latest breaking news from labornet
South Australians are making a stand over a wave of workplace deaths sweeping the state

Even conservative commentators are acknowledging the good work of the union and opining that this is a sign that the federal government may have swung the pendulum too far.

Blatant Self Promotion II


The Soapbox
Albo's Meltdown
Labor's environment spokesman Antony Albanese argues that Chrernobyl is one reason why the ALP should stand firm on nuclear.

The Locker Room
A Sort Of Homecoming
Phil Doyle plays to the whistle.

The Westie Wing
Our favourite MP, Ian West reports from Macquarie Street on some strange collective acction.

LETTERS to the Editor
 Immigration Department Strikes Again
 Budget Dividend
 The Real Truth About Independent Contractors

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