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Issue No. 146 26 July 2002  

Interview: Trans Tasman
The head of the New Zealand trade union movement, Paul Goulter, outlines the importance of this weekend's Kiwi elections

Cole-Watch: The Full Story
In 20 years mainstream journalism around New Zealand, the UK and Australia, Jim Marr has never witnessed anything like the Cole Royal Commission into the Building and Construction Industry.

Unions: The Right To A Life
In the wake of this week's Reasonable Hours decision, it’s time to once again civilise working time, writes Noel Hester.

Bad Boss: Phoenix Rising
Eddie Lombardo just noses out fellow Royal Commission star Ferdinando Sanna for this week’s Bad Boss nomination.

Politics: The Virtuous State
Following Tasmania's first position in The State of the States 2002, the ALP stormed home in the State poll, reports Christopher Sheil.

International: The Champions
They may be top of the world's football pile, but Brazil also has the dubious honour of 50 million living in poverty, writes Mark Weisbrot

History: Mandatory Mums
Women had been in revolt against “compulsory motherhood” for many years prior to the introduction of The Pill in the 1960s, Neale Towart discovers.

Corporate: Network Governance
A new way to govern public or private sector organisations is becoming urgent as society becomes more complex and dynamic, writes Shann Turnbull.

Review: Navigating The Doublespeak
How can you show a workforce the truth behind managerial doublespeak when the promise of big bucks is wooing them from their collective ideals? Offer them free tickets to Ken Loach's The Navigators and watch the penny drop.

Satire: Hector The Galah Found Hiding
Hector the Galah who was thought to have been stolen from West Ryde has been found hiding on the roof of a building in Surry Hills. He has resisted all attempts to capture him but when interviewed told the following story.

Poetry: Eight Days a Week
This week the Industrial Relations Commission came down with a decision in the reasonable hours case which, while a long way from what the ACTU wanted, could give a bit of steel to workers who want to take back what's theirs.

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League to Blow Whistle on Sweat Shops
Unions are on the brink of a ground-breaking deal with the National Rugby League that would guarantee popular sporting apparel is not produced under sweat shop conditions.

A joint communique from the NSW Labor Council, TCFUA and NRL states the parties are working towards an agreement to guarantee “minimum labour standards” in the production of Rugby League replica jerseys, shorts and casual wear. [full story]

Rados Shames Ruddock Into Action
Serbian artist Rados Stevanovic's vigil outside the Cole Royal Commission has borne fruit with Immigration Minister Phillip Ruddock agreeing to meet unions over the abuse of temporary working visas.

After ignoring union claims that the working visa system was being used to exploit foreign workers, Ruddock has now invited the NSW Labor Council to travel to Canberra and discuss the issue. [full story]

Virgin Contracts Spark Wage Rage
Virgin may have a funky image, but to Virgin Mobile call centre workers forced to sign individual contracts there's nothing groovy about their employment conditions.

Pattern Australian Workplace Agreements have left the Virgin workers $4,000 worse off than they would be if paid under an industrial award. [full story]

Jobs, Cargo Sail Over Horizon
Maritime unions are gearing up for another battle over Aussie jobs as mystery deepens over the whereabouts of 400 containers supposed to have been landed in Brisbane.

Twenty four hours after announcing the Australian flag would come down on the last Australian-registered ANL vessel, the company has re-directed the OOCL Australia to Taiwan and away from a confrontation with workers. [full story]

Reasonable Hours Call to Arms
Working hours should be as fundamental as wage outcomes in enterprise bargaining, the architect of the ACTU's Reasonable Hours test case has told unions.

ACTU assistant secretary Richard Marles called on unions to use this week's decision in the Australian Industrial Relations Commission to spark a new wave of activism around working life issues.  [full story]

Big Tobacco Turns to Union-Busting
Big tobacco companies are prepared to put a lot of resources into fighting unions who want to push for smoke-free workplaces because they know they will lose several billion dollars in cigarette sales if the union movement wins.

A new British Medical Journal (BMJ) report on smoke-free workplaces outlines the huge profit losses facing tobacco corporations from a ban on smoking in the workplace. [full story]


 Athens Workers Pay Ultimate Price

 Cranes At Risk in ‘August Winds’

 Abbott’s Savings To Cost Workers

 Trades Hall Revamp On Track

 Top Nurse Bows Out

 Name Caller Back to Work

 Congo Unionists Need Help

 Activists Notebook

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"There is nothing new about the situation these rail workers find themselves in. Millions of workers find themselves in the same situation every day of the week. But what is new is having the story told in full." Ken Loach's The Navigators

Yes, Simon Crean comes to the Labor leadership with a history, but it's not one he should be ashamed of. It's about imagining a smarter way of doing government.

Chunder Buckets


The Soapbox
Crossing the Divide
Former Liberal PM Malcolm Fraser made history addressing the AMWU national conference on an issue of mutual concern - the treatment of asylum seekers

The Locker Room
Lounge Named Best On Ground
The latest casualty of corporate sport is the loyal spectator on the hill, writes Phil Doyle

Appeasing Morocco Is Dangerous
Kamel Fadel updates on the latest developments in West Sahara's battle for independence.

Week in Review
Save the Last Dance ...
Labor and the Democrats swap places for the next dance at the political tango, while across the ditch, those darned Kiwis show big brother how it’s done – again!

Walls Come Tumbling Down
It was a week of carnage on the markets – and for a few former corporate high-fliers it was even uglier. Justice? Or just a system in decay?

LETTERS to the Editor
 No Need To Import IT Workers
 Kangaroo Court Horrifies Reader
 Site Reunites Redundant Workers
 Carr Off Course
 The Banners of Greed
 Join The Party
 Shocks and Stares

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