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  Issue No 4 Official Organ of LaborNet 12 March 1999  




*  Interview: Jennie George - Eyeing 2000
The ACTU President looks to the future and erects a few new signposts for her last 12 months in office and beyond.
*  Unions: Trade Unions Thinking Globally
How do you put people first in a global economy? That's the question for an international trade union conference in Sydney this week.
*  History: The Pioneers: Trade Unions Before 1850
Labour historian Greg Patmore looks at the early days of unions in Australia
*  Review: Opening Spaces For a New Labor
A new book by Sydney academic McKenzie Wark looks at how Labor must adapt to the popular culture.
*  Campaign Diary: On The Bus - A Tale Of Two Campaigns
As the State election campaign moves into full swing, Workers Online looks at how the management of the media by the two main parties is reflecting their strategies.

Jennie George Eyes the Future

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Foiling the Keystroke Cops

How To Foil The Keystroke Cops
Unions are campaigning against the introduction of the spread of real time monitoring of workers’ keystroke rates in the finance sector.
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Don't Mention The War: Big Brother Comes To Canberra
The federal public service is employing the Orwellian art of doublespeak to expunge trade unions from their Brave New Workplaces.
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Viva, Lost Wages?
The Federal Government is set to use the failure of its legislation to spread youth wages across the economy as the constitutional and political trigger for an early election. But the impact of the success or failure of the legislation has been grossly overstated.
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NSW Holds Line as Gender Pay Gap Widens
The gap between male and female pay levels is widening in key industries, with women in states with deregulated labour market faring the worst.
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MUA Seeks Greenpeace Support Against Ships Of Shame
The Maritime Union of Australia has invited Greenpeace to back its campaign against the “Ships of Shame”, substandard vessels operating off the Australian coastline.
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Shaw Promises World Beating Safety Laws
After having his industrial relations laws described as “world’s best”, NSW Industrial Relations Minister Jeff Shaw wants to win similar accolades for workplace health and safety.
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Union Protest Blocks Hotel Giant
Hundreds of angry hotel and construction workers staged a noisy and colourful protest in front of the Accor group’s three luxury hotels in Darling Harbour on March 8.
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Current Affair Fires More Blanks at Builders
An attack on the CFMEU by Channel Nine’s A Current Affair has fallen flat after it was revealed the TV show’s victim had underpaid workers and gone into liquidation twice.
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Letters to the Editor
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  • IT Key Tor Gender Pay Parity

  • Focussed On Training

  • Women's Aussie Rules Kicks Off

  • League Mustn't Die

  • Editorial

    Going Global in the Wired World

    No matter where you work, your job is increasingly being shaped by global forces.

    Whether you are a blue-collar worker under threat from cheap off-shore labour, a white collar worker constantly changing your work practices or a gold collar worker tapping into the new opportunities, your fortunes are now tied to forces beyond the control of any national border.

    Australian unions have been among the first to recognise the global dimension of their struggles. The CFMEU has been involved with a cyber-picket against Rio Tinto, while much of the MUA's support during the waterfront dispute came from comrades abroad.

    Strategic alliances with community and environmental groups such as Greenpeace are also part of this equation.

    The globalisation of union action is occurring hand in hand with the spread of technology, such as the InterNet, which makes it easier for workers to communicate with each other.

    Many international unionists are now subscribing to Workers Online, linked through the LabourStart network. If you're one of our offshore supporters, feel free to drop us a line about what's happening in your part of the world.

    In fact, if you've got something to say, whether you're in Utah or Ultimo, we're keen to hear from you.

    Peter Lewis


    Soapbox Lockerroom From Trades Hall Toolshed
    Soapbox lockerroom trades hall Toolshed
    McKenzie Wark on Labor in Cyberspace Stumped Windies Need a Union Deirdre Mahoney on Promoting Diversity Piers Gets A New Boss



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