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Issue No. 140 14 June 2002  

Interview: Party Girl
Former ACTU president Jennie George on women in politics, life in Canberra and the ALP-union relationship.

Unions: Touch One, Touch All
The tribes of the union movement gathered outside the Cole Commission this week to repay the CFMEU for its generosity.

Industrial: Condition Critical
Nurses have taken their claim for financial recognition from the hospital ward to the courts, Jim Marr reports

International: Innocence Lost
There are nearly 250 million child labourers in the world, and every one has a story. As the ILO launches the first World Day Against Child Labour, here are just three.

History: Strange Bedfellows
Women’s first successes in adult suffrage came without much campaigning, and was in fact supported by Mormons, in defence of polygamy.

Organising: Just Say No
How would you react if you had to run a "no vote" campaign to oppose a non-union agreement issued by a company whose 3000 strong workforce was spread over 3500 kilometres. React quickly and expect to travel is Will Tracey's advice.

Review: Choosing Life Beneath The Clouds
Ivan Sen's Beneath Clouds is a road movie of the highest order, in which the destination becomes secondary to the choosing of a path.

Poetry: Did We Make a Big Mistake
It's one hundred years ago this week that Australia gave women the vote, and jumped early onto a bandwagon than would roll across democracies world-wide.

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Building Workers Gagged By Commission
In a stunning development, virtually unreported in the mainstream media, the Cole Royal Commission has decided not to call another union witness in Sydney.

There were strong objections from CFMEU lawyers when Counsel Assisting, Nick Green, announced the decision as this week’s hearings wound up on Thursday afternoon. [full story]

Labour Hire Veil Lifted
The push to improve the status of labour hire workers has received a boost with a landmark ruling finding 'host employers' legally responsible for their treatment.

The NSW Industrial Relations Commission this week found it had jurisdiction to intervene in a dispute involving a labour hire worker and the host employer who had laid him off over a dispute with another worker out of working hours. [full story]

Unionists Hit HP Fire Wall
Hewlett-Packard’s security bullyboys forcibly removed union organisers from the company’s western Sydney site this week, after they tried to inform employees of their redundancy rights.

Australian Services Union representatives went to the site following Hewlett-Packard’s announcement that it intended to slash up to 600 Aussie jobs as part of its merger with Compaq.  [full story]

Combet Drives Car Industry Summit
A car industry summit is being flagged in a bid to prevent a repeat of this week’s BHP confrontation which saw mounted riot police smash through a Melbourne picket line.

ACTU secretary Greg Combet wants to bring manufacturing unions and car companies together to thrash out an understanding of where the industry is headed. [full story]

Green Ban Protects Aussie Timber Jobs
A new green ban in the building and construction industry will prevent further wastage of priceless rainforest timer at the same time as protecting Aussie forestry jobs.

The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union has joined forces with the Greens and the Wilderness Society to ban the use of tropical rainforest timbers on NSW building sites. [full story]

Unions Launch Gucci Boycott
Daggy Labor Council delegates will be sent instructions on how to locate their nearest Gucci outlets in a campaign against American clothing multi-national, Brylane.

Labor Council will convene a meeting of unions to co-ordinate local actions against Brylane, whose most visible local presence is represented by Gucci outlets. [full story]


 Della Picks Up Manslaughter Baton

 Jockeys Crisis Worsens

 Billions Of Reasons For Reasonable Hours

 Swans in Dark as Lights Go Out

 Workplace Wishes Walked All Over

 Airport Security Flies High

 Canucks Boycott Starbucks

 Campaign Steps Up To Stop Child Labor

 Activists Notebook

email workers to a friend latest breaking news from labornet
“If Royal Commission members are staying in a Sydney hotel tonight they would do well to look under their beds because the CFMEU has friends everywhere” LHMU secretary Annie Owens

When Abbott talks of the Rule of Law, it pays to be sceptical; the gulf between law and justice has never been wider.

Affirmative Action


The Soapbox
The Conviction Unionist
In his speech to the National Press Club, ACTU secretary Greg Combet expands on his breed of unionism and charts the resurgence in the movement.

The Dressing Room
Give Greg a New Look!
We have converted the Tool Shed into a Dressing Room to give you the opportunity to give ACTU secretary Greg Combet a make over.

The Locker Room
The Other Les Murray
Those pesky colonials have been making life difficult for the natural order of things again, reports Phil Doyle.

Week in Review
Quelle Horreur
Jim Marr drags himself away from a four-yearly fascination with people of one name – Raul, Rivaldo and co – to discover fouls are still being committed on the international stage.

The Great CEO Swindle
Breath-taking figures from the USA show the extent to which executives are taing a bigger and bigger slice of the corporate pie.

LETTERS to the Editor
 Luke and Learn
 Due Credit
 Tom's Foolery
 More Latham
 More Tom

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