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Issue No. 149 23 August 2002  

Interview: Something Smells
The Postal Union's Jim Metcher lifts the lid on the very strange goings-on in Australia Post

Cole-Watch: Credibility Crisis
Counsels Assisting the Cole Royal Commission face a humiliating public back down in an effort to bring some balance to proceedings, reports Jim Marr.

Unions: Union Cities
Labor Council's Adam Kerslake has returned from the USA with some new ideas on community unionism

Industrial: Lib Men Gang Up Against Working Mums
Working women are in danger of missing out on an adequately funded paid maternity leave scheme, if recent bleatings are acted upon says ACTU President Sharan Burrow.

History: Eureka!
Neale Towart finds an alternative to Baden-Powell’s imperialist scouting movement, where the youth of Australia was fed such radical ideas as solidarity, collective action, equal rights and internationalism.

East Timor: Don’t Rob Their Future
After 24 years of often brutal Indonesian occupation East Timor on 20 May 2002 finally achieved their independence, writes HT Lee.

Review: Black Chicks Say It All
Dorothy can be whatever colour she wants to be and black chicks can talk about anything, writes Tara de Boehmler

Poetry: Self Regulation
While President George W Bush,leader of the heart of unregulated capitalism, has responded to the recent spate of corporate cowboydom by whipping out a swathe of new corporate controls, Australia's Prime Minister has responded with a feathered touch.

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Cole to Hear of Criminal Takeover Conspiracy
Evidence of an employer-underworld conspiracy to pitch a star Cole Commission witness into the top NSW CFMEU job is expected to be made public this week.

Workers Online has learned that a Sydney rigging company director will tell the Building Industry Royal Commission of two meetings in Glebe, during mid-2000, in which plans were made to fund Craig Bates’ campaign to unseat Andrew Ferguson as CFMEU state secretary. [full story]

Mad Monk Stamp on Aussie Post
A push to impose a hard line industrial relations agenda within Australia Post is behind the current flow of outrageous revelations about shonky management practices.

After a week when Australia Post was attacked for imposing toilet paper quotas and sending workers to lecherous doctors, Postal Union state secretary Jim Metcher revealed a drastic shift in management's attitude over the past 12 months. [full story]

Calls To End Woodlawn Logjam
After four years battling for $6.5 million in unpaid entitlements, workers from the failed Woodlawn mine have reached their final hurdle.

The Labor Council this week called on the Carr Government to approve a development in the area which would see the 158 miners paid their entitlements in full. [full story]

ANZ Fined Over Freedom Of Speech Breach
The Finance Sector Union has called on the ANZ to review its relationship with its workers after the Federal Court fined it $10,000 for breaches of the Workplace Relations Act.

Justice Wilcox imposed the fine after finding the ANZ had breached the law on four counts for threatening to sack suburban branch manager Joy Buckland for talking to the media about work issues. [full story]

Hotels Eat Up Living Wage
Six weeks after hotel workers won a modest $18 a week Living Wage increase a 5- star Sydney hotel has found a way to claw most of this money back - they've decided to introduce a $2 meal charge for their workforce.

The $2 charge introduced on Monday at the Marriott Hotel and the Hyde Park Plaza Hotel - means that by the end of this week the recent AIRC $18 a week pay increase will be whittled down to small change. [full story]

Qantas Union's Gorilla Tactics
Following the success of the John Travolta Goodwill Ambassador strategy, the Australian Services Union (ASU) today launched its very own 20-foot mascot for Qantas - Geoff the Gorilla.

Geoff the Gorilla was introduced to the public at Melbourne Airport this week - much to the distress of Qantas managers and security personnel who did not know how to react to the sudden unexpected appearance of the inflatable ape.  [full story]


 Shearers Black Ban Their Hall Of Fame

 Democrats Fire Shot for Workers

 Teachers Walk Out At Aust College of Technology

 Rail Operators Off Track

 Airport Security Worker Spat At And Assaulted

 CBA Workers Say Enough Is Enough

 Union Made Songs For Masses

 Doco Dishes Dirt On Howard’s Gas Wrangle

 Activist Notebook

email workers to a friend latest breaking news from labornet
The Sydney Trade Union Choir is celebrating its tenth anniversary with the release of a CD of workers' classics.

As long as there are zealots like Abbott, shonks like Adler and a corporate culture that is obsessed by the bottom line, our historical mission will remain.

Psycho Teller


The Soapbox
Cole Comfort
The election of a federal coalition government in 1996 marked the advent of an aggressively anti union agenda that continues to be played out to this day, writes Paul Davies

The Locker Room
Salary Crap
Phil Doyle goes wading through the hypocrisy and hubris, and discovers where the smell is coming from.

All At Sea
It’s on again - the coastal battle between the maritime unions, the government and the shipowners, reports Zoe Reynolds.

Week in Review
The Dogs of War
The battle drums were a-rattling across this wide, brown land and Jim Marr was getting a bit tetchy

Speak No Evil
The majority of Australian firms stay silent on options they offer their executives as John Howard continues to stonewall corporate law reform.

LETTERS to the Editor
 Shit Sheets
 Susan's Soccer Outrage

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