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Issue No. 157 18 October 2002  

Interview: The Wet One
NSW Opposition industrial relations spokesman Michael Gallacher stakes out his relationship with the union movement.

Bad Boss: Like A Bastard
Virgin Mobile is sexy and funky, right? Well, only if those terms have become synonyms for dictatorial or downright mean.

Unions: Demolition Derby
Tony Abbott likens industrial relations to warfare and, like a good general should, he is about to shift his point of attack – from building sites to car plants, reports Jim Marr.

Corporate: The Bush Doctrine
For the powerful, consumerism equals freedom, and is all the freedom we need, writes James Goodman

Politics: American Jihad
Let’s get real. The origins of modern Islamic terrorist groups are in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Langley, Virginia not Baghdad, argues Noel Hester.

Health: Secret Country
Oral history recordings are an inadequate tool in trying to find out what happened to Aboriginal stockmen and their communities on cattle stations in Northern Australia, writes Neale Towart

Review: Walking On Water
On the 20th anniversary of the first AIDS-related death, Tara de Boehmler witnesses the aftermath of losing a loved one to the illness in Walking On Water.

Culture: TCF
Novelist Anthony Macris captures life on the shop floor in this extract from his upcoming novel, Capital Volume II

Poetry: The UQ Stonewall
The University of Queensland has sought to join the ranks of union-busting companies like Rio Tinto in trying to sack the president of the local union - and made the mistake of thinking they were dealing with an array of acquiescent academics.

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No Night Shift for Sunset Workers
Australian Workers’ Union delegates have voted to scale back night shift and end stressful work patterns for workers expecting to retire within a year.

The scaling back of shiftwork for retiring workers is part of a major wages and hours campaign in the manufacturing industries to be conducted in Victoria in 2003. [full story]

Workmates Back Kamal’s Right to Pray
Muslim IT worker Kamal El-Masri has won his right to pray at work after fellow workers unanimously voted to change their lunch break so that he can perform Friday prayers.

Kamal’s employer, TPG, has also agreed to withdraw two warnings they issued during his dispute over his right to perform prayers at work. [full story]

Unions Target Corporate AGMs
Unions are flexing their muscle at corporate AGMs, collecting proxies to run for boards and challenge executive pay and director bonuses.

Qantas unions this week challenged a 36 per cent pay rise for directors while the CEPU’s Len Cooper makes his annual tilt at the Telstra Board. [full story]

Nurses Short-Changed On Parking
Hunter Valley nurses are being forced to pay hundreds of dollars a year to go to work, while doctors in the same system get in for free.

NSW Nurses Association General Secretary, Brett Holmes, has labelled plans by the Hunter Area Health Service to increase parking fees for nurses as “madness”.  [full story]

Abbott Makes Grab for Broken Hill
An attempt to shatter decades of industrial harmony in Broken Hill has come unstuck after the independent umpire dismissed a move to force workers to accept cuts to their pay and conditions.

Workplace Relations Minister Tony Abbott has sided with Broken Hill bosses in trying to force local workers onto federal agreements, which would see some workers lose as much as $120 a week.  [full story]

Unions Get Ready to Wobble
The trade union movement will launch a CD collection of workers’ songs for the 21st century at Sydney’s Metro on Wednesday October 30.

The CD, ‘May Day – Songs of Solidarity’ emerged from a national search for a new union anthem undertaken by Wobbly Radio, the NSW Labor Council’s online site for emerging Australian artists.  [full story]


 Brogden Flags Assault On Injured Workers

 ‘Build a Life’ Gathers Steam

 The West Gets with the Best

 Child Carers Get $18 Living Wage

 Victorian Workers Rally for Kingham

 Woolies in Redundancy Fight

 Unions Call for Peace

 Clown Nearly Shuts Darwin Hospital

 Teachers Eye Historic ATSIC Alliance

 Support Grows for US Waterfront Workers

 Work Stress Kills The Healthy

 Unions Back Sinn Fein Mandate

 Activists Notebook

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“The common theme is people working together to build better lives – a credo reflected in all the songs on this CD,” NSW Labor Council secretary John Robertson

We need to look beyond our own backyard and care what happens to our fellow humans. We need to stop regarding others as ‘them’ and recognise they are ‘us’.

Rupert's Dancing Bear


The Soapbox
I Walk The Line
American civil rights leader Jesse Jackson has weighed into the Hilton Hotel dispute with this special message to the workforce.

Mekong Daze
Union Aid Abroad's Phil Hazelton fires off a missive from Laos where he is spending a year working with the community.

Month In Review
Bush Whackers
It was a month where the world teetered on the brink of peace, no thanks to the leader of the free world, writes Jim Marr

The Locker Room
The Laws Of Gravity
Phil Doyle goes looking for the fine line that separates sport from an exercise in time-wasting

Snouts in the Trough
It’s AGM season in the corporate world, and deal after shady deal is being exposed as highfliers treat company accounts like the proverbial honey-pot.

Songs of Solidarity
There has been a proud history of pro-worker tunes dating back to the early days of the 20th century, which will be continued in a new CD, writes Dan Buhagiar.

LETTERS to the Editor
 Talking Frankly
 Memo to Junior
 Defence Signals
 Pandora's Box on Prayer?

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