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Duncan Gay - 'A Tradesman's Appliance'

The little-known deputy leader of the NSW National Party, Duncan Gay, has barricaded himself inside this week's Toolshed with a performance that gives new meaning to the term 'Tool'.

The multiple-chinned Upper House book-end tried to score a few cheap headlines at our expense this week, whacking out a media release defending the honour of last week's inductee, serial luncher Maxine McKew. But he did not understand the karmic powers he was unleashing. We will it explain it once: never mess with the Toolshed, Duncan!

Here's how it all unfolded.

Duncan Gay obviously employs a geek who surfs the web looking for ammunition for his issues-starved boss. The geek comes across Workers Online's self-professed shoot the messenger job on McKew and reckons this is worth a go

He knocks up a fairly wordy media release that Gay dutifully puts out. It's laced with sort of tortured National Party humour that makes you hope you'll never be stuck in Dubbo on a Saturday night. 'A Tool is Tradesman's Appliance' the headline trumpets, before going on to pan Labor Council for its 'juvenile antics'. "This is (sic) prime example of the mindless Labor machine at work," he goes on, ": - when one of their own is under fire, all parts of the Party close ranks around them in futile attempts to deflect the blame'.

It must have been a quiet year at Macquarie Street because the release was picked up by ABC radio and Gay hot-footed his way down to the press rooms to give a grab. "Frankly my understanding of a tool is a tradesman's appliance", he sprayed at ABC radio, "and frankly Maxine McKew's article certainly was much more tradesman-like than the description by Workers Online of her as a tool."

Which is where the story would have ended - except there was a twist.

Having entered a cyber-war with the labour movement, a few people decided to check out Duncan's own website - As politician's websites go it's not too bad - further proof that Gay has a Geek.

Only problem is the site is hosted by a server for free. Part of the deal is you agree to carry web advertising supplied by the host. This advertising, which pops up every few seconds ranges from dating and adult services to online gambling.

Visitors to Duncan Gay Online are :

- given the chance to 'Become a Millionaire' through a bit of online gambling,

- encouraged to 'Make real friends Faster and Easier with' - with a graphic of a naked woman - ,

- accosted with the message'I'm looking to get ? Sex!'

- as well as receiving the alluring invitation to 'Chat Online with Anna Kornikova'!

As soon as this information came to light, Gay moved quickly to the back foot, proclaiming ignorance about the nature of the relationships his site was promoting.

The piece on page two of Thursday's Sydney Morning Herald was priceless and is reproduced in full:

"MP Caught Out By Sex Ads - The acting NSW National Party leader, Mr Duncan Gay, was embarrassed yesterday when he discovered that his Web site contained ads for online gambling, sex and dating services. Mr Gay said the site had been running for nine months but he always clicked straight out of the ads and never paid attention to their content. He would revisit the site and see if he could delete the advertisements or change the server. "They give you the site that you can operate and the price you pay is when you open up your [site] that little box with the ads comes up," Mr Gay said "It's not what I need on my Web site."

By the time of posting Workers Online the site was off the air.

So if you still need a definition of a 'tool', Duncan, we suggest you try looking in the mirror.

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