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Issue No. 144 12 July 2002  

The Lotto Economy
The failure of George W Bush's much-hyped pitch for corporate responsibility underlines the current crisis facing unregulated global capitalism: the system is corrupting all before it.


Interview: Capital in Crisis
ACTU president Sharan Burrow outlines the global union response to the corporate carnage gripping an increasingly shaky system.

Industrial: No Sweat
Neale Towart surveys the international debate around sweatshops and what can be done to regulate them

Bad Boss: Super Spam
Several late scratchings have seen Workplace Relations Department secretary Peter Boxall win this week�s heat of the Workers� Online Bad Boss handicap.

History: Living Treasures
Labour History is 40 this year. Greg Patmore looks back at what it took to get a regular journal of the labour movement in Australia up and away.

International: Axis of Evil
George W Bush�s scarecrow trio of Iran, Iraq and North Korea is not an original invention, argues Stephen Holt

Solidarity: Pride of Place
NSW Labor Council and CFMEU flags sit alongside the mounted jersey of former Kiwi Rugby League hooker Syd Eru in a modest home at Manurewa, south Auckland.

Technology: The Art of Cyber-Unionism
More Unionism? Transformed Unionism? Peter Waterman looks at a new handbook for unions and the internet

Poetry: The Masochism Tango
Tony Abbott's comment we should accept a bad boss like a bad husband or bad father has made us all realise that instead of fighting bad bosses, we should love them. Anyone for a tango?

Satire: Foxtel-Optus Merger 'Anti-Repetitive'
The ACCC has ruled today that the proposed content sharing arrangement between Foxtel and Optus Vision would constitute anti-repetitive conduct

Review: Bob Carr's Thoughtlines
Stephen Holt reviews one man's journey from collectivism to the centre


 Sweat Shops � Coming To A Street Near You

 Glassworkers Walk for the Umpire

 Family Friendly For A Buck

 Abbott in Slow GEER

 Royal Commission Bugs Workers

 Drivers Frozen Out by Corporate Spin

 Coca-Cola Brews Storm In A Tea Cup

 Bush Prepares for War on the Wharves

 Safety Summit A Hit With Unions

 Beattie Faces Bargaining Face-Off

 Casual Work Exploits � Catholic Church Agency

 More Effort Required On Disabled Workers

 Protecting Security Officers From Disease

 Activists Notebook


The Soapbox
Why Modernisation Matters
Labor frontbencher Mark Latham argues that the ALP's reform agenda must go way beyond the 60-40 debate.

The Locker Room
Playing To The Whistle
Phil Doyle takes a look at the man in the middle, and he doesn�t like what he sees.

Inquiry Into Executive Pay
The ACTU Executive this week called for a public debate on spiralling executive pay packets, seeking feedback from workers, community representatives and unions.

Up In Smoke
Wobbly Radio's Nick Luccinelli reports from England where drug law reform is on the political agenda.

Week in Review
Bulldust and Boofheads
Jim Marr casts his eye over a week in which bullshit and bad bosses fought for headlines�

 On Aspiration
 GST Agenda
 Amanda's Mediocrity
 Capital Ideas
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Letters to the Editor

Capital Ideas

A comment on something the Libs have overlooked in their quest for the Liberal "Holy Grail" (voluntary self funded slaves)

Unlike their misguided view of life, we in Australia WORK FOR A LIVING, we do not LIVE FOR WORK.

Therein lies a basic difference in business operators and "EMPLOYEES".

We rent our time and skill to obtain a reasonable life for "OUR FAMILIES" not the employers.

Employers only hire a person if it will make them a "PROFIT".

What is wrong with the employee doing the same?

We work to enhance our lives and in doing so we, through "OUR SKILL" bring wealth and prosperity to those we "CHOOSE" to rent our labour to.

Tony Abbott would have us believe that we should be grateful to have a job.

I say we are the skilled workers that he and his unions (employers and chambers of commerce etc.)need to make the country work.

We are the ones with the ability make laws through OUR politicians that will leave Abbott and such greedy heartless tyrants on the other end of the stick.

Abbott follows Howard's style of Divide, Start several fights and asign blame to workers.

This has to addressed and reversed if we are to move forward as skilled work force in a 'Clever Country".

I asked Ursula Stephens, at a recent dinner where she was speaking, What will the federal labor party do to ensure state Labor Premiers can never send mounted police against a picket line as happened in Victoria.

She had no answer, but agreed something must be done.

These and many other issues including instruction for our own pollies on the "Separation of Powers ACT" that supposedly stops ministers interfering with the police and Judiciary and vice versa.

I hope we can someday all be working towards a better and smarter future.

Fighting achieves nothing but negotiation and compromise by all parties achives continued prosperity for all.


Lance Fearne.


Narooma Branch

Country Labor


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