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October 2004   

Interview: The Last Bastian
AMWU state secretary Paul Bastian has been at the centre of the three year battle to bring James Hardie to account.

Unions: High and Dry
Jim Marr unpacks the recent High Court Electrolux decision to test whether the ruling matches the media hype.

Security: Liquid Borders
The Howard Government loves to trumpet its national security credentials but a close look at its record in shipping sinks the myth argues MUA’s Zoe Reynolds.

Industrial: No Bully For You
Phil Doyle reports on how bringing dignity and respect to the workplace is undermining bullies.

History: Radical Brisbane
Radical Brisbane extends the 'Radical City' series into the Red North. Two experienced activists, academics and writers turn South East Queensland history on its head.

International: No Vacancies
More than 1400 hotel union workers, members of UNITE HERE Local 2, are on strike at four major hotels in San Francisco, California, writes Andrew Casey.

Economics: Life After Capitalism
A situation that all anarchists dream of? Michael Albert has been more than dreaming., writes Neale Towart

Technology: Cyber Winners
Labourstart's Eric Lee looks at a good news story of global online campaigning that has delivered a victory.

Poetry: Do It Yourself Poetry
Teaser: Wondering why the polls are all over the place? Ask our resident bard and psephologist.

Review: Hard Labo(u)r
The Voice of Southern Labor highlights the role music played in the 1930's US textile strikes, but more than that it provides a lucid insight into the roots of modern capitalism and some truly organic organising, writes Tara de Boehmler.


True Lies
Labor Council secretary John Robertson argues It’s Time – for an IR reality check.

The Westie Wing
Much work has been done in the past to ease the plight of clothing outworkers in New South Wales. It's time to step up the pressure, as sweatshops and clothing contract work are thriving stronger than ever, writes Ian West.

The Soapbox
Who Started the Class War?
Evan Jones looks across the Australian political landscape and asks who are the real class warriors?

The Locker Room
First Past The Post
Phil Doyle is coming up in class and is all the better for recent racing

Westie Wing
Our favourite state MP returns for his monthly Macquarie Street wrap.

Positive Action
Australian unionists are helping give hope to Filipino workers living with HIV/AIDS.


The Premiership Quarter
After spending the past month with a decidedly sinking feeling, there’s a whiff of hope and expectation that the Howard era could actually be coming to an end.


 Kev Cooks the Books

 Black Hole In Libs Kids Plan

 Xerox Copies Waterfront Tactics

 Hardies Asbestos Woes "Snowballs"

 Air Fleet Grounded By Job Cuts

 Musos Lung For Better

 Customs Officers Declare

 Dumbing Down The Trades

 Pacific National Sidetracks Hunter Jobs

 Witch Hunt For Whistleblower

 Black Diamond Deaths Spark Mining Inquiry

 Pensioners Strip Over Pension Strip

 Activists What's On!

 Donkey Vote
 Problem Solved
 How To Run Society
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Do It Yourself Poetry

Teaser: Wondering why the polls are all over the place? Ask our resident bard and psephologist.

If an election were held tomorrow, which opinion poll would you vote for? Newspoll has Latham in front, Nielsen has Howard in a landlside, and Morgan which has consistently shown a Labor victory (with a Labor vote 2-3 points above Newspoll for almost the past three years) suddently shows a Liberal win. Look, mate, just ask an expert. Here is a lay person's guide to sampling error, sample bias, questionnaire design and data interpretation by A Pinion Pollster, David Peetz. But don't worry - not all polls are like this. Some are verse.


I opened the paper, and what did I see,
But another of them 'pinion polls
It said that some party was ten points behind
And their leader had fell in a hole

Well I reads of these things nearly most ev'ry day
It must be a bit of a caper
So I said to meself "I'll do me own poll
And see if I don't make the paper!‚

So I went to me neighbour, I said to her "Miss,
Tell me, what d'yer think of them polls?
She answered "There's too much of them things about
They're really upsetting me soul

"They block out me view, they're such an eyesore,
They get covered in posters 'n stuff
And beside of the road, they're a hazard I say!
For certain, there's more than enough!‚

Well I thought to meself "that's a strange point of view"
But I ticked in the box what she said
Next I went down the pub and I said to me mate
"Are there too many polls, d'jer think, Fred?"

Well old Fred looked at me as if I were queer
And he said "that's an odd thing to say
Frankly round here, I don't think there's enough!" I said "How come yer thinking that way?"

He said "I just can't get that Polish salami
Since Jarlevski's deli closed down"
Then we finished our drinks and I started to think
Better go ask me granny, in town.

Now she's got a bad ear, but I made meself clear
I said "we got enough polls, or what?"
Granny said "Whatdja say? Oh the bowls are OK,
But I could do with a couple of pots!"

So I've done me research, all sci'ntific, on polls,
The voice of the people has spoken!
One third say "too many", one third say "too few" And one third say "it's fine till one's broken!"


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