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2001: A Tipster's Odyssey

Finally, next week's issue of Workers Online will be the last of the year and we want you to be part of it.

Send us your predications for what will happen in 2001 in politics, the unions, sport and other fields of human endeavour.

We'll publish the best and come back in 12 months to see who's got the third eye.


Speaking of predictions, Arch bevis is running his own peter reith Tipping Competition.

"Peter Reith has put in a Gold Medal performance as the country's most unpopular public figure," Bevis says.

"Having failed to get his 2nd Wave and other IR laws through Parliament the likelihood of a new job for Peter in Santa's

sack this year is high. (The Leadership Baton he got a couple of years ago seems to be broken now)".


- PETER REITH Telecard Scandal 1,100 TALKBACK CALLS IN 10 DAYS. 801 HAD AN OPINION. 98% Negative

- MAL COLSTON Dropping of fraud charges 110 TALKBACK CALLS IN 6 MONTHS. 92 HAD AN OPINION. 97% Negative

- KEVAN GOSPER Sophie's torch run 360 TALKBACK CALLS IN 22 DAYS. 219 HAD AN OPINION. 92% Negative

Don't just be a spectator. This is your opportunity to join in the fun as Peter Reith starts to slide out the back door.

QUESTION 1: What Portfolio (if any) will Santa deliver to Peter Reith?

QUESTION 2: Who will Australian workers find in their 'stockings' on Christmas day as the new industrial relations Minister?

Prizes will be awarded for both the correct and the most creative response!

In each case the prize will be a $5 Telstra Phone Card. (Sorry the budget doesn't run to the $50,000 model.)

Entries should be forwarded to Arch's office by Wednesday 20 December 2000 - mailto:[email protected]

Early Favourites forNew IR Minister:

- John Fahey - a dark horse with NSW form in this type of race. 2 to 1

- Nick Minchin - after a dazzling time wowing them in industry, is he the PM's choice? Has he got what it takes to train the Rottweillers? 4 to 1

- Tony Abbott an outside chance, prefers a muddy track. 50 to 1

Pete's new job:

- Minister for Telecommunications SCRATCHED

- Return to his pre-election job as comedian Eric Morecambe 100 to 1


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*   Issue 81 contents

In this issue
*  Interview: Back to Work
After a stretch of unemployment following the 1996 election, former Keating Minister Robert Tickner is now helping others find work.
*  Media: Reality Check
Aiden White, head of the international journalists' union, argues that online journalism presents a new set of challenges for organising.
*  Economics: In the Same Boat
In an unprecedented move, a coalition of industry, community and trade union groups have joined forces to address long-trerm unemployment.
*  International: Nepalese Hotel Workers Ask for Support
Hotel workers in the small Himalayan nation of Nepal have finally decided to vent their anger and call a general strike for Monday - over a 21 year old dispute.
*  Unions: Speaking in Tongues
Labor Council's Mark Morey outlines the successful campaign by local government workers for a community language allowance.
*  History: Fighting Words
The anti-conscription campaign of 1914-18 tore the ALP apart; but this was not the first time the labour movement took a militantly anti-war stance.
*  Politics: A New Socialism
In an extract from his new book, political economist Frank Stilwell argues the need for a new radicalism to counter the Third Way
*  Satire: Roy Slaven on the Rampage
John Doyle's history of the ABC stretches back to a 1958 evening in Lithgow on which he was "scared shitless" by Blackboard on Mr Squiggle.
*  Review: Mauled in the Bear Pit
Vengeance may be sweet but it is always made better when you are able to write a book about yourself that also provides the opportunity to dump a bucket load on those who undertook your removal.

»  Vale Cliff Dolan: A Lifelong Commitment
»  Bussies Buck Up Over Lane Cheats
»  Tassie Brings Home the Bacon on Call Centres
»  Howard Sinks Merchant Navy
»  Rural Line Drawn on Telstra
»  Don't Rain on our Family Picnic Day
»  ACTU Living Wage Case Begins
»  National Action Hits Manufacturing Sector
»  TWU Calls For Mayor to be Charged
»  Workers Blow Whistle on Secret Melbourne IT Sell-Off
»  Help Us Win a Gong!
»  Reith Sacked Over Telecard Affair
»  2001: A Tipster's Odyssey

»  The Soapbox
»  Sport
»  Trades Hall
»  Tool Shed

Letters to the editor
»  Mike Dwyer to Address South Coast Council
»  Media and Police Versus Protestors
»  City Council Conspires to Compress Comrades?
»  Labor's Education Sell-Out
»  McGuiness Defended
»  Is Costa a Sandwich Short of a Picnic Basket?

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