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  Issue No 42 Official Organ of LaborNet 17 December 1999  




Trades Hall

Labor Council's Mambo #5

Words by Chris Christodoulou

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 in '99 the Labor Council came alive
Defactualisation setting in, everybody's out there for a win!

Organising workers, being Union strong,
With the Labor Council team we can't go wrong

A little bit of left, a little bit of right
Everybody's got one goal in site.

A little bit of Costa, he's the King
A little bit of Robbo backing him in
A little bit of Naomi's left wing charm
A little bit of Mary's friendly arm
A little bit of Lewis media star
A little bit of Zanga and his guitar
A little bit of Deidre in our clan
A little bit of Lennon Currawong Hit Man!

We had the Teachers Strike, and Trains at a stop
We had Carr & Scully on the hop
We had Currawong, meditation and equal pay
South Coast Union driving us mad each day
The Social Audit and Vizard's plan
The Cleaner's strike, no flash in the pan

We had Deborah and Kelly and the Admin crew,
When crunch time came the Unions came through

Sheldon's truckies on the move
A little bit of Olympic uniform blues
East Timor got its decree,
With a little bit of help from H. T. Lee
CFMEU's Oakdale crunch
Labor Council's stress free lunch
Activity everyday,
Chris' gaffer on equal pay

A little bit of Whelan he's our chief
A little bit of Gadiel on the brief
A little bit of Sarah in the fold
A little bit of Chris' Olympic Gold
A little bit of Paul's Union shop
We got everyone on the hop!
A little bit of Robbo the mighty backstop
Our boy Costa, he's got the lot!

Although maybe we do need a younger woman!


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*   Issue 42 contents

In this issue
*  Interview: Costa Bravo
Labor Council�s chief trouble maker chronicles the battles of the past year and ponders those still to come.
*  Unions: More Wins Than Losses
Workers Online ranks the Top Ten industrial relations stories from a year of frenetic activity.
*  International: Eric Lee's Year in Review
The editor of Labourstart looks back over his favourite stories of 1999.
*  Politics: So Many Questions
It was a year in politics that threw up more questions than answers. We look at some of the sticky ones.
*  Republic: Referendum With Class
Labor heretic Michael Thomspson analyses the failure of the Republican proposition.
*  Environment: Seattle Kills Greens V Jobs Bogey
The sight of US unionists, environmentalists and human rights activists being attacked by police in Seattle shows how far the progressive movement has come.
*  Deface a Face: Give Him a Hairdo
What better present could Michael Costa offer Workers Online readers than the chance to give him a Deface a Face style make over?
*  Labour Review: What's New at the Information Centre
See the latest issue of Labour Review, our resource for officials, activists and students.
*  Review: Cultural Wasteland
Workers Online resident door-bitches Zanga and Paul pass judgement on the year that finished the millennium.

»  What Price Aussie Jobs as Olympics Loom
»  TWU Activist Named Organiser of the Year
»  Unions Lock in New Years Eve Deals
»  'Scrooge' Destroys Staff Christmas
»  Rule Changes to Restructure Council
»  The Great Salary Rip-Off
»  George to Kick Start NSW IR Reforms?
»  Shaw Loses Key Advisers
»  More New Faces at the New ACTU
»  Reith Second Wave Not Beached Yet
»  Peace in the Gong
»  Workers Support Register Gathers Steam
»  Pay Equity Enters Campaign Mode
»  Union Aid Agency to Establish Dili Office
»  Job Vacancies at the LHMU

»  Guest Report
»  Sport
»  Trades Hall
»  Piers Watch

Letters to the editor
»  Aquilina's Insult
»  Well Done 1999
»  US Union Site Worth a Look

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