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Issue No. 355 01 December 2006  

Seven Year Itch
For the past seven years, over 335 issues, Workers Online has been chronicling events in the labour movement and passing our judgments on all things union.


Interview: Flying High
The Australian international Pilots Association has rejoined the ACTU and president Ian Woods is taking it into new airspace.

Unions: TUF on Toll
As transport giant Toll expands across the region, unions are working together to boost their bargaining power, writes Jackie Woods.

Industrial: Forward to the Past
Anti-union building laws draw their inspiration from a century ago, writes Neale Towart

Economics: Debt and the Economy
Household debt is at record levels. Interest rates are rising. Production of real things is not increasing. The military generates most demand. How long can it go on?

Obituary: The Charlatanry of Milton Friedman
Evan Jones busts some myths about the grand-daddy of free market economics

Environment: Low Voltage
Nuclear Power and Prime Ministerial Pronouncements are seriously short of a few volts, writes Neale Towart

Legal: The Fair Deal
Anthony Forsyth proposes a social partnership agenda for Australia

Review: A Little History
The Little History of Australian Unionism is exactly that; fifteen thousand words on the topic, writes Rowan Cahill.


 Global Campaign for Jailed Iranian Union Leader

 Bully Tactics Can’t Dull Protests

 Which Bank Slashes Work Rights?

 Sunday’s The Day For Future Rallies

 Carmel Saves Job, Loses Bonus

 Case Dismissed: No Justice in WorkChoices

 China (S)trains Procurement Policy

 Contracts Out on Sole Traders

 Car Companies Do The Dirty

 Historic Case Restores Security

 Final Hurdle for Medibank Sell-Off


The Soapbox
Address to the Nation
ACTU secretary Greg Combet's speech to the National Day of Action

The Westie Wing
Ian West recalls a time when the earth was flat, unions ran the country and Honest John Howard was the workers’ best friend.

Sick System
Punitive IR laws and a commercially-driven workers compensation scheme are conspiring to bully injured workers, writes Dr Con Costa.

 One Reader, At Least
 Boss With a Heart
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Letters to the Editor

One Reader, At Least

Just read your WoL editorial. Couldn't agree more. Now, could you just send that message about building Workchoices into a frame for dealing with the whole question of how Howard governs and for whom, to the palukas that are running the ALP campaign? If I hear a breathy reference to 'middle Australia' one more time, I will scream. If I hear one more reference to 'Howard's IR legislation' from a pollie that misses the whole point of this legislative attack on 'Australian values', I will just go mental.

Just what does it take to get these idiots to say what is waiting to be said. I am just beside myself looking at the ''free passes' this government has been given from a timid and unsure Opposition. What is it with these people? Anyway, had my say. Not feeling any better, just a bit relieved that someone else has grasped the nub of the problem!

The sooner we get some people who know how to do the job, into a place where they can do what it takes to actually win, instead of going down to one more loss, the better! Let's hope someone besides the usual suspects actually reads Wol editorials.

But I suppose that would be beneath them. You know. Trade Unions are so passe these days. What we need is a party freed from the shackles of any organised opinion from below, and one where spinmeisters and graduates on marketing can just run free-free of any policy that is accountable to anyone not earning $100,000 pa that is. Bah humbug!

Linda Carruthers


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