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Issue No. 249 03 December 2004  

Interview: Minority Report
New federal ALP industrial relations spokesman Stephen Smith on the hostilities in store for the labour movement.

Industrial: Girl Power
Tim Brunero looks at how women are making their mark in a once-male dominated trade.

Unions: Made in NZ
Jim Marr looks behind the rhetoric to uncover what the Howard Government has in store for Australian workers.

History: Spirit for a Fair Go
Paddy Gorman looks at the importance of Eureka on the Australian political psyche.

Economics: Fool's Gold
Tom Bramble identifies some contradictions in Howard's economic miracle.

Politics: Worth Fighting For
One of the Left's most influential figures of the last 40 years gives his theory of power ...

Health: The Force Behind Medibank
Public health has always been a core activity for the union movement, writes Neale Towart

Legal: Robust Justice
Former ACTU executive member and textile union leader Anna Booth argues that Alternate Dispute Resolution is one way around the looming assault on union rights.

International: After the Revolution
Has China entered a post-revolutionary phase - and where will it take the world, asks James Goodman

Poetry: The Sound of Unions
Ah, the hills are alive, with The Sound of Unions, muses resident bard, David Peetz

Review: Bad Santa
Billy Bob Thornton's newest role puts the 'nick' in Saint Nicholas and reveals the Satan in Santa, writes Tara de Boehmler.

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Moral Crusade to Save Family
Unions will seek an alliance with the Religious Right to show how industrial deregulation destroys families and ruins communities.

The new moral crusade will be driven a one million dollar think tank, Working NSW, funded by Unions NSW and launched by Clinton Administration member Robert Reich this week. [full story]

20 Dead � Stockmarket Applauds
A scathing report into WA mine safety has exposed the human cost of federal government�s individual contracts.

The five-month inquiry found BHP Billiton�s industrial relations practises, built on the aggressive use of AWAs, had compromised workplace safety. [full story]

Karen Gives Howard a Paint Job
A Perth teenager has beaten a Howard Government move to prevent her seeking justice from a "deplorable" employer.

Apprentice painter, Karen Cowley, 18, was awarded nine weeks pay after the WA IRC found contractor, Joe Milici, had abused his position by sacking her after she insisted on being paid correctly. [full story]

Buckeridge Bill Blocks Entry
John Howard will over-ride state law to look after the interests of a Perth building magnate who has drawn up a death list of worker representatives.

Workplace Relations Minister, Kevin Andrews, confirmed his government would restrict union rights of entry provisions, effectively overturning a federal court ruling against multi-millionaire, Len Buckeridge. [full story]

Casual Beach Closures
The dangers of casualisation will follow Australians all the way to the beach over summer, threatening lives and closing beaches.

Beaches are set to shut in the Illawarra as local councils push for an increasing reliance on casual lifeguards. [full story]

Railworkers Scull Costa
Carl Scully�s return to the transport services portfolio is a key element in a five point plan advanced to rescue Sydney�s rail services.

"Come back Carl, all is forgiven," RTBU secretary, Nick Lewocki, said in releasing the proposal, this week. [full story]


 Racism in the Dock

 Go Home Alone � And Other Survival Tips

 Vet Beats Bullet

 Cleaners Clean Up

 Weekend Work Wiped

 Miners Go to the Movies

 Feds Attack Low Paid

 Activists What's On!

email workers to a friend latest breaking news from labornet
"They obviously thought I was a boy with a girlie voice and were prepared to give me the benefit of the doubt, but when I said my name the familiar excuses came thick and fast," apprentice electrician Laura Racchi and friends.

From the high point of the civil rights movement, the Left has lost control of the moral high ground; in the face of the certainty of the Religious Right�s fundamentalist views on private morality hot housed in a climate of fear and uncertainty.

Rich Tool Poor Tool


New Matilda
How Labor Lost the Plot
In his contribution to Australia's new political zine 'New Matilda' , Father Michael kelly argues the ALP is in search of a soul.

The Soapbox
Outside the Tent
Labor exile Lindsay Tanner is warning the ALP to be careful who it gets into bed with.

The Locker Room
Sons Of Beaches
Phil Doyle gets the perfect wave, and waves back

The Westie Wing
150 years since the struggle at Eureka, the fight to achieve social justice, equality and responsible government is just as vital as ever in the neo-conservative Australia, writes Ian West.

Postcard from Harare
Ken Davis, from Union Aid Abroad, on how unions are at the forefront in the battle for democracy in Zimbabwe

LETTERS to the Editor
 Leadership Skills
 Not A Casey Fan

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