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  Issue No 96 Official Organ of LaborNet 18 May 2001  




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Activist Notebook

Action on Burma, discussion on workplace democracy and politicis in the pub are all on this week's activist agenda.

Forced Labour in Burma

The ICFTU has called for international action against companies trading with Burma, found to be promoting slave and bonded labour by the ILO.

The ACTU has called a meeting of affiliated unions to plan an Australian leg of this campaign at the CFMEU offices, Wentworth Avenue, Sydney on May 30 at 5pm.

Workplace Democracy and the Future of the Labour Movement

A Conference to mark the centenary of the birth of Dr Lloyd Ross, labour intellectual and trade unionist, 1901-1987.

Holme Conference Centre, University of Sydney, June 1, 2001

Speakers include Mark Hearn, john Robertson, Arch Bevis, Greg Patmore and Rae Cooper.

To register contact 9357 3077 or email Greg Patmore - mailto:[email protected]

Chippo Poilitics Redferns politics pub Forums

this Sunday the 20th May at 2pm

The Glengarry hotel Lawson street Redfern

Why Womens Prisons?

the NSW Upper House all party committee recommended that no more women's prisons be built

Both Parties have ignored - WHY ??

Come and hear the chair of the Committee John Ryan Liberal MP, a couple of ex women prisoners as well as Noah from Justice Action

more info phone Trevor 0416 347 501


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In this issue
*  Interview: The Enabler
On the eve of the release of his latest book, Beazley�s brain on the back-bench, Mark Latham, talks about putting the social back into socialism.
*  Unions: Flogged To Death
One third of Australian workers now work in conditions that would be deemed illegal in Europe. While in our workplaces so much is being done by so few with so little the Howard Government leans on its shovel reports Noel Hester.
*  Corporate: Nike's Six Broken Promises
A new international report on the labour practices at Nike have placed their stated commitment to ethical employment under the microscope.
*  International: Jagath at the Solidarity Cafe
When the brave workers at the Shangri-La Hotel in Jakarta marched on May Day, a Sydney unionist was by their side.
*  Education: The Battle for Free Thought
The recent sacking of Dr Ted Steele at the University of Wollongong has focused attention on the need for vigilant defence of employment rights and academic freedom.
*  History: Federation and Labour
The labour movement�s role in the 1897 Federal Convention and the subsequent referenda process has been largely forgotten.
*  Satire: Addict Stops Using Smack After Talk With Parents
A 21-year-old heroin addict has agreed to give up his habit after his parents told him that using drugs was wrong.
*  Review: Rouge or Red?
Mark Hebblewhite argues that the new Baz Luhrmann blockbuster isn't without its class analysis.

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»  Refugee Riots Sparked By Strike Action
»  Vodafone Promotes It�s Own
»  Champion Workers Left With Nothing
»  Bid for Reasonable Hours to AIRC
»  Political Economy Courses at Sydney University
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