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Happy Hour for Heineken with a Half-Price Dollar

By Andrew Casey

The key union representing Fosters workers - the LHMU - has expressed serious concern about the reported moves by Heinken to buy out the Australian-based Fosters Corporation.

" We would see breweries, wineries and hotels throughout Australia passing into the hands of a foreign multinational with little loyalty, commitment or understanding of our national interests," Tim Ferrari, the LHMU Assistant National Secretary, said today.

Around 14,000 workers are employed by the Fosters group with six Australian breweries, a number of wineries, more than 150 hotels and over 90 bottle shops.

" Our most famous pub, the Melbourne icon The Young and Jackson, will end up not being owned by an Australian company," Tim Ferrari said.

Howard's not in the Shout, 'cause he's going Dutch

" This morning's reports that the Dutch brewer is interested in Fosters is no surprise to this union when the Australian government seems to have done little to defend our dollar.

" The current value of the Australian dollar makes Fosters a cheap drink for a multinational to quaff.

" For Heineken it is happy hour with the half-price dollar. And Howard's not in the Shout, 'cause he's going Dutch," Tim Ferrari said.

" The Prime Minister can't back Fosters against Heineken because his government has not put the resources into industry research and development, helping Australian companies to expand here and overseas.

" John Howard's failure to adopt a manufacturing industry development policy has sent out the wrong signals.

" The commitment by Fosters to Australian jobs would disappear overnight if a take-over by this enormous Dutch brewer is allowed to go ahead.

" As proof just look at the US company, Campbells Soups and their take-over of that other Australian icon, Arnotts biscuits.

" They have shown no commitment and loyalty to our people.

" They are now proposing to close their Victorian plant, with the loss of 600 jobs, because the US company can make more profit by selling the site as land for housing.

" The Federal Government should not pussyfoot around.

" Howard and Costello should come out immediately and can the idea of selling off Fosters to Heineken."

Give us your views on Heineken buying Fosters

Do you have a view about Fosters being bought by a foreign company? What do you think the Howard Government should do? What do you think LHMU should do?

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