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Costa’s Angels

Behind the spotlight of the workers comp campaign four women trade union officials have been burning the midnight oil to protect injured workers.


Costa's Angels (l-r) Mary Yaager, Patricia Fernadez, Richard Brennan (aka Bosley), Rita Malia, Nancy Searle

Led by Labor Council's safety watchdog Mary Yaager, the group have been the movement's chief advocates in the specialist working parties that have spent the past two weeks dissecting the Della Bosca package.

They include Trish Fernandez from the Meatworkers, Rita Malia from the CFMEU, the NSW Police Association's Nancy Searle and Joan Lemere from the NSW Teachers Federation. We asked them for their impressions of the negotiations.


Patricia Fernandez represents workers in an industry with the highest assident rates - and highest compensation premiums.

"My background with workers compensation has been dealing with our members in the meat industry, who have been injured at work, and under the current Act have received benefits and have also been stuffed around by the system," she says.

"So from our point of view, we agreed that the current Act had to be amended, although we wouldn't go anywhere near saying that what the Government put before us would be of any way acceptable to us.

As for the consultation process, Fernandez says its been "a huge eye opener." "I have never spent so much time on a campaign with the same group of people. I was just saying I've developed a co-dependent relationship with workers compensation.

"We are such a diverse group. You've got Left, Extreme Left, Centre and Ultra Right, and we have been able to sit down together and reach so much common ground about all the issues."

Nancy Searle from the NSW Police Association says the talks with the government have been making some progress - particularly with the assessment guidelines that will define a person's injury.

"We have had a bit of success in actually having the government agree that they won't be introduced until there is agreement and guidelines are developed within Australia, which is good," Nancy says.

"This essentially means that the way things are at the moment including the cut off stage for psychological injuries which would be better for our members."

And what has she learnt from being involved in the talks? "I've learned about factions, and that can be pretty scary. And I think I have learned more than I already knew - never to trust politicians."

Rita Mallia from the CFMEU has been involved in workers comp for the past five years and says the Della Bosca package, as presented to parliament, was the most Draconian changes she'd ever come across.

While she says the process has been frustrating at times, it has been a worthwhile experience.

"I have got to know my union comrades better than I have ever known them before, and it has been just an incredible learning curve."

As for the negotiations, she is waiting to pass judgment. "On the part of the Government it is a little bit hard to tell at this stage.

"They are making the right signals as far as listening to us, but I guess the proof will be in the next few days, as to whether or not they are in fact taking our ideas and our objections on board."

As for the irrepressible Yaags, the main impact of the talks has been a cut to just one trip to the hairdressers every week. That and forming a close working relationship with the employers, lawyers and doctors.

"I think one of the lessons to emerge in this process is that you have to involve the stakeholders of the Scheme in change, rather than imposing it from on high.

"The Advisory Council that involved unions and employers had been making real progress - the scheme was improving.

"The negotiation process has shown that the trade unions are prepared for reform - we want to work with the government. It's just that our bottom line has to be protecting our members."


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*  Compo: Costa’s Angels
Behind the spotlight of the workers comp campaign four women trade union officials have been burning the midnight oil to protect injured workers.
*  Legal: View from the Bench
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