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Piers Watch

Piers on Pierswatch!

Pierswatch is a glaring example of journalism at its shoddiest, according to respected Sydney columnist Piers Akerman.

"It's riddled with inaccuracies", Piers barks down the phone, while discussing his searching analysis of the Currawong issue with Workers Online this week.

The multi-award winning journalist and raconteur says he is printing out Pierswatch every week and referring it to his lawyers, setting the scenes for what we hope could be a ground-breaking test case in online defamation.

When asked to outline what parts of the column he had found to be inaccurate, Piers moved on to his next point.

This means the offending column could be any of the following: the attack on Frank Sartor which backfired, his baiting of Gerry Adams, his double standards on drug law reform or his one-sided coverage of the Currawong issue.

Meanwhile, Piers has made a timely contribution to the debate over the Labor Council's Currawong property, showing solidarity with like-minded Baby Boomer columnists Mike Carlton and Adele Horin with whom he shares so much common ground.

Some readers will also be surprised to learn that Piers is a Pittwater resident, placing him amongst the other NIMBYs who want to see the trade union movement frozen in the 1950s. We're sure the omission of this particular interest is merely an oversight.

We were also fortunate this week to benefit from Piers' searching analyses of the waterfront dispute and Jennie George's personal background, continuing his proud tradition of illuminating commentary on union affairs.

The invitation to join the ACTU executive can only be a matter of time.

NB For those who, like Workers Online, can't get enough of Piers, he can be caught regularly on Allan Jones's morning show.


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In this issue
*  Interview: John Coombs - The Mouse Who Roared
We talk to the man who stood firm in the face of the federal government’s all out assault on the waterfront 12 months ago.
*  Unions: The Waterfront One Year On
One year after what was arguably the biggest Australian industrial dispute in living memory and the Maritime Union of Australia is STILL Here to Stay.
*  History: Walsh Bay Wharves : Space and Place
For historians looking at a historic structure or site like the Walsh Bay wharves, there is a big difference between 'space' and 'place'.
*  International: Compo Search for UK Coal Miners
An international search is on for former coal miners who worked mines in England and Wales from 1954 and have since suffered from chest disease.
*  Review: War on the Wharves
Some of the most honest reporting of the waterfront dispute came from the pens of the nation's cartoonists.

»  Angry Geeks Down Mouses in Industry First
»  Patrick dispute commemorated
»  Costa Pushes Social Audit Plan
»  Currawong: Majority Support But Veto Rule the Hurdle
»  A Firey Call: Give Currawong Back To The Unions
»  ACTU Braces for Reith’s Second Wave
»  Gordonstone Miners Come to Town
»  Women Take the Fight to Rio’s Front Door
»  Sydney Solictor Appointed ICTUR Secretary

»  Guest Report
»  Sport
»  Trades Hall
»  Piers Watch

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