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Disappointed by May Day Coverage

I found the May Day History article somewhat disappointing. May Day is very important to me as it represents past and future struggles of working people for social justice. I have been attending May Day marches since 1970, and I have been celebrating May Day on May 1st since about 1978. I have also done a reasonable amount of reading on the origins of May Day, and its celebration in Australia.

I was somewhat disappointed when I discovered that Neale Towart had incorporated substantial sections of his article on PreIndustrial May Day and Working People from Eugene Plawiuk's very informative website on the origins of May Day, without giving due credit. Surely sections should have been quoted, with an appropriate link at the bottom of the article.

The section on May Day in Australia is interesting, but too brief. The inclusion of extracts from O'Dowd's poem and Lawson's poem was particularly nice, but could have been more extensive.

For a detailed history of May Day in Australia, the Melbourne May Day Committee published in 1990 'A Short History of May Day 1890-1990'. This is an excellent book, now likely to be out of print.

Readers of Workers Online may be interested in a brief article on the origins of MayDay in Australia and its connection to anarchism. This is available at:

Also of interest is Chummy Fleming's biography

Eugene Plawiuk's excellent website on 'The origins and Traditions of May Day' -

And for many other relevant links and information try 'May Day on the Web' -



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In this issue
*  Interview: War Stories from the Shakey Isles
After being flat-earthed, New Zealand unions are making a comeback under a new progressive government. Darien Fenton is at the forefront of the resurgence.
*  Unions: Laying It On the Line
A complex international legal web underpins a long-running South Coast picket.
*  International: Alive and Kicking
Those representing right wing political forces and strategists for multi-national corporations would be disappointed by the success of the recently concluded Congress of the WFTU in Delhi.
*  Economics: Fair Trade not Free Trade
The successful MAI and Seattle campaigns have sparked a new debate about the role of the World Trade Organization.
*  History: The Manchester Movement
Manchester, in Asa Briggs memorable phrase, was the shock city of the early nineteenth century, a small and obscure market town that in a matter of a few years had become a huge city.
*  Satire: Passing the Buck
Government report tells bosses how to lie and pass the buck: Reith blames Kemp
*  Review: A Book to Set the Left Right
The Australian Finacial Review's Stephen Long gives his verdict on 'Tales from the new Shop Floor'.

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Letters to the editor
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»  Disappointed by May Day Coverage
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