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Political Economy for Activists

Tired of the 'economic rationalist' argument from both sides of politics? Want to engage with these arguments but confused by the jargon?

Members of Sydney University's Political Economy group are offering free classes to activists from community groups, trade unionists and student unionists.

The aim of these classes is to empower activists to understand and deal with orthodox economic arguments.

Method: the classes will introduce orthodox economic arguments, relevant to a particular theme, then look at critiques of the orthodoxy, then consider the radical alternatives. There will be a set reading for each session.

Structure: each class will consist of a one hour interactive presentation, by a member of the Political Economy group, to be followed by a half-hour chaired discussion.

These monthly classes are specifically for activists who would like to engage more effectively with common economic arguments, for example on welfare, the budget, the global economy, industrial relations, deregulation, competition policy and privatisation.

Classes will usually be held on the second Wednesday of each month, from 6 to 7.30pm, at Level 5 of Sydney University's Wentworth Building (City Road) with the first three topics as follows:

Wed 12 April - The Federal Budget - Wentworth Level 5, Room 1 - surpluses & deficits - govt debt & ratings - 'crowding out' - role of the state. Presenter: A/Prof Frank Stilwell

Wed 10 May - The World Trade Organisation - Wentworth Level 5, Room 2 - trade theory - multilateral negotiations - social clause - TRIPS. Presenter: Dr Tim Anderson

Wed 14 June - Deregulation - Wentworth Level 5, Room 5

- competitive efficiency - reregulation - oligopoly competition. Presenter: Dr Tim Anderson

No bookings are necessary. Future topics will be determined after feedback from interested participants.

Enquiries: Tim Anderson (series coordinator)tel: 02-9660-4580 email: [email protected]


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In this issue
*  Interview: The New President
At the end of her first week in the job, new ACTU President Sharan Burrow trades emails with Workers Online.
*  Health: Making Sense of Medicare
Nurses lift the lid on the Medicare myths as they shape up for a major national campaign.
*  Unions: Bush Bashing
The Finance Sector Union is taking to the road to pressure the government to impose community service obligations on banks.
*  Politics: The French Connection
While Victorian building unions are seeking a 36 hour week, Eurpoean nations like France are taking a more communcal approach to working time.
*  Economics: Mutual Obligation
New statistics show that an increasing number of people are volunteering to contribute to the community.
*  History: Living Library - Part II
More on the rich labour history that is housed within the walls of Sydney's Mitchell Library.
*  International: Russian Revolution
Russian trade unions are calling for the revision of a draft Labour Code, against the backdrop of Presidential elections.
*  Review: Casino Royale
Laurie Aaron's new book is sparking a lively debate about how a progressive agenda can be adapted to the challenges of globalisation.
*  Satire: Chop ‘em Up and Stick ‘em in Acid”
The West Australian Government is poised to pass Pakistani-style sentencing laws.

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»  Political Economy for Activists
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Letters to the editor
»  An Open Letter to Ansett
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»  The Problem With Mandatory Sentencing

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