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Better Times for Casuals in the Sunshine State

Extracted from This Working Life - the ACTU's Work/Time/Life newsletter

The Queensland Council of Unions has mounted a case in the Queensland IRC to increase wages for casual workers by up to $2.00 extra per hour.

QCU Assistant General Secretary, Grace Grace said that the union movement was responding to the concerns raised by casual workers who lack job security.

"As more casual workers join unions, they tell us that their pay does not compensate them for missing out on permanent jobs," Grace said.

Currently, casual workers employed under Queensland State awards are entitled to 19% extra loading on their wages to compensate them for missing out on annual leave, public holidays and sick leave, but Grace argued that the sums just don't add up.

"Current casual rates do not compensate casual workers for missing out on annual leave loading, bereavement leave, notice on termination, career progression, regular earnings and job security," she said.

"Unions will put evidence before the QIRC that argues for a minimum 28.5% loading for all of our members in casual jobs. The 19% casual loading has not changed for over 25 years, but during that period, unions have won many improved conditions, which are currently being withheld from casual workers. The increase is well overdue."

Grace said that unions are concerned about an imbalance in casual versus permanent entitlements, now that the casual loading has slipped behind.

"We are concerned that employers may restrict permanent jobs because casual employment is artificially cheaper, rather than using genuine casual employees to meet peaks and troughs in business demand."

"Unions are also keen to attain and maintain tangible employment benefits for casual workers, over and above the hourly wage," she added.

"Unions believe that casual employees are entitled to long service leave, parental leave, carer's leave, redundancy pay and protection against unfair dismissal.

"Casual employment has grown to 27% of the workforce and Australia has the second highest proportion of temporary workers in OECD countries. Many of our members who are in casual jobs tell us they would rather have a permanent job. We will continue our fight to win job-security for them", said Ms. Grace.

The QIRC has yet to list the matter for hearing.

Additional information:

Union Contact: Grace Grace

Phone: (07) 3846 2468

Email: [email protected]


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