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Maritime Dispute Records

A Joint ACTU - ASSLH project will identify and preserve as many records as possible arising from the 1997-98 Maritime Dispute.

Too often in the past, significant campaigns in the history of the labour movement have passed without any systematic attempt to preserve the contemporary record of the events. We are determined that it will not be the case in this instance. Accordingly, we have set up a project whereby the ASSLH network will join ACTU affiliates in searching out all relevant records and preserving them for serious research when the dispute is finally over.

If you have any material relating to the dispute, or know the location of any, we are keen to hear from you so we can discuss what should be done to identify, describe and preserve those records. Some people may wish to retain records. If so, we'd like to have a record, for historical research purposes, of who's got what. If you are happy to have them put in the archive at the ACTU, we'd be keen to hear form you.

Please contact: Greg Patmore, Labour History , Institute Building H03, University of Sydney, NSW 2006 Tel: 02 9351 4264 - or mailto:[email protected]

Peter Love, ASSLH - Vic Branch, 51 Blanche St, St Kilda Vic 3182 Tel: 03 9534 2445 or mailto:[email protected]


Museum answers critics with exhibit on bloody 1919 strike

The Canadian Museum of Civilization, criticized for ignoring some of Canada's unpleasant historic events, has opened an exhibit dealing with one of the ugliest confrontations in the country's history.

With the help of $50,000 from the Canadian Labour Congress, the museum launched two "social progress" exhibits yesterday -- recreation of Meeting Room No. 10, used by unions during the bloody Winnipeg general strike of 1919, and a companion Web site devoted to Canadian labour history.

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CLAC Attack, Time For Labour To Fight Back


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In this issue
*  Interview: Peter Reith
We�ve fought him for the last four years, perhaps it�s time to try to understand him.
*  Education: The Boston Strangler
If the teachers' salaries "offer" had been any good, John Aquilina, the Minister for Good News Only, would have made the announcement and been seen to promote it.
*  Economics: Key Indicators
A new ILO publication provides real cross national comparisons which show that Australian workplaces rate very well on productivity, wages and non wage measures
*  Unions: Dili's Union Presence
The International Federation of Journalists� Safety Office for the Media in East Timor (SOMET) is conducting an investigation into the recent killings of two journalists in East Timor.
*  History: Maritime Dispute Records
A Joint ACTU � ASSLH project will identify and preserve as many records as possible arising from the 1997-98 Maritime Dispute.
*  International: Western Mining into Guns and Gold
An Australian mining company, Western Mining Company Limited (WMCL), has effectively won the support of the Philippines army in its battle with traditional owners in Southern Mindano.
*  Satire: Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene
Gay scientists today released a study which, they claim, at last identifies the �Christian Gene".
*  Labour Review: What's New in the Information Centre
View the latest issue of Labour Review, our resource for students, delegates and officials.

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