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Issue No. 328 13 October 2006  

Straw Men
Somewhere between Bangalore and Surrey Hills a story about off shoring of Australian jobs got confused this week; unleashing a round of hand-wringing that speaks volumes about the political and commercial potency of this issue.


Interview: Australia’s Most Wanted
The ACCC is the latest state agency to turn its guns on the construction union. National official, Dave Noonan, discusses the implications.

Industrial: The Fox and the Contractor
With new laws looming for “independent contractors”, Foxtel subbies have had the carpet pulled from under their feet, writes Nathan Brown.

Unions: Industrial Wasteland
A group of inner-Sydney veterans appear to be working to strip their families of retirement incomes. Jim Marr records their desperation.

International: Two Bob's Worth
German and British workers are participating in business decisions while WorkChoices locks Australians out of the conversation, writes Anthony Forsyth.

Economics: National Interest
John Howard claimed that interest rates would always be lower under a Coalition government than under Labor, Neale Towart crunchess the numbers.

Environment: The Real Dinosaur
Economic ignorance remains at the top and the critics are oblivious says Sol Power

History: Only In Spain?
The experiences of self management during the Civil War have been the one positive factor to come from that tragic event, and the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation thrives today.

Review: Clerk Off
Nathan Brown draws solace from some fellow social misfits.


 Activists Notebook

 Money Walks Over Jobs

 Classifieds the New IR Attack Dog

 States Keep Stakes in IR Blueprint

 Meatworkers Boned by WorkChoices

 Tune Up for Radio Rentals

 Democracy Overboard in Bass Strait

 Unionist Targeted for Deportation

 Taxpayers Taken to the Cleaners

 Staff Sunk By Float

 AWB Sets New Low

 Heinemann Pushes the Envelope

 Giant Catastrophe for Crew

 Workers Lose Right to Choose Lawyers

 Skill Vouchers A Dud, AMWU


Westie Wing
MLC Ian West ventures beyond Macquarie St and into the desert of the eco rats.

The Soapbox
Testing Times
Former RLPA secretary and Newcastle Knights prop, Tony Butterfield, fires up over dawn raids.

Dare to Win
The union movement has lost an inspirational leader of working men and women, writes Jeana Vithoulkas

Tommy's Apprentice
Chapter Two - Tommy’s Tale.

 Honest John, Would You Like Lies With That
 The Unpromised Land
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Letters to the Editor

Honest John, Would You Like Lies With That

A noble man once stated that "to test a mans character give him power" that man was Abraham Lincoln, a man who carries the distinction of never telling a lie or abusing the power that was entrusted to him.

Earning the title "Honest John" Mr. Howard has continually lied, denied and concealed his intentions from the Australian people, for the duration of his Parliamentary career.

When "Honest John" was Treasurer in the Fraser Government, he returned a $9.6 Billion dollar deficit and the Hawke Labor Government inherited the blame.

When Malcolm Fraser was Prime Minister "Honest John" vocalised the need for Australian's to boycott the Moscow Olympics, however, Mr. Howard hid under his rock in Bennelong and remained quiet while Malcolm Fraser allowed part of his farming produce to form part of the burgeoning Australian Soviet export trade. Patrick O'Brien, 1985, Factions, Feuds, Fancies the Liberals, Viking publication.

Prior to the 1996 federal election "Honest John" stated that "No Australian will be worse off under his Government and that there will never ever be a GST, its dead, its finished". On average Australians are $10,300 per person worse off from GST, not mentioning the 174 "extra" taxes implemented by the Howard Government.

In 1998 "Honest John" introduced his first wave of Industrial Relations changes, legislation that was condemned by International jurists of the International Labor Organisation for Human Rights violations. The ILO was the first specialised agency of the United Nations.

In 2001 "Honest John" claimed that he had received intelligence advice that "asylum seekers threw their children into the water" This claim was later destroyed in a Senate inquiry with Military and Intelligence officers submitting evidence refuting Howard's assertions to the contrary.

In 2004 "Honest John" came home with "Weapons of Mass Deception" and more alleged advice from US and Australian intelligence agencies (the same intelligence agencies no doubt that provided misleading information regarding asylum seekers).

"John Howard is a war criminal, Ive branded Bush, Blair and Howard as war criminals. It is the greatest act of aggression by any western nation since the days of Adolf Hitler. The slaughter and aggression is still going on, they have unleashed war and destruction, maiming the Iraqi people". John Valder former National President and NSW

State President of the Liberal Party, Springwood Civic Centre 24th July 2004.

The Interest rate scare campaign asserting that "Interest rates would rise under a Labor Government" is the greatest play upon the intelligence of the Australian people.

Recalling the value of real estate during the nineties with properties averaging $100,000 and interest rates averaging 15%, under "Honest Johns" illusion of low interest rates at an average of 5% properties are now valued at an obscene $500,000. This is denying the majority of younger Australians the opportunity from obtaining their first property and impregnating a negative frame within the minds of younger generations you do the math upon interest repayed!

Wages may have increased under the Howard Government, however it is not attributed to their generosity- they have opposed all wage increases brought forward by the Australian Council of Trade Unions, apart from bonuses Enterprise Bargaining Agreements negotiated by Unions deliver a 12% increase in wages over a three year period.

In 2006 "Honest John" introduced his vision for Australia titled Workchoices" a delusion of grandeur and ruling class mentality. "Honest John" would have the Australian people believe that he had a mandate to introduce these reforms, however there was no announcement prior or during the 2004 federal election.

"Honest John" is not only out of touch with working Australia, he is out of touch with his own membership and office bearers!

In a Liberal Party publication titled "The Way Ahead" by a former NSW Liberal MP and now President of the Gosford branch of the Liberal Party, Mr. Malcolm Brooks stated; "many who voted for Mr. Howard are cutting loose over the Industrial Relations laws.

Mr. Howard then deceived the National Party with his "Workchoices" legislation as Andrew Stoner National President of the Nationals stated after it was introduced that he had "no idea of the content".

There were probably to many pages to read (1400) within the legislation and he was more concerned about the findings of the Cole Inquiry!

"Honest Johns" credibility was totally dismantled in an interview with Gerard Henderson When Mr. Howard asserted that at the fall of the Chifley Labor Government his father had a bombfire and burned petrol rationing vouchers, Gerard Henderson later questioned John Howard's brother Bob, however he does not recall such a famous event that occurred

in the Howard household! A Coalition Government? 1995, Harper and Collins.

To say the least, the Howard Government are incompetent, dishonest and comic book Nazis attempting to resurrect the failed policies of Margaret Thatcher!


Sean Ambrose

Stevedore, Port Botany


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