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Issue No. 314 07 July 2006  

Interview: The Month Of Living Dangerously
When the mobs took over the streets of Dili it was the people of East Timor that bore the brunt. Elisabeth Lino de Araujo from Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA was there to witness what happened.

Unions: Staying Mum
Penrith mums, Linda Everingham and Jo Jacobson, are at the heart of a grassroots campaign to boot Jackie Kelly, out of federal parliament. Jim Marr caught up with one half of the sister act.

Economics: Precious Metals
There's a lot of spin around AWAs in the mining industry, but Tony Maher argues all that glitters is not gold.

Industrial: The Cold 100
The Iemma Government has come up with 100 reasons why WorkChoices is a dud, with 100 examples of ripped off workers

History: The Vinegar Hill Mob
This month's Blacktown Rally was not the first time workers had stood up for their rights in the region, writes Andrew Moore.

Legal: Free Agents
Is an independent contractor a small businessperson or a worker? The answer depends upon whether the contractor is genuinely �independent� or not, writes Even Jones.

Politics: Under The Influence
Bob Gould thinks Sonny Bill Williams is a hunk; he reveals all in a left wing view of The Bulletin�s 100 most influential Australians, questioning the relevance of some, and adding a few of his own.

International: How Swede It Was
Geoff Dow pays tribute to the passing of Rudolf Meidner, one of the architects of the Swedish model of capitalism.

Review: Keating's Men Slam Dance on Howard
These punk rockers are out to KO WorkChoices. Nathan Brown joins the fray.

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Jihad Johnny Targets Perth
A Perth building worker, facing the loss of his first home, is calling on Aussies to stand up for workmates facing millions of dollars in fines.

The experienced rigger was one of 107 individuals targeted for fines of up to $28,000 as the Howard Government unleashed the biggest political witch hunt in Australian history. [full story]

Rio Sets Up Own Goal
The company that sacked an Aussie soccer rep for not signing an AWA rose from the ashes of union-busting at a Hunter Valley mine.

Labour hire outfit Mining and Earthmoving Services supplied workers to Coal and Allied after it used John Howard's first round of IR reforms to punt 190 direct employees. [full story]

Telstra Fails to Snag Protest
Telstra has used sausages to try and sell AWAs that dud staff of $10,000.

The company came up with its meaty distraction to try to lure dispatch centre workers away from a protest in Parramatta, last Friday. [full story]

AWAs Bucket Queenslanders
Sixty workers at a Queensland manufacturing company have been hit with AWAs that slash at least 18 award conditions, including overtime, leave loadings, penalty rates, long service leave and redundancy.

WorkChoices was leapt on by Brisbane-based, Jaws Buckets, which has spent the past five years trying to chop employees' off from their union. [full story]

Kev Gives Aussies the Finger
Kevin Andrews has pledged to ignore the wishes of the Australian people after the next election, if voters desert the Government over its work laws.

Andrews said a Coalition controlled-Senate would block any attempt to �tear up� WorkChoices, irrespective of how Australians voted. [full story]

Movie Blue: Win-Win for Critics
Kevin Andrews is using a health and safety defaulter to convince Aussies AWAs will be good for them.

Adelaide-based Austral Tree and Stump Services was fined $14,000 in the Industrial Relations Court, last year, after pleading guilty to failing to provide a safe workplace. Now it has a star turn in a Canberra propaganda stunt. [full story]


 Wage Cut Scam Legal

 Hardie Boss Takes 60 Percent Rise

 The Stack Goes On

 Boss Opens Door For Thieves

 Hendy Banks on Mass Amnesia

 Eisteddfod Win: Your Rock At Work

 Airline Crashes Into Paypackets

 Canucks Can BHP

 Activist's What's On!

email workers to a friend latest breaking news from labornet
The Devil's In The Detail, Canberra kids make a song and dance about WorkChoices

These are the dynamic now at play - a government adrift and an Opposition on song; but this is not to say the game is over.

Capsicum Spray


The Soapbox
Work Choice: US Military Style
John Howard has learnt a few lessons on workers rights from his Texan buddy, writes Rowan Cahill.

Westie Wing
As Pru Goward slams into the glass ceiling of the NSW Liberal Party, Ian West considers how women are faring under the Howard-Costello Government.

The Locker Room
A World Away
Phil Doyle is pleased that a display of subtle beauty and athletic grace has been overtaken by some good old-fashioned mindless violence

LETTERS to the Editor
 Oz Hails Sun King

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