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Issue No. 247 19 November 2004  

In Defence of Jeff
Those of us who know and have worked with Jeff Shaw over the years have found the unfolding spectacle of his very public fall from grace profoundly distressing. Surely they have the wrong guy.


Interview: The Reich Stuff
Robert Reich has led the debate on the future of work – both as an academic and politician. Now he’s on his way to Australia to help NSW unions push the envelope.

Economics: Crime and Punishment
Mark Findlay argues that the present psychological approach to prison programs is increasing the likelihood of re-offending and the threat to community safety.

Environment: Beyond The Wedge
Whether the great forestry divide can ever be overcome or whether it is best sidestepped for the sake of unity and sustainability in other areas is up for debate, writes Tara de Boehmler.

International: The End Of The Lucky Country
Linda Weiss, Elizabeth Thurbon and John Mathews show us How To Kill A Country

Safety: Tests Fail Tests
Nick Lewocki from the RTBU lifts the lid on the shonky science behind RailCorp testing

Politics: Labo(u)r Day
John Robertson lets fly at this years Labor Day dinner

Human Rights: Arabian Lights
Tim Brunero reports on how a Sydney sparky took on the Taliban and lived to tell the tale.

History: Labour's Titan
Percy Brookfield was a big man who was at the heart of the trade union struggles that made Broken Hill a quintessential union town writes Neale Towart.

Review: Foxy Fiasco
To find out who is outfoxing who, read Tara de Boehmler's biased review of a subjective documentary about corrupt journalism.

Poetry: Then I Saw The Light
Brothers and sisters! Praise the Lord! Brother George has saved the White House from an invasion by infidels, writes resident bard David Peetz.


 Activists What's On!

 Union Baiter on Charges

 Commuter Champ Backs Workers

 Late Night Threats in Perth

 Corporates Gobble Apprentices

 Fleas Get Thumbs-Up

 Packer Perishes in Blue

 $5000 Bill for Teen

 Miners Plunge Before The Beak

 Cops Raid Press

 Christmas Sack at Broken Hill

 Admin Staff Exposed

 Teachers Swallow Lolly


The Locker Room
In Naming Rights Only
Phil Doyle has Gone to Gowings

The Soapbox
Homeland Insecurity
Rowan Cahill tells us how the Howard Government’s appointment of Major-General Duncan Lewis to head up the national security division of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has received little critical comment, until now.

The Westie Wing
New proposed legislation in NSW provides a vital window of opportunity for unions to ensure they achieve convictions for workplace deaths, writes Ian West.

 Backbone Derail Causes Paralysis
 Shawly we’ve heard enough
 Decline of The American Empire
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Tool Shed

Moore Is Less

Loopy Des Moore goes a-jibbering into the Tool Shed this week.


Since the days of Macarthur there has been a bunyip aristocracy in Australia that has been offended by the idea of having to pay to acquire labour. Democracy has never sat comfortably with them.

One of the best exponents of the right to pay workers in salt is the New Right's very own nutty professor Des Moore.

Moore likes to pontificate on how all this nonsense about the power of bosses is overrated, and that workers and employers actually negotiate on equal terms.

Yes, I think it's obvious that when Solomon Lew and a sixteen-year-old trolley collector sit down to negotiate they are both on equal standing.

No one with a $400 000 mortgage is bothered at all by the threat of the sack.

They all come to the bargaining table as equals.

And pigs fly over head.

Maybe because Moore spends his days kissing the posteriors of people he obviously feels are his superiors he is missing what is going on in the real world.

Certainly Moore thinks he is in the real world, but that's probably just the average sort of delusion we can expect from this bomb thrower for the New Right.

Our Tool Of the Week believes that managers should be allowed to manage - even when Blind Freddy can see that there are managers in Australia that can barely manage to get their pants on the right way around, let alone provide an intelligent solution to the day to day problems we all face at work.

Problems that are created by geniuses like Moore who wouldn't know what a days work was if it fell on them.

Moore, with a straight face, is worried by the "takeover by those who perceived social interventionism as a source of power and employment for themselves".

Well he might want to look into the mirror if he wants to get to the bottom of that problem.

He seems to find it difficult to grasp the idea that caring about your fellow human beings, especially the ones you work with, is an intrinsic Australian value. But why should we be surprised, after all Des Moore is a big picture man.

Apart from the fact that Moore has no mates - even Michael Egan reckons he's no mate of Dessie baby, which is saying something.

Des Moore is a mindless hypocrite who supports bosses rights to kill teenagers.

As one ex-PM put it: "When Des Moore retired his chief complaints were the size of the deficit and the politicisation of the public service. I can only be thankful that his views and actions during the term of my government were in no way political and now, in joining the Victorian Institute of Public Affairs, he has maintained a tradition of political neutrality."

In the four months he spent in Washington prior to his resignation from Treasury he spent $30 000 of taxpayers dosh to kiss butt with whacko US Wank Tank the Heritage Foundation

He returned with no-brainers such as: "If we had the same proportion of ourworking age population employed as the United States, we'd have another 900,000 employed."

Would Des like to have the same percentage of working age Australians in gaol as they have in the United states?

Probably, especially if they were union members.

For Des would like to have his fellow Australians on $2 an hour and living off tips.

Why doesn't he just advocate bringing back slavery and be done with it.

Des, who is also an expert on Middle Eastern politics - apparently bombing Arabs to the shitter is the best way to get them to adopt "sensible" economic policies - doubles as something of a fan of Gilbert & Sullivan.

To that end the Tool Shed Choir is providing Des with a Libretto for the week, to the tune of 'I am the very model of modern major-general'.

I am the very model of a right wing intellectual
The information that I use is really quite incredible
For that which isn't twisted, is really inneffectual
I am the very model of a right wing intellectual

I am the very model of a right wing intellectual
I've never had a job that's ever been respectable
I'm an intellectual whore with ideas most hypocritical
I am the very model of a right wing intellectual

I am the very model of a right wing intellectual
Murdoch trots me out when the right get undependable
I can justify the completely unjustifiable
I am the very model of a right wing intellectual

I am the very model of a right wing intellectual
I've never had a thought that my boss found unpalatable
I haven't got a clue I haven't got a principle
I am the very model of a right wing intellectual


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