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Issue No. 234 20 August 2004  

True Lies
While the Prime Minister's penchant for the porky finally appears to be catching up with him, perhaps the biggest lie of his leadership remains largely unchallenged.


Interview: Trading Places
New ACTU International Officer Alison Tate cut her teeth delivering aid to developing nations through APHEDA. Now she is helping chart the global union agenda.

Safety: Snow Job
James Hardie has been drilled into our collective consciousness as a story of power, greed and immorality. It is also, as Jim Marr reports, a tale of human tragedy.

Politics: In the Vanguard
Damien Cahill reveals how neo-liberal think tanks have been at the forefront of the corporate assault upon trade unions and social movements in Australia.

Unions: Gentle Giant Goes For Gold
Donít get between Sydney sparkie Semir Pepic and a gold medal in a dimly lit alley, writes Tim Brunero.

Bad Boss: 'Porker' Chases Blue Ribbon
Perfect Porker, Darren Vincent, brings a history of meat worker shafting to this monthís Bad Boss nomination.

International: Cruising For A Bruising
Europeís big unions are bruised as they watch companies roll over some of their best-organised unionised workplaces demanding longer work hours Ė without any recompense, reports Andrew Casey.

History: Under the Influence
Was John Kerr drunk when he wrote and signed the letter dismissing Edward Gough Whitlam from the Prime Ministership in 1975? Geraldine Willissee investigates.

Economics: Working Capital
Where superannuation fits, where it fails and what we should we do about it. Neale Towart gives the tough answers.

Review: Fahrenheit 9/11
There's many a must see moment in Mike Moore's new flick but beating the propaganda machine at its own game wreaks havoc with wearied bullshit detectors, writes Tara de Boehmler.

Poetry: Bad Intelligence Rap
When Flood washed away the PM's sins, the truth was once again left high and dry.

Satire: Osama Bin Manchu
During a recent visit to an elderly relative in a nursing home, I was waylaid by an ancient gentleman who insisted I listen to what he had to say, writes Rowan Cahill.


 Hardie Chiefs Dodge Findings

 Virgin Wants Them Young

 RTA Counts Cheapie Cost

 Miners Trump Rio Gold

 Suits Star in Big Steel

 Boffins Back Sweatshops

 Tony Winner Bags an Ernie

 Bush Fires Up

 Kiwis Unfriendly, say Aussie Bankers

 CPSU in Pay Cut Territory

 Brains Over Buns Claim

 AIG Backs "Cowards"

 BHP Makes A Killing

 Schools Fight for Equity

 Activists What's On!


The Westie Wing
The Labor Governments in each State must take the lead to stop the abuse of corporate law in Australia in the absence of action from the Federal Government, as the Inquiry into James Hardieís has highlighted, writes Ian West.

The Soapbox
Cleaners Deserve Our Support
It's time the state's cleaners were given some support, loyalty and long service leave, writes Chris Christodoulou.

The Locker Room
Half Time At The Football
Phil Doyle wants to have his pie and eat it too.

Faithful Servant
Frank Mossfield was one of the labour movementís quiet achievers. Former Labor Council secretary Michael Easson pays tribute.

Lessons From East Timor
Just back from a study tour to East Timor, National Reserach Officer with the Construction division of the CFMEU, Ben Stirling, writes about the experience for Workers Online.

 Howard Minor Goes Bush
 Dummy Spitting
 Tom Relieves Himself
 System Screws Workers
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Tool Shed

Holier Than Tool

Ross "Love Rat" Cameron takes up a seat in the Tool Shed this week after outing himself as a hypocrite on several fronts.


The Liberals have long clung to the ideology of do as I say, not as I do.

So it comes as no surprise that John Howard has fully endorsed Liberal MP for Parramatta, all round family man and serial hypocrite Ross Cameron, who has spent much of his public life living an absurd lie.

Our Married with four children Tool Of The Week is one of those bible thumping loonies Australians are justifiably wary of.

Cameron is one of those fundamentalist Norberts that are opposed to sex because it leads to dancing.

His love of the free market is mirrored by a bizarre enthusiasm to regulate everyone else's private life.

He took his role as parliamentary secretary for family and community services so seriously that he thought he would communally service a few other families.

So it's deliciously ironic that this creep with a fascination for what other people do in their bedroom has been found loitering in one that isn't his own.

It's bizarre that our sheet sniffing assistant treasurer would rather have an affair with an "exotic" Canberra solicitor than look into the plight of former employees of the James Hardie plant that is smack bang in the middle of his electorate.

Instead we get a whining moralising ideologue promoting "family values" and droning on like a Mormon on amphetamines about everybody else's private lives.

When he does take a break from his proselytising we get to see his version of muscular christianity. This is where he likes to beat up on people in public housing, abstract art, reds under the beds or whatever fruity issue his nutcase mates from the Ghenghis Khan with a Bible Faction of the Liberal party are foaming at the mouth about this week.

Cameron has all the moral, ethical and philosophical development of a hyena, but with none of the social utility.

We shouldn't be surprised given that he is the spawn of that arch-hypocrite Jim Cameron, who left the Liberal Party because of its dangerous left wing views and took up a seat in everybody's favourite nuthouse, the NSW Legislative Council as a member of Fred Nile's party.

Jim's son has shown the same unhealthy overestimation of his own self worth; Ross even stooping to using his twin babies during the last election campaign.

Grown up Australians are sick and tired of moral bigots like Cameron lecturing us on what is best for us while giving the green light to any ratbag carpetbagger that wants to rip us off under the guise of a 'deregulated' market or 'choice' in employment contracts or schooling.

It's about time our Tool Of The Week resigned, put his pants back on, and crawled back under whatever rock he came from.


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