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  Issue No 2 Official Organ of LaborNet 26 February 1999  




*  Interview: Checking the Spellar
We talk to a former union official who is now a minister in the Blair Government about the difficult relationship between New Labour and the labour movement.
*  Unions: Working It Out
NSW trade unions have embraced a movement-wide campaign to deal with the vexed issue of ensuring workers have a life.
*  History: Remembering The Eveleigh Railway Workshops
The Eveleigh railway yards have a rich history which your average commuter would never imagine.
*  Review: Opening Tanner's Australia
Lindsay Tanner's new book offers a frank and forthright view of the future for Australia.
*  Campaign Diary: Carr And The Unions
No-one would accuse the Premier and the labour movement of being bossum buddies, but their fortunes are inextricably linked.

Bob Carr Launches Workers Online

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Endangered Species?

Revealed: Reith Defies Own Pollster To Bash Unions
The Howard Government is planning a new assault on trade unions despite its own pollsters telling it that unions are popular in the general community.
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What's Going Down at Gordonstone?
A central Queensland mine has become the latest site for Rio Tinto's assault on the union movement.
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VSU To Stop The Music
The Howard Government's push for Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) will decimate the local live music scene, key industry players have warned.
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Employment Advocate Dines Out, But Not A Sausage For Workers
Zero, zip, zilch, SFA -- these are some of the words that describe the Employment Advocate’s enforcement activities in the interests of trade union members in its first two years of business.
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Union Interpreter Translates The Word “Exploit”
The CFMEU has used an interpreter to help uncover underpayment of Chinese construction workers on a major Sydney development.
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How Much Can A Koala Bear?
Workers at a Sydney hotel show how pulling together to stand up to management can lead to better hours and even regular pay-packets.
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Botsman Shifts North To Tame The Rednecks
Former Evatt Foundation director Dr Peter Botsman is fleeing New South Wales to set up a new Brisbane-based think tank, designed to end Queensland’s image as the redneck capital of Australia.
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Letters to the Editor
  • No Fan of Piers

  • Don't Be Glib

  • EMILY's List International Women's Day bash

  • Editorial

    Uglies From All Angles

    They're coming from all directions -- Reith's second wave, Kemp's assault on the students, the Employment Advocate sitting on his hands and Rio Tinto up to its usual tricks.

    For a union movement which worked constructively with the community for more than a decade in the national interest, the attacks from so many fronts sometimes seems unjust.

    Now we are having our "workplace revolution". Except here the assault comes from those in power, rather than those without it; egged on by accountants who can't be bothered looking up from their balance sheets to consider the real world. A weird revolution indeed.

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    Finally, thanks to all those who have sent us feedback. We're still working out the Letters to the Editors so they won't all be posted this week. For those who want to contribute, the best thing to do is email your stories as attachments and send to [email protected].

    Hope you enjoy the issue.


    Soapbox Lockerroom From Trades Hall Toolshed
    Soapbox lockerroom trades hall Toolshed
    Sid Marris on Transitory Promises SCG Ushers Do It Standing Up Smells Like Collective Spirit Piers on Gerry Adams



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