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Issue No. 182 13 June 2003  

The Dead Couple
The message from the ACTU’s Future of Work research is that the two theoretical frameworks for understanding work in the 20th century - ‘Harvester Man’ and ‘TINA’ are both dead.


History: Nest of Traitors
Rowan Cahill uncovers a ripping yarn that could redefine the way we look at Australian involvement in World War II.

Interview: A Nation of Hope
Former PM Bob Hawke bemoans the demise of industrial relations but takes heart from the prospect of peace in the Middle East

Unions: National Focus
Noel Hester reports on a soap star rebellion, Howard’s plans to renuclearise South Australia, more historical atrocities in the north, the redundancy test case plus more in the monthly national wrap.

Safety: The Shocking Truth
It’s every power worker’s worst nightmare – and it happened to Adrian Ware. In a flash of voltage, his life changed forever, as Jim Marr reports.

Tribute: A Comrade Departed
From Prime Ministers to wharfies, the labour movement paid tribute to Tas Bull this week. Jim Marr was among them.

History: Working Bees
Neale Towart looks at a group of workers who got sacked so their boss could keep making the Bomb.

Education: The Big Picture
The NTEU’s Dr Mike Donaldson and Tony Brown join all the dots in the current debate around higher eduction.

International: Static Labour
Ray Marcelo argues there’s another side to the recent furore over Telstra’s use of cheap Indian IT contractors.

Economics: Budget And Fudge It
Frank Stilwell argues that Peter Costello’s latest budget plumbs fiscal policy to new depths.

Technology: Google and Campaigning
Labourstart’s Eric Lee argues the latest weapon for campaigning could be the humble search engine.

Review: Secretary With A Difference
Looking for a new job can be hard enough, without having to worry about sadomasochistic bosses and the threat of being spanked for forgetting to cross your ‘t’s, says Tara de Boehmler.

Poetry: The Minimale
The Labor Party leadership is in the news again, inspiring our resident bard David Peetz to song

Satire: Howard Calls for Senate to be Replaced by Clap-O-Meter
John Howard released a controversial policy statement today, arguing that the Senate be abolished in favour of a device measuring noise from the gallery of the House of Representatives.


 Air NZ Grounds Mums and Kids

 Unions to End Casual Affair

 Carr Faces Acid On Job Security

 Abbott Prescribes Dole for Mother of Six

 Cole Batting Zero from Thirty Two

 Labor Insider Makes Mess

 Dust Busters – MUA Sails into Allianz Fight

 Security Forces Come Out Firing

 Women’s Centre Faces Ideological Jihad

 Varsity Casuals Win Wage Increase

 Fortress NSW Protects BHP Workers

 Pharmacists Seek Jobs Medicine

 Iranian Textile Workers Sewn Up

 Unique Union –Uni Partnership

 Activists Notebook


It’s Our Party
Long time union watcher Nicholas Way looks at the changing dynamics between the industrial and political wings of the labour movement.

The Soapbox
Grass Roots
In his Maiden Speech, new MP Tony Burke argues that the ALP’s union links are nothing to be ashamed of.

Opinion Forming Down Under
Evan Jones condemns the mainstream’s media coverage of the War on Iraq and the damage it is doing to our national psyche.

The Locker Room
Location, Re-Location!
It’s all fun and games until someone loses a club, writes Phil Doyle

 Costa Must Be Crazy
 Saharwi Struggle
 Vinegar Hill
 Tom's Toons
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Letters to the Editor

Tom's Toons

The support by many ALP yesterdays men, for Kim Beazley , a nepotistical trough feeder who could now be a candidate , as the greatest of all has been , and a potential three time loser, and the ongoing destabilisation of the ALP, by the arrogance or inability of this spoiler to accept his limited abilities being used by others as a rudder in an attempt to direct and present their own ambitions in a more acceptable light, can only indicate that the ALP is still not only unprepared to accept the reins of government but is displaying manifest incompetence and therefore is also incapable of government .

Even if there were not a hidden agenda by those tutored in the deceit of public servants and Kim Beasley were a genuine alternative to Simon Crean ,not just a ring in to create the chaos , then surely the electorate should not be permitted to forget , that his perverse form of socialism is nothing more than an imitation of the Hawke and Keating kind , and every battler should still be witnessing the economic scars inflicted on them by these pseudo Australian Socialists , who not unlike a corrupted and resistant to change Janissary Corps , should through a repeated Auspicious Incident , be put to the sword to ensure the survival of the whole.

No! Not the Greg Sword, who is currently creating more chaos that he is worth..

A perfect example of Beasley Philosophy would be the 1999 Monash APEC Lecture delivered by Kim Beasley on June the 18, 1999.

Was not , Kim Beazley also pied for speaking in favour of privatisation at an Global Trade meeting sponsored by Shell?

By his own admission and in validation of his new claim to the ALP throne he is nothing more than a traitorous chameleon , constantly changing his colours to suit the perceived circumstance , behaviours obviously not attributes cultivating loyalty or those displayed by comrades prone to display loyalty .

This address in favour of privatisation leaves no doubt as to the Beasley plan to remove all remaining industry protection ; that is any protections that Hawke and Keating were unable to dismantle prior to the Australian electorate waking up to this great deception. This deception is the Albatross now around the neck of Simon Crean , it is the remembrance of this great betrayal which has alienated the Federal Labor Party from the people , and unfortunately Simon Crean is paying off some of the last instalments on this debt to the Australian people who are now not only cultural aliens but dispossessed tenants in their own land , with the right wing of the ALP , already making alliances with past enemies to ensure their continued dynastical position in the new ascendancy , one need only look at the recent recruits to the Republican Movement , people who draw great comfort from the weakness of the ALP a once strong defender of the oppressed and vulnerable , but now honeycombed !

by political correct sycophants who control nothing more that special interest groups composed of nothing more that three or four cronies and in some cases the same people using different names. This is why many in the Labor heartland now refer to the ALP as the Alternative Liberal Party.

And some would have the audacity to condemn Peter Costello, who after all is just an amateur 'Paul Keating"!

Beasley makes his support of the World Trade Organisation crystal clear in this address, and I quote:

Firstly, throwing our weight into the initiation and implementation of a Millennium Trade Round through the WTO;

Secondly, restoring confidence in - and building momentum back into - the APEC process, by showing its relevance to regional players large and small, and to the structure of global trade in a new century; and

Thirdly, re-invigorating the links between industry and trade policy

"Australia's goals for the Millennium Round must be ambitious, including significant reductions in agricultural and manufacturing protection, as well as extensive liberalisation of trade in services."

Now in my view, this does not mean government stepping in with long-term subsidies to uncompetitive industries or other such policy prescriptions. In any case, WTO rules limit the extent to which governments can intervene directly in support of exports

In an attempt to validate his support for policies which have until now created much unemployment and poverty in Australia he quotes Lindsay Tanner:

"Throughout human history, nations which have closed themselves to outside ideas and influences have declined, while those which have embraced change have prospered. The more we engage with the peoples, products and ideas of other nations, the stronger we will grow. A closed Australia is a blueprint for rapid economic and social decline."

How could any ordinary Australian reliant on production rural or industrial , manufacturing , for export or domestic , support views such as this?

Have we not suffered enough at the hands of Hawke and Keating, and are we now only reaping the seeds of discontent as sown by anarchists posing as statesmen in the Whitlam years?

Or perhaps it is because this tenure was prematurely cut short in its term by Frazer and his lackey Kerr and did not come to fruition; if this is the case then an explanation from Whitlam prior to his fall from the mortal coil might be in appropriate?

He may attempt to emulate his nemesis Frazer, who now in his autumn years is attempting to make amends for his bastardry, but, as a Calvinist he surely he must be aware that it is not through good works that you enter the Kingdom, although unlike that other political bastard Sartor, he is too smart to convert to Buddhisism as it only offers reciprocation. Or in the vernacular, getting your own back eg: faire pipi - contre le vent?

Votes may tumble and mates disappear

Resignations soar in a climate of fear

But somehow they thrive, those who know how to rig it

Fiddling the levers and stirring the shit.

In good times or bad times

the games never stop

Beazley sinks to the bottom

Crean stays at the top.

When times they are fat, amid great acclamation

The politicians Elect take a huge extra ration

When times get much leaner they whine and they snivel

Their egos get bruised but their perks never shrivel.

In good times or bad times

The games never stop

Beazley sinks to the bottom

Crean stays at the top.

Many who are pushed out the local branch door

Fear their extra benefits will fall through the floor

But severance pay for those in a parliamentary role

Make these members who are severed most wonderfully whole.

In good times or bad times

The games never stop

Beazley sinks to the bottom

Crean stays at the top.

It's a load of old bull that we share the same boat

That we all work together to all stay afloat

In truth this great vessel's a multiple decker

And being the leaders a great hurt protector.

In good times or bad times

The games never stop

Beazley sinks to the bottom

Crean stays at the top.

I may on occasions offend as I ocassionally give a spray to all , and sundry, including myself, but Simon Crean is all there is at the moment except Loony Latham who needs much manicure to be acceptable in any company other than bohemia

Perhaps Simon was not being an irreligious wag, when at the last caucus meeting attended by Beazley he threw four six inch nails in front of Kim, and asked him:-)

"Can you put me up for the night?"

Lets Give Beazly something better than Cabbage Soup

Tom Collins


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