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Issue No. 181 06 June 2003  

National Leadership
After a week of front-page political chicanery we are to get more John Howard; who at a time of his choosing will pitch for a fourth election victory by going head to head with the son of a Whitlam Minister.


History: Nest of Traitors
Rowan Cahill uncovers a ripping yarn that could redefine the way we look at Australian involvement in World War II.

Interview: A Nation of Hope
Former PM Bob Hawke bemoans the demise of industrial relations but takes heart from the prospect of peace in the Middle East

Unions: National Focus
Noel Hester reports on a soap star rebellion, Howard�s plans to renuclearise South Australia, more historical atrocities in the north, the redundancy test case plus more in the monthly national wrap.

Safety: The Shocking Truth
It�s every power worker�s worst nightmare � and it happened to Adrian Ware. In a flash of voltage, his life changed forever, as Jim Marr reports.

Tribute: A Comrade Departed
From Prime Ministers to wharfies, the labour movement paid tribute to Tas Bull this week. Jim Marr was among them.

History: Working Bees
Neale Towart looks at a group of workers who got sacked so their boss could keep making the Bomb.

Education: The Big Picture
The NTEU�s Dr Mike Donaldson and Tony Brown join all the dots in the current debate around higher eduction.

International: Static Labour
Ray Marcelo argues there�s another side to the recent furore over Telstra�s use of cheap Indian IT contractors.

Economics: Budget And Fudge It
Frank Stilwell argues that Peter Costello�s latest budget plumbs fiscal policy to new depths.

Technology: Google and Campaigning
Labourstart�s Eric Lee argues the latest weapon for campaigning could be the humble search engine.

Review: Secretary With A Difference
Looking for a new job can be hard enough, without having to worry about sadomasochistic bosses and the threat of being spanked for forgetting to cross your �t�s, says Tara de Boehmler.

Poetry: The Minimale
The Labor Party leadership is in the news again, inspiring our resident bard David Peetz to song

Satire: Howard Calls for Senate to be Replaced by Clap-O-Meter
John Howard released a controversial policy statement today, arguing that the Senate be abolished in favour of a device measuring noise from the gallery of the House of Representatives.


 Allianz Claims on Sick and Dying

 Back Pay Bill From Behind the Bars

 Gloves Off for Local Voices

 Stabbings Ground Job Cuts � For Now

 Red Light for Cut Price Labour Hire

 Sacked Workers� Ultimate Insult

 Electrolux Repays Survival With Bastardry

 Survivor Urges Compo Rethink

 Nurses: Bosses Should Foot Bank Fees

 Telstra Workers Show Bottle

 Rail Workers Telegraph Press Council Track

 Call Centre Leak Shames Stellar

 Malaysian Detainees Released

 Western Sahara Tests UN

 Activist Notebook


It�s Our Party
Long time union watcher Nicholas Way looks at the changing dynamics between the industrial and political wings of the labour movement.

The Soapbox
Grass Roots
In his Maiden Speech, new MP Tony Burke argues that the ALP�s union links are nothing to be ashamed of.

Opinion Forming Down Under
Evan Jones condemns the mainstream�s media coverage of the War on Iraq and the damage it is doing to our national psyche.

The Locker Room
Location, Re-Location!
It�s all fun and games until someone loses a club, writes Phil Doyle

 Blowing Holes in Gittens
 Negative Campaigning
 Response to Gould
 Aged Policy Looks Hairy
 Tom's Turn
 God Save Billy Deane
 Solidarity Forever
 More Bad Language
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Letters to the Editor

Tom's Turn

Dear Sir,

"You have not to pass sentence for or against a single man, but you have to take a resolution on a question of the public safety, and to decide a question of national foresight.

Maximilien Robespierre

Congratulations on your well written editorial "The Game's Up" Workers Online issue 179, 23rd May 2003.

An article which was a call to arms , and basically calling for review and possibly regulation to prevent the blatant theft of resources private and public, by the corporate robber barons.

This while an issue that is still relevant - is one , that is no longer positively malleable without a reactionary and possibly physical conversion through the confrontation of these parasites and predators , these bloodsucking leeches who appear to be not rewarded on merit, but on claptrap coiled as credible patois.

Who are these people and how do they worm themselves into such financially rewarding positions; through their vicious and voracious use of the vernacular?

A well coiffured silver lecher once conned us with honeyed words into an accord that did not work with a socialist government, so how it could work with a free market government.

Conspiracy theorists will claim ; this is the New World Order , and that a new Illuminati has evolved , that the Masons have been revived , or the Jesuits have gained control of mankind through a Club of Rome , and the G 8 are really Rosicrucians seeking the meaning of life , now while there may be some veracity as to a think tank role by these entities or their ilk , at times generating some useful thought , which may or may not be cherry picked by Corporate Mavericks , the key to this recurring generational phenomena is plain old everyday greed , universally referred to as healthy competition but in reality is no different than that - of a Christians to the Lions scenario fortunately this too shall pass. These depraved industrial, economic and social aberrations being transplanted in the workplace with the morally bereft doing as always, what they believe to be the bidding of their hypocritical masters, those who may have the clean hands but the corrupt minds, those who transgress against their own as cannibals, and then deny any knowledge of the acts of bastardry and or worse carried out in their name and/or under their patronage.

This is a perfect example of the need to learn from history, in an effort not to repeat our mistakes, sadly we are , in many circumstances , being lead by inarticulate, impotent , and insular incompetents who may or may not have read the text books, or who , without question or thought , are playing out the roles allocated to them in childhood - their success in these roles dependent not on ability or merit but on the acceptance of the assumptions of their knowledge , or willingness to obey those already ensconced in power , positions maintained by ensuring that those capable of thought or ability are excluded from the inner circle , a recipe for eventual disaster.

In simple language, it is a political correct attempt at the excision of the healthy and the cultivation of the deformed.

These are those that refuse to acknowledge that the Emperor is wearing no clothes , these are those that are incapable of independent thought , these are those that thrive on the politics of division , these are those that are unable to see the commonality of humanity through their personal prejudice be it of; Gender, Race, Religion or Intellect , in fact these are the people that seek out the differences rather than the similarities , then urbanely but with continual futility , except on the most oppressed of society , attempt to project their perversions on those that they would attack.

They then, as in the case of P. Kennedy, play with puerile adolescent semantics in an attempt to justify their perverse though processes...having said that, I must admit, it was less than five years ago that I was drawn into such a web of deceit while employed with Sydney City Council in their Libraries, where I experienced an abuse of person, denial of process and am now with a firm conviction in my mind that I have been wrong for 50 years of my life in opposing Capital Punishment.

The ALP and many in Trade Unions are experts at tactics such as this, with the faceless puppeteers still controlling the parliamentary party or the front bench of Trade Unions.

Sadly, the Union movement and the ALP is now deficient of the Heroes that myths are made of, these soldiers of fortune, as is not only their nature but their necessity, are following leaders who will lead to war against injustice, any injustice even be it perpetrated by fifth (or filth) columnists within the Union Movement rather than grovel at the altar of Corporate Acquiescence.

The ruins of some of these once powerful Unions are now populated with political and corporate sycophants, as is much of contemporary society, which throughout the ages has taken the Kings shilling and turned to feast on their own .A perfect example at extinguishing dissent, would be the massacre of the McDonalds at Glencoe.

These are fearful individuals who gain power through a mealy mouthed obsequious pandering to the lowest common denominator , these being described through the eons as the 'Plebs' , 'Serfs' , 'Servants' , and I use these descriptive terms not to denigrate but only as common language.

These are the people that choose serfdom, for what ever reason, some through fear, some through laziness, and some accepting it as their birthright, and in times of change and turmoil this provides a safe haven, a feeling of belonging not to a proud nation but a protective pack bullied by a usually belligerent dog, and there are many of those within all shades of politics.

Make no mistake , the contemporary 'serf ' is as well looked after as the ' serf ' of the middle ages , although there was a less commitment required from the medieval 'serf'.

Serfs worked the land and produced the goods that the lord and his manor needed. This exchange was not without hardship for the serfs. They were heavily taxed and were required to relinquish much of what they harvested. The peasants did not even "belong to" themselves, according to medieval law. These lords, in close association with the church, assumed the roles of judges in carrying out the laws of the manor.

Serfs lived in crowded living areas (1-2 room). Serfs had many obligations to lord in exchange for protection. They turned over all crops to the lord, and paid for using the lord's stuff by giving some crops from their own strips of land. Serfs worked about three days a week for the lord, and they practiced crop rotation they were always available for military service for the whimsical conflicts of their master...

A serf could not leave the manor with out the master's permission. They could be told who to marry, but they did have some rights - their kids couldn't be taken away. Serfs had simple diets and traveling minstrels and entertainers came to the manor. Serfs rarely left the manors, knew almost nothing of the outside world, and usually didn't rebel.

Has anything except the changed faces of the Master and ability of the Department of Community Services to remove children from the home changed?

I think not?

In the Middle Ages the Lords of the Manor were the high wage earners and those in the increasingly powerful Church, two complimentary powers in an alliance which only began to wane in the second half of the 20th century when during the 1950's and 60's a dismantling of the established structure began with the transference of the mythology from spiritual to secular and materialistic. This is how the new Corporate Church has set in motion a radical change of thought through all echelon of society for it is only through myths and epics are linked in the human psyche, and that they are cultural manifestations of the universal need to explain social, cosmological, and spiritual realities.

This assumed authority through the theft of property was stamped on society by way of large Castles, Manor Houses, Churches, Cathedrals and Courts edifices that would and were intended to overwhelm, this intimidation not being limited to Western Society but can be ascertained by the legacy of edifices from Egypt to Ecuador, from Greece to Galway or from Thailand to Turkey.

If one even gives a cursory but critical glance to the corporate edifices and the accompanying symbols emblazoned on these new Cathedrals , in front of which the employee is compelled to kow-tow or be excommunicated , then laughter at the similarities to 1930s Jeeves and Worcester English farce would be the rational response.

The new Lords of the Manor, Bishops, Popes and other sundry snake oil vendors are the corporate dealers in Human Flesh, they are as morally bankrupt as slave traders, taking advantage of those weaker than themselves, they continue to ignore the pain of this humanity to accommodate the illusory and temporary personal pecuniary profit.

You, as the Editor of a well read publication, have in your hands the power to revitalise, renew or in extreme cases reinvent the myths of the Labor Movement, there are almost 20 million individual stories in this great land and all are intertwined, it is your responsibility to disseminate these tales and link them with an attractive socialist history from the past, links people to whom all workers not only can, but would want to identify.

Even the most passive worker who may not want to fight for their rights, and will even deny supporting industrial action for their own benefit, does not identify with the sycophantic Union or Organiser. They while publicly denying association with Union radicals, in their secret Walter Mitty world of dreams admire these sometime lunatic Crusaders of the labor movement.

We also need more politicians in the style Billy Hughes, Eddie Ward, Jack Lang, John Gorton, or Jim Killen.

There is also room for activists who may not always play by the rules, if only to ensure the symmetry socialist politics.

The Labor Council should take a leaf from the " Corporate Bastards Book of Dirty Tricks" , and form a committee of volunteer labor activists to investigate these outrageous behaviours from corporate and political mavericks, inviting them to properly convened and authorised public hearings offering the accused and the accuser in public forum to lay their allegations and defence submissions would be solicited from the community.

These could be published in a yearly report as committee findings as to alleged offences.

As for my personal thoughts as to the views of those that have condemned me, I concur with Giordano Bruno:

"Perchance your fear in passing judgment on me is greater than mine in receiving it."

They like Canute, cannot hold back the tides, Que Sera Sera ...........

Tom Collins

P.O.Box 304

Emu Plains


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