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  Issue No 13 Official Organ of LaborNet 14 May 1999  




Letters to the Editor

Why Wran's Right

Why Wran's Right

Neville Wran was the greatest Premier in the history of New South Wales. He is a Labor hero.

His leadership role in the Republican Movement is essential if we are to actually deliver the republic.

It is only true-blue lovers of the Queen and the looney left who want a multiple choice plebiscite. It will divide and disrupt the move to an Australian republic. It will kill the republic stone dead.

Wran was a great Premier because he understood the art of the possible. He achieved great things while confusing and dividing the Tories.

Frankly, the Republican debate strikes me as a tenth order issue. But let's take the opportunity that has arisen to make some progress. No, comrade, we won't be able to have an elected President or Comissar or whatever it is you want but let us once and for all cut our ties with the British royal family. It's a symbolic change, it won't create a workers' paradise but it will slightly modernise our constitution.

Only an unholy coalition of Little Johnny Howard and Comrade Phil Cleary can stop us taking a small step forward in asserting our national identity.

So let us follow the lead of a wise and brilliant man, Neville Wran. Let's have a resident for President and repudiate the nonsense of royalty.

Andrew Landeryou

Member of AWU (Vic)


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*  History: Remembering BHP: Memory and Industrial Heritage
The announcement of the intended closure of BHP’s Newcastle steelworks heightened the awareness that industrial heritage is more than derelict sites of production.
*  Review: Ten Songs to Revolution
We ask Labor Council's resident music critic to name the ten songs that define the nineties.
*  International: Union Lifts Lid on Rio Tinto Shame File
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