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  Issue No 122 Official Organ of LaborNet 07 December 2001  




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Trades Hall

Paul Howes' Week on the Web

What do you call an ALP operative who loves the Internet? A cyber-hack. And Paul's our fave.



Evatt Foundation

The Evatt Foundation has recently given their website a make-over The new site features information on the foundation, their latest papers and upcoming events. This is a great tool for all Labour theorists.

APHEDA Christmas Cheer

APHEDA, the Australian Union Movement's overseas aid agency has launched its annual Christmas fundraising campaign. Check out their website for more information

It's all about Respect

Racial Respect Australia is an organisation which is working to turn the tide of intolerance and hostility towards Australians of Aboriginal and Asian backgrounds. Their website located at has plenty of information on their activities and how to get involved.

Organising Tools Online

Advocacy Online is a UK based company which specializes in providing online resources to campaigning organisations. They have some interesting ideas and tools which would be valuable to the Australian union movement.

Inside Indonesia

Inside Indonesia is an Australian based magazine which focuses on the democratic movement in Indonesia. The magazine was founded during the Soeharto era and is continuing to cover the latest news and issues inside the Indonesian political system. Inside Indonesia's website is located at

Korean Activist News Online

A new Korean news service (in English) has been launched called Base 21 The website which is not too different from LaborNET has features and news updates on all the latest events in the Korean Labor, Green and Activist communities.

Chinese Labour Movement

Chinese Labour Watch is the website of a network of union activists inside PR China and is administered by a fraternal organisation in the US, the site features news on current struggles inside China and on the fight for Democracy.

Another website on the Chinese Labour Movement is the China Labour Bulletin run by the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions The China Labour Bulletin is the better of the two websites for more information on current disputes and debates in the movement.

East Timor Government

Just out of interest this week I stumbled upon the new website of the East Timor Government With formal independence expected to be declared in the early half of next year a Government infrastructure is slowly being build up. The website features information on Government Departments and the Constituent Assembly which will form the new Parliament after independence.


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In this issue
*  Interview: Reality Bytes
Labor's IT spokeswoman Kate Lundy on how a third Howard Government will hurt the IT industry.
*  Unions: My Way or the Highway
Since 1997, workers employed by Serco/Great Southern Railways, have been locked in a struggle with their employer to have their choice of industrial instrument recognised.
*  Legal: Three Degrees of Contract
Marian Baird argues there is a need to more fully understand what workers, employers and our society expect from the employment relationship.
*  International: Bogota Terror
The assassination of a Colombian unionist has prompted international outrage.
*  History: Freedom or 'Federation'?
Mark Hearn and Greg Patmore argue that the journey to federation was not a one-way street.
*  Health: Wearing the Right Genes to Work?
Matt Brooks tracks the DNA trail to discover genetic testing in the workplace is already here.
*  Satire: Demidenko Releases New Book About Her Life As Afghan Refugee
Controversial author Helen Demidenko has written a brand new novel based on her gripping true life experiences as an Afghan refugee.
*  Review: Can Blinky Bill Save Unions?
Neale Towart browses the kiddies' shelves to find an Australian icon with a union-friendly message.

»  Unions Raise Labor Stakes
»  Standards Breakthrough in Call Centres
»  Hotel Cleaners Told: Bring Your Own Mops
»  Corporate Giant Sponsored IT to India Report
»  New Front in Battle for Compo Rights
»  Progress in Email Privacy Push
»  Christmas Progress on Sweatshops, Truckies
»  BHP Steel Workers Fight for Security
»  Union Concerned At New ASIO Powers
»  Workers Call for Patrons Before Pokies
»  Overtime Deal Helps Rural Hospitals
»  Writers in New Chapter for Unionism
»  CFMEU Backs Standards Inquiry
»  Mining Company Moves To Ban Fiji Film
»  Unions Choir Sings Up Storm
»  2002: Where to Now?
»  Activists Notebook

»  The Soapbox
»  The Locker Room
»  Trades Hall
»  Tool Shed

Letters to the editor
»  Apology to Tim Harcourt
»  Tom is Gobsmacked
»  Who was Gordon Freeth?
»  More Compo Feedback
»  Trains of Treasure
»  The Great Tuckpointer Debate Revived

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