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Letters to the Editor

Wran Wrong on Wrepublic

The foray into the Republican debate by Neville Wran typifies the Aristocratic modus operandi of the ARM. He's right, there will be "no menu of options" come November, by decree of the minimalists.

His keep it simple urgings reflect the slick marketing product on offer; Resident for President.

Well, yes all Republicans agree but the majority of Australians (Newspoll) want the inclusion of one word; elected.

What's left undefined by the ARM model renders it all tip and no iceberg.What is the role envisaged for the President? What are to be the powers of the President vis the powers of the Sovereign?

If the role is to be largely what the current GG performs or equally something above and beyond, fine. Once so established the Chicken Little thesis advanced regarding a constitutional crisis is exposed as sophistry.

Once defined the powers are codified and from there the relationship is established.For example,the commission of the Government could be withdrawn on;

(1)A vote of no confidence carried in the House,

(2)A vote as above but in a joint sitting,

(3) As per (2) above carried by a two thirds majority.

There exists a multitude of options. We could make it a requirement that the President, upon withdrawing the commission, face a fresh election for Office.

It may be that the direct electionists are divided and by definition the Republican Movement. The ARM deny Australians that debate.

We need Michael Egan to pronounce the prophetic words 'let the debate begin'.

The Reith/Mack guilt by association reference does the author nor the ARM little credit. The obvious parallel, the Costello/Wran plan, is equally glib.

Balmain boys don't cry and they also don't play the ball.

If your readers have kept Workers Online Issue 11, have another read of the ARM appointment process outlined in the contribution by Jennie George.

As a famous Republican, Michael Collins would have said " Jesus wept".

Yours faithfully





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