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Unions Challenge: Reclaim the Republic

Trade unionists must vigorously promote the Republican cause or the issue that the movement has championed for 100 years will fail, a key strategist has warned.

Addressing the NSW Labor Council this week, Yes Coalition steering committee member Nareen Young asked union members to play a role in the November Referendum.

She said one of the key challenges would be to convince direct election Republicans, who may vote "no" because they don't like the current model, to establish an Australian head of State as a first step to further reform.

"The Yes vote is being opposed by both sides," Young said. "You have the conservative monarchists opposed to any change; and the committed Republicans opposed to the precise nature of the change."

"While there are Conservative Republicans who can engage the monarchists, the union movement must make the case to the progressive forces who want more fundamental change.

"This is our (the trade unions') issue, it has always been our issue and we must ensure we clear the final hurdle."

Young secured her first convert within minutes of speaking to the Council, when Secretary Michael Costa outed himself as a direct electionist but said he would support the 'Yes' vote nonetheless.

"Really the issue that is most important is to get a Republic," Costa said.

"We can have our own views about how the President ought to be elected, but I accept the position that the Republic could be defeated, not because the overwhelming majority of Australian don't support a Republic, but that we are divided on the sort of Republic."

"It is time that we all get together and support the fundamental notion of a Republic. It might not be the best Republic, but it's certainly better than what we have now."

Labor Council agreed to establish a commitment of affiliates to look at the best ways of getting the message out to members, including utilising trade union journals and giving delegates information to disseminate amongst workers.

Workers Online will also run regular Republican features in the lead-up to the referendum.


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*  History: And A Hundred Years Ago
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*  Reader's Forum: John Passant
A Workers Online reader explains why he'll be voting "no".
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