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Aussies Are Ruder!

Mark Morey wonders if the brouhaha over the US rapper Eminem doesn't ignore some home-grown obscenities.



In a fortnight of controversy we have seen the Prime Minister take a crucial moral stand against that vulgar rapper Eminem while the great defender of gay and lesbian right, Rev Fred Nile has opposed his anti-homosexual lyrics (as opposed to standing on the corner of Liverpool and College Streets at the end of February praying for rain and telling people they are going to hell, whilst attempting to block a legitimate parade).

And I say, good on them. Why isn't good old fashion, home grown, family entertainment being supported? Why is the Prime Minister not using his arts grants to fund an Australia wide arts extravaganza to the schools of Australia in order to educate young people about thoughtful art and entertainment? I call on the Prime Minister to get behind (hee hee hee) the Kevin Bloody Wilson and Rodney Rude "Fuck You - This is Education Tour". See true art with a substantial message for the whole family or your mum's bum.

Australia has provided some of the great examples of art. Who can say they did not laugh at the cross dressing psychopathic misogyny of Aunty Jack or the fun of a bunch of footy larrikins that pick on minorities, slag off the missus cause she won't come around and sink as much piss as possible before shitting in a boot.

Or even our much loved treasures, the Australian cricket team. Will the Prime Minister please stop harping on them not to try to surpass Boonies drinking record away as they fly to the old dart to defend the ashes. This is a positive message Prime Minister stop being a wet blanket, support the team. Lets not forget that laugh a minute forum politics. Australia has a Foreign Affairs Minister who told the kids that having a domestic violence policy call "The Things That Batter" is not an outrage but a wacky little play on words.

And where is the ratings system for concerts. I support moves to introduce such as system and if the state government has to go solo on this then they should. What's further I have developed a couple of categories to assist the government make a substantial start on addressing this issue. Categories could include the:

You're young and therefore must be stupid category - for anyone under 18 and at school who obviously has no brains and are immediately corrupted by such material

Carmel's mum said you can't go category - this is for those kids who are not quite sure about the nature of the act and want to know what a youth affairs minister would do

This is crap but we will promote it in every public forum category - this category ensures that the material is absolute crap but the pollies have decided to promote it anyway

This can only be done in a dark room category - sponsored by De-Anne Kelly/ Brian Harridine Category - a category that allows young people to watch teen films with meaningless nudity but only if it is connection to informing a school project

Lockem up and bash'em because they haven't got the message category - A category for foreign films for children who have travelled vast distances and still want to see a film or band that has been rated "Your young and therefore must be stupid category"


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*  Economics: Banking on the Goodwill
Given their history, Evan Jones wonders whether banks can really claim to be "just like any other business"
*  International: A Deathly Struggle
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*  History: Enlarging Human Personality
Mark Hearn argues that Lloyd Ross's post-War approach to Workplace Democracy seems contemporary by today's standards
*  Satire: Shit is a Four Letter Word
Australian TV drama is lame and gutless just look at the ABC's Love is a Four Letter Word, says Tony Moore
*  Review: Tribute to an Artist
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